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The document ceased to be valid since  September 23, 2016 according to article 20 of the Law of the Republic of Moldova of  July 29, 2016 No. 215


of February 11, 1999 No. 279-XIV

About youth

(as amended on 20-07-2007)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Scope of this law

This law determines the state youth policy, regulates creation of social, economic and organizational conditions for development of young people for the benefit of the personality and society, establishes the priority directions of realization of the state youth policy based on the Constitution and the international legal acts, one of the parties of which is the Republic of Moldova, and is the legal base for development and adoption of other regulations for youth.

Article 2. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following basic concepts are used:

youth, young people - persons aged from 16 up to 30 years;

young family - the married couple consisting in the registered scrap provided that both spouses did not reach 30-year age; the incomplete family having children in which the parent did not reach 30-year age;

the state youth policy - system of the measures designed to provide the social and economic, political and legal and organizational conditions and guarantees necessary for social forming multilaterally to the developed personality;

social service for youth - the special facility providing to youth information and consulting services and which is engaged in its social protection;

organization on work with youth - the organization which is carrying out work with youth and for youth;

youth consolidation - the public organization created by persons aged from 16 up to 30 years, performing activities in the field of education and development of younger generation and aiming at the problem resolution of youth.

Article 3. The legislation for youth

The legislation for youth consists of this law, other regulations adopted according to it and also of international agreements and agreements, one of the parties of which is the Republic of Moldova.

Article 4. Principles of youth activities

Youth activities are based on the following principles:

a) respect and realization of human rights and freedoms, national and universal values, cultural and historical features of the Republic of Moldova;

b) participations of youth, including through the representative structures, in development, encouragement and realization of policy and the programs aimed at the development of society and in particular at harmonious development of youth;

c) open entry of each young man to social services;

d) equalities in the civil and political rights;

e) creations of conditions for self-development and self-affirmation of youth;

f) guaranteeing rights to education, education, spiritual and physical development, health protection, professional training and employment, material financial support in provision of housing;

g) cooperation of bodies of the public power and public organizations with the youth organizations and movements;

h) observance of the Constitution and current legislation, responsibility of each young man to the state and society.

Article 5. Subjects of this law

Subjects of this law are:

a) citizens of the Republic of Moldova aged from 16 up to 30 years;

b) foreign citizens and stateless persons aged from 16 up to 30 years, living in the territory of the Republic of Moldova;

c) young families;

d) youth organizations and movements.

Chapter II Economic and social conditions of development of youth

Article 6. Participation in economic life

(The state on the basis of the current legislation guarantees 1) For the purpose of participation of youth in economic life:

a) conditions for achievement of economic independence and realization of right to work by means of restructuring of economy and creation of new workplaces, the organizations of rates for training and retraining of personnel, enhancements of system of professional training;

b) adoption of the regulations stimulating realization of entrepreneurial capabilities of youth by means of purpose-oriented crediting, provision of the equipment and rooms for productive activity, etc.;

c) suspension of emigration for the economic reasons by program implementation on employment of youth;

d) support of the innovative projects developed by youth or for youth, and also oriented to expansion of opportunities of material self-sufficiency of youth.

(The Public authorities develop 2) and implement special programs of support of economic activity of youth of national and local level.

Article 7. Employment

(1) the youth Right to work is provided with the Constitution, the got education and practical skills created in educational institutions on rates of retraining of personnel or in the course of productive activity.

(2) Employment services free of charge provide to young people information and advise them concerning the choice of field of activity, place of employment, and in case of need write down on rates of retraining of personnel.

(3) the Quota of workplaces for employment of youth is established by bodies of the public power according to the current legislation and is applied according to special programs for employment of youth.

(4) the social and economic and tax policy the state promotes employment of graduates of higher educational institutions, including with the reduced training term, especially in the first two years after the termination of these institutions.

Article 8. Social protection

For the purpose of social protection of youth state:

a) develops and realizes teaching and educational programs;

b) creates social infrastructure for provision of psychological, pedagogical, legal and other assistance;

Article 9. Right to education


a) provides the right to free education in system of the state education irrespective of social and financial position according to the current legislation;

b) promotes provision to lower-income strata of soft credits for payment of expenses for education under guarantee of bodies of the central and local public authority;

c) creates special conditions for training of youth from needy families in higher educational institutions;

d) establishes awards, grants, benefits for gifted youth;

e) stimulates education by youth in educational institutions abroad within the international exchanges on the basis of intergovernmental and interstate agreements.


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