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of December 27, 2001 No. 778-XV

About geodesy, cartography and geoinformatics

(as amended on 26-05-2023)

The Parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

For the purposes of this law the following basic concepts are used in value:

geodesy - the science which is engaged in determination and studying of parameters of figure and gravitational field of Earth, the image of the land surface or its part on plans and maps, determination of coordinates of points of the land surface and their changes in time, implementation of the works necessary for the solution of different technological problems and questions of defense of the state;

cartography - the science studying cartographic projections and methods of creation, the edition and replication of cards;

fotogrammetriya - the applied science which is engaged in studying of the principles, development and application of methods and methods of determination of form and the sizes of objects on the basis of photograms;

the card - the partial or complete image of the land surface on the plane in specific scale and in specific cartographic projection;

the plan - the reduced image of the specific land surface in large scale on the plane without curvature of Earth;

the topographical plan - the conditional image of the specific site of the land surface on the plane in large scale containing elements of situation and relief;

geodetic and cartographic activities - the activities aimed at providing requirements of the state for land and cartographic information and products;

geodetic and cartographic works - works on creation and production of land and cartographic materials;

National fund of geospatial data - information base of geodetic, topographical and cartographic data, including digital, irrespective of their type, the place of creation and pattern of ownership on them which are and stored in the territory of the Republic of Moldova;

the geographical information system GIS (Geographic Information System) - the system consisting of the equipment, programs, technical methods and standard rates, intended for collection, processing, storage, the analysis and updating of geographical data.

geoinformatics (GIS technology, geoinformatics) - information relating to the phenomena which are directly or indirectly connected with localization in space in relation to the land surface (ISO 19101);

infrastructure of space data (SDI) - technology, policy, standards, processing, storage, distribution and effective use of space data;

geological and engineering researches for construction – the works which are carried out for the studying of environment of the area, the platform, the site, the sector, the territory, the route of projectible construction, local construction materials and sources of water supply and data acquisition necessary for reasons for decisions in case of designing and construction of facilities taking into account environmental protection and also for creation of the forecast of changes of the environment under the influence of construction and operation of constructions;

topographical researches – special surveys for designing, constructions, reconstruction, restoration and operation of objects;

the engineering and topographical plan – the special topographical plan developed on the basis of topographical researches with reproduction of elements of situation, relief, the existing constructions, underground and land including monuments, ensembles and landscapes of cultural and historical and archaeological value, monuments built in public places, in complex with the distinctive marks and specifications necessary for designing, constructions, reconstruction, restoration and operation of objects;

control survey – the special survey which is carried out for the purpose of: determinations of accuracy of application on the area of the planimetric extent of construction, reconstruction, restoration; determinations of coordinates and real contours of the executed objects, the sizes of separate parts of object, distances between wells of the engineering networks and other digital data necessary for creation of control master plans, technical data sheet of object and registration in accordance with the established procedure objects of technical infrastructure in the functional town-planning inventory and the Register of objects of technical infrastructure;

the control topographical plan – the topographical plan implemented on the basis of control survey for any type of construction, reconstruction, restoration and arrangement, which is part of documentation submitted without fail by the construction organization in case of acceptance to operation of the constructed object;

system of coordinates MOLDREF 99 – single system of coordinates of the Republic of Moldova for all types of geodetic, cartographic, cadastral and route-making works;

objects of technical infrastructure – underground and land networks of supply with drinking and technical water, sewer, thermal, electric utility services, telephone etc., ways of movement of vehicles, land structures for placement of electrical units, the pumping and compressor stations, other structures and installations which are part of engineering equipment of public or general interest, and also network of the real estate unit or networks, adjacent to it;

the plan of object of technical infrastructure – the graphical representation of object of technical infrastructure developed on the basis of control survey or topographical researches, containing data on the location of object, its components, and also identification number of object;

the land and cartographic certificate - the allowing document issued by the Commission on certification of specialists in the field of geodesy, cartography, topographical researches and geoinformatics (further - the Commission on certification).

Article 2. Legal regulation of geodetic and cartographic activities

(1) This law governs the relations in the field of geodetic and cartographic activities in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

(2) the International agreements of the Republic of Moldova in the field of geodetic and cartographic activities are component of system of law of the Republic of Moldova. If the international treaty establishes other regulations, than provided by this law provisions of the international treaty are applied.

Article 3. Geodetic and cartographic activities

(Geodetic and cartographic activities include 1):

a) land and cartographic works of the state value which are financed from state and local budgets and are performed by legal entities;

b) the land and cartographic works of special (industry) purpose for ensuring requirements of business entities, administrative and territorial units, physical persons and legal entities financed by the interested business entities, physical persons and legal entities;

c) geodetic and gravimetric works of high precision;

d) works on aero photography of the territories;

e) works on remote sensing of Earth;

f) studying of mathematical base of cartographic projection for the territory of the Republic of Moldova;

g) works on establishment, mapping, delimitation and demarcation of frontier of the Republic of Moldova, borders of administrative and territorial units and parcels of land of owners of lands, and also works on change of geographical names;


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