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of March 25, 2011 No. 166-IV

(as amended on 09-06-2018)

This Code governs the relations connected with steady management of the woods - protection, protection, use, reproduction of the woods, increase in their ecological, economic and resource potential in the territory of Turkmenistan.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Code

In this Code the following basic concepts are used:

1) forestry - the economy industry performing the activities for studying and accounting of forest fund including actions for its protection and protection, reproduction of the woods and afforestation, regulation of forest utilization and control of its implementation;

2) forest legal relationship - the relations in the field of protection, protection, use and reproduction of the woods, sites (lands) of forest fund;

3) forest fund - parts of the territory of Turkmenistan where the wood, and also the territories which are not covered with the wood which are intended for needs of forestry grows;

4) forestry and landscape actions - complex of organizational and technical actions for protection, protection of forest fund, to reproduction of the woods and afforestation, regulation of forest utilization which are carried out on the basis of forest management materials;

5) the wood - set of the interconnected and interacting components of biological diversity and the environment where wood and shrubby vegetation which minimum area constitutes hectare 0,5, the minimum width - 3 meters and projective covering - at least 10 percent of this area prevails;

6) tree - the wood plant having one trunk, or the young growth with several trunks having krone which height constitutes at least 2 meters;

7) bush - the perennial plant with wood stalks without clearly the expressed main trunk branching from the surface of the soil and different from tree low-tallness;

8) forest breed - type or sort of wood plants;

9) category of forest fund - the part of forest fund allocated according to the procedure, established by the legislation of Turkmenistan, with special protective, water preserving, sanitary and hygienic, recreational, scientific or other special purpose in the territory of which the specific mode of forest management and forest utilization is set;

10) the city woods - the woods of improving and recreational appointment which are in limits of administrative border of the city;

11) especially valuable forests - the woods, unique on pedigree structure, with availability of relic and endemic breeds; the woods, unique on productivity and genetic qualities; the woods performing important protective functions in difficult environment;

12) forest grounds - the parcels of land allocated as a part of forest fund in case of forest management for implementation of the state accounting, special mapping and planning of forestry and landscape actions;

13) biological diversity - set of the vegetable, animal and other natural organisms characteristic of certain territory;

14) forest area - the structural division of forest owner which is located in borders of its land ownnership, intended for planning and accomplishment of forestry and landscape actions, calculation of amounts of forest utilization;

15) land ownnership - the right of possession sites of forest fund granted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan to forest owners for forest management and forest utilization;

16) forest owners - the state organizations to which sites of forest fund are provided on the right of termless land use;

17) forest utilization - the right of legal entities and physical persons to use of forest fund, and also to use established by the legislation of Turkmenistan in economic and other purposes of lands, waters and popular minerals in the territory of forest fund;

18) the forest user - legal entity or physical person which is granted the right of urgent forest utilization according to the procedure, established by this Code;

19) the cabin of the main use - the cabin of ripe and overmatured forest stand for wood procurement;

20) the cabin of intermediate use - the cabin of care of the wood connected with periodic removal of the trees and bushes of the weakened growth interfering growth of trees and bushes of forest forming breed in forest stand;

21) the cabin of care of the wood - the periodic care of the wood performed by way of removal from planting of the trees which lagged behind in growth or hampering the growth of trees of the main breeds for the purpose of forming of highly productive and steady plantings;

22) the sanitary cabin - the cabin which is carried out for the purpose of improvement of sanitary condition of the wood in case of which the patients damaged, who are drying out and dead trees are cut down;

23) cutting down - the forest square on which planting is cut down and the new generation of the wood was not formed yet;

24) cutting area - the site of the wood allocated for cabins of all types or which is in cabin stage;

25) felling fund - the part of the territory of forest fund which is taken away for fixed term for the cabin of the wood;

26) forest resources – the inventories of wood and minor wood resources, the wild-growing fruits, nuts, mushrooms, berries, herbs, technical raw materials and other products of plant origin which are, accumulated and got in forest fund;

27) minor forest resources - bark, branches, stubs, roots, leaves, buds of trees and bushes;

28) ashes - the forest square on which plantings are destroyed by the fire and the new generation of the wood was not formed yet;

29) amount of forests - the covering degree the wood of any territory determined by ratio of the lands covered with the wood to their total area, expressed as a percentage;

30) forest management - development of the system of the actions directed to rational forest management. Component of forest management is inventory count of forest fund which data are used in case of the state accounting of the woods;

31) the state accounting of the woods - one-time receipt of data on the woods of Turkmenistan and the changes which happened to them;

32) monitoring of the woods - system of observations, assessment and the forecast of condition and dynamics of forest fund;

33) inventory count of forest fund - complex of works by description, to mapping and determination of quantitative and qualitative indexes of certain sites of forest fund;

34) the state forest inventory - system of the data on forest fund necessary for forest management;

35) afforestation - creation and cultivation of artificial forest plantings in the territories which were earlier not under the wood;

36) reforestation - measures for recovery (reproduction) of the woods in the territories of forest fund which are earlier occupied by the wood;

37) afforestation - artificial recovery or natural renewal of the woods in the territories which are not covered with the wood;

38) forest reproductive materials - seeds, parts of plants and plants intended for reforestation and afforestation;

39) forest nursery - the site of the territory of forest fund intended for cultivation of landing material of tree and shrubby species;

40) forest conservation - set of actions for prevention and fight against wildfires, illegal fellings of the wood and other violations of the forest legislation of Turkmenistan;


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