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of February 17, 2011 No. 3041-VI

About legal regime of lands of conservation zones of objects of main pipelines

(as amended on 10-11-2015)

This Law determines organizational and legal principles of establishment and observance of legal regime of lands of conservation zones of objects of main pipelines for the purpose of ensuring their smooth functioning, rational use of lands, within the established conservation zones, the mode of conducting economic and other activity, environmental protection and ecological safety, and also safe life activity and protection of the population, economic objects from influence of possible accidents (emergency situations).

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

1. In this Law the terms below are used in such value:

accident - dangerous incident of technogenic nature which resulted from changes during operation of the main pipeline (depressurization, explosion, the fire and so forth) led to destruction (disabling) of technological objects of the main pipeline, the termination (reducing amount) of transportation of product, loss of the transported product, death (injuring) of people or created safety hazard, lives and to human health, destructions of buildings and constructions, and also does harm to the surrounding environment in the adjacent territory;

emergency situation on main pipelines - the condition of objects of main pipelines which is characterized by violation of borders and/or conditions of safe operation, but did not turn into accident;

zones of interior of safety of conservation zones - the territory of conservation zones of objects of main pipelines (except trunk gas pipelines) which size is divided on category of safety depending on potential danger for the surrounding environment, the existing building, other factors which can affect safety of main pipelines;

liquidation of accident (emergency situation) - carrying out complex of the actions including emergency and recovery and other urgent works (including recovery from the accident) which are carried out in case of accident by forces of specialized divisions of the companies of the main pipelines operating main pipelines and the central executive body concerning protection of the population and the territories against emergency situations and civil protection and are directed to elimination of action of dangerous factors, negative impact on the environment, localization of accident (emergency situation), and also renewal of functioning of objects of main pipelines;

the main pipeline - technological complex which functions as single system and which the separate pipeline with all objects and constructions, related single engineering procedure, or several pipelines which perform transit, interstate, interregional deliveries of products of transportation to consumers, or other pipelines designed and constructed according to the state construction requirements of rather main pipelines enters;

the conservation zone of objects of main pipelines - the territory limited to conditional lines along surface, above-ground and underground pipelines and their constructions on both sides from extreme configuration items of main pipelines and on perimeter of land constructions at certain distance at which implementation of economic and other activity is limited;

the companies of main pipelines - the business entities performing operation of objects of main pipelines;

legal regime of lands of conservation zones of objects of main pipelines - the specific mode of use of lands by owners and users of the parcels of land set by the legislation, and also the companies of main pipelines which is set within lands of conservation zones of objects of main pipelines for providing proper conditions of their operation, prevention of their damage and for reduction of possible negative impact by people, adjacent lands, natural objects and the environment in general;

nominal diameter (the nominal size) - the conditional parameter of the main pipeline which has no unit of measurement and approximately equals to its inside diameter expressed in millimeters.

Article 2. Main objectives of the Law

1. The main objectives of this Law are:

implementation of security and other actions in the territory of conservation zones of objects of the main pipelines directed to protection of life and human health and the surrounding environment, maintenance of proper ecological condition in the territory of conservation zones of objects of main pipelines as object of pipeline transport, and also to ensuring smooth functioning of such objects;


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