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of December 14, 2010 No. 2778-VI

About culture

(as amended on 10-06-2023)

This Law determines legal principles of activities in the field of culture, governs the public relations connected with creation, use, distribution, saving of cultural heritage and cultural values and is aimed at ensuring access to them.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

1. In this Law the terms below are used in such value:

1) basic network of cultural institutions - complex of cultural institutions, other companies, organizations, organizations, institutions of formation of the sphere of culture of the state and utility patterns of ownership which activities are directed to creation of conditions for ensuring development of creativity of the person, professional art and creative self-realization of the personality and receipt of qualifications in different types of art; trainings in the field of culture; collection, storage, use and distribution of information on material and cultural cultural values, scientific developments; integrity of cultural space of Ukraine, availability of national cultural property; observance of the rights of citizens in the field of culture;

1-1) basic sets of cultural services - the list, content and amount of cultural services which shall be provided to inhabitants of territorial community for ensuring access to reading and information, museum objects, movies, opportunities for creative self-expression, art education;

2) domestic (national) cultural product - the cultural benefits and cultural values created (provided) by domestic manufacturer;

3) grant - financial resources which are provided on irretrievable basis to the subject performing activities in the field of culture for implementation of the cultural and creative project;

3-1) state policy in the field of culture - normative and legal, regulatory (administrative, economic, financial) and the public activities of public authorities and local government bodies aimed at providing cultural needs of citizens according to priorities of social development;

4) activities in the field of culture (cultural activities) the creative, economic, scientific, library, information, museum, educational, cultural and leisure and entertaining activities directed to creation, replication, distribution, demonstration, promoting, preserving and use of the cultural benefits and cultural values for satisfaction of cultural needs of citizens;

5) culture institution - the legal entity whose main activities are activities in the field of culture or structural division of the legal entity which functions consist in implementation of activities in the field of culture;

5-1) organization of formation of the sphere of culture - the legal entity who provides art education and/or training in spheres of culture and arts

5-2) creative industries - types of economic activity which purpose is creation of value added and workplaces through cultural (art) and/or creative expression;

5-3) creative product - goods and services which are created / are provided by results of cultural (art) and/or creative expression and have high value added;

6) culture - set of the material and spiritual property of the certain human community (ethnos, the nation) which is saved up, set and enriched during the long period which is transferred from generation to generation includes all art forms, cultural heritage, cultural values, science, education and displays the level of development of this community;

6-1) cultural service - the actions of the physical persons and/or legal entities performing cultural activities, directed to satisfaction of cultural, intellectual needs of the person, ensuring creative, spiritual development of the personality which have the determined cost and are consumed in the course of rendering (accomplishment) these actions;

7) cultural space of Ukraine - the sphere in which according to the legislation cultural activities are performed and cultural, information and leisure needs of citizens which covers, in particular, television, broadcasting, periodic printing editions and publishing products, the market of the cultural benefits, and also cultural artistic environment are satisfied;

8) the cultural benefits - goods and services which are made in the course of implementation of activities in the field of culture for satisfaction of cultural needs of citizens (the book, art albums, audiovisual works and their demonstration, audioproducts (musical sound recordings), works and documents on the latest data carriers, products of art crafts, theatrical and circus performances, concerts, cultural and educational services and so forth);

9) the cultural and art public - the artists and workers of institutions of culture, other workers united in the trade creative unions, national and cultural societies;

10) No. 1432-IX Is excluded according to the Law of Ukraine of 29.04.2021;

11) the cultural and art project - form of cultural activities with certain purpose and term of realization (goal achievement), and also target financing, according to the estimate (budget);

11-1) art education - specialized education in spheres of culture and arts;

12) art - creative art activities in spheres: literatures, architecture, sculptures, painting, graphics, arts and crafts, music, dance, theater, cinema and other types of activity of the person displaying reality in artistic images;

13) creative amateurism - nonprofessional creative activities of individuals or collectives which are not for them major activity and not intended for receipt of the income;

13-1) musical not drama work - are informative the complete piece of music with the text or without text, not intended for scenic display of theatrical performance, and also public performance in theater;

14) national cultural property - set of unique cultural values, the objects of cultural heritage having exclusive historical value for forming of cultural space of Ukraine;

15) the national and cultural state target program - the program directed to creating favorable conditions of national and cultural development, preserving national cultural heritage, satisfaction of intellectual and spiritual needs of the person and the target regional program in the field of culture providing the solution of the questions connected with activities and development of basic network of institutions of culture of all levels or appropriate level and also implementation of cultural and art projects and implementation by the state and non-state institutions of culture of actions which are financed from state and/or local budgets;

15-1) national musical product - musical product (soundtrack, the videogram, the music video) which contains execution of the piece of music with the text in Ukrainian or in language of indigenous people of Ukraine or the piece of music without text, and also corresponding to each of such signs:

contractor or one of contractors is the citizen of Ukraine and/or the physical person - the foreigner, the stateless person which permanently or temporarily lives in Ukraine;

producer of soundtrack, the videogram, music video is the citizen of Ukraine and/or the physical person - the foreigner, the stateless person which permanently or temporarily lives in Ukraine, and/or the legal entity registered by the legislation of Ukraine;

16) non-material cultural heritage - customs, forms of display and expression, knowledge, skills which are transferred from generation to generation are constantly recreated by communities and groups under the influence of their experience, environment, interaction with the nature, stories also create at them feeling of originality and succession, promoting thus respect for cultural diversity and creativity of the person;

17) subjects to cultural appointment - complete property complexes of club institutions (clubs, recreation centers, palaces of culture and so forth), recreation parks, libraries, the museums, archives of historical and cultural reserves, theatrical and spectacular institutions (theaters, philharmonic halls, the concert organizations, music bands, ensembles, and so forth), movie theaters, other institutions of culture; instruction sheets of cultural heritage, objects of collections, meetings, funds, buildings, constructions of cultural appointment and other cultural values;

18) the cultural worker (the worker in the field of culture) the professional creative specialist or the worker of institution of culture or other physical person performing activities in the field of culture;


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