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of January 28, 2011 No. 526

About the Single list of products concerning which mandatory requirements within the Customs union are established

(as amended on 14-12-2022)

For the purpose of implementation of article 3 of the Agreement on the single principles and rules of technical regulation in the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation of November 18, 2010 the Commission of the Customs union solved:

1. Approve the Single list of products concerning which mandatory requirements within the Customs union are established it (is applied).

2. Due to availability in state members of the Customs union of different procedures of state registration of medical products (medical equipment and products of medical appointment) to charge to the Parties:

- work possibility of unification of approaches of the Parties in the field;

- if necessary, to develop the draft of the corresponding international treaty;

- following the results of this work to make the decision on feasibility of development of the technical regulation of the Customs union "On safety of products of medical appointment".

Before decision making on the matter to suspend development of the corresponding technical regulation of the Customs union.

Members of the commission of the Customs union:

From the Republic of Belarus

S. Rumas

From the Republic of Kazakhstan

U. Shukeev

From the Russian Federation

I. Shuvalov

Approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs union of January 28, 2011, No. 526

The single list of products concerning which mandatory requirements within the Customs union are established

1. Machines and equipment

2. Low-voltage equipment

3. High-voltage equipment

4. The devices using gaseous fuel

5. The equipment working under excessive pressure

6. The vessels working under pressure

7. The equipment for work in explosive environments

8. Attractions, equipment of children's playgrounds

9. Elevators

10. Wheel vehicles

11. Tractors

12. Agricultural machinery

13. Machines for forestry

14. Tires

15. Railway vehicles of rail transport, including high-speed

16. Railway vehicles of the subway

17. Easy rail transport, trams

18. Objects of sea transport

19. Objects of inland water transport

20. Small size vessels

21. Buildings and constructions

22. Construction materials and products

23. Infrastructure of rail transport, including high-speed

24. Infrastructure of the subway

25. Highways

26. Pyrotechnic structures and products containing them

27. Explosives of civil application and the products containing them

28. Products of light industry (finished piece products, carpets and carpet products, products knitted, sewing and leather haberdashery; footwear; furs and fur products)

29. Toys

30. Goods for children and teenagers

31. Products for care of children

32. Ware

33. Products of sanitary and hygienic appointment

34. Perfumery and cosmetic products

35. Means of hygiene of oral cavity

36. Container and packaging

37. Individual protection equipment

38. Fire safety devices

39. Fire extinguishing means

40. Medical products

41. Products sanitary

42. Furniture products

43. Chemical products

44. Synthetic detergents

45. Goods of household chemicals

46. Paints and varnishes and solvents

47. Fertilizers

48. Remedies of plants

49. Gasolines, diesel and ship fuel, fuel for jet engines and fuel oil

50. Lubricants, oils and special liquids

51. Devices and systems of accounting of water, gas, heat energy, electrical energy

52. Devices and systems of accounting of oil, products of its conversion

53. Food products

54. Alcoholic products

55. Stern and feed additives

56. Grain

57. Tobacco products

58. Office and civil weapon (ammunition to it), and also products, structurally similar to weapon

59. Means of telecommunication

60. Coal and products of its conversion

61. The liquefied hydrocarbon gases for use in fuel quality

62. The materials contacting to skin of the person

63. Products intended for civil defense and protection against emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature

64. The oil prepared for transportation and (or) use

65. The natural combustible gas prepared for transportation and (or) use

66. Bulk distribution lines for transportation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons

67. Nikotinsoderzhashchy products. Fillers for systems of delivery of nicotine, including nicotine free.


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