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in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

November 10, 2010.

No. 1082/18377


of September 6, 2010 No. 112

About approval of General provisions of safety of the facility for production of nuclear fuel

According to article 24 of the Law of Ukraine "About use of nuclear energy and radiation safety", for the purpose of ensuring state regulation in the field of use of nuclear energy of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve General provisions of safety of the facility for production of nuclear fuel which are attached.

2. To provide to department of assessment of safety of nuclear installations (Shevchenko) of I.A.:

2.1. Submission of this order in five-day time on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

2.2. Mailing of this order according to calculation of mailing after its replication.

3. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

4. To impose control over the implementation of this order on the vice-chairman Bozhko S. G.


Chairman O. A. Mikolaychuk

Approved by the Order of the State committee of nuclear regulation of Ukraine of September 6, 2010 No. 112

General provisions of safety of the facility for production of nuclear fuel

I. General provisions, reducings, terms and determinations

1. These General provisions establish the purposes, criteria, the principles and general requirements of ensuring nuclear and radiation safety, during production of nuclear fuel, and also condition of safe operation of object, on nuclear fuel production (dalsheobjekt), the main technical means and organizational actions directed to their realization, protection of personnel, the population and the surrounding environment from possible radiation influence.

2. General provisions are developed based on requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, recommendations of IAEA (series of editions on safety N 110 "Safety of nuclear installations"), the Report of the international advisory group, on nuclear safety "Protection in depth" (INSAG 12), the standard of safety of IAEA on protection of people and the environment of N NS-R-5 "Safety of objects of nuclear fuel cycle. Requirements for safety".

3. General provisions are obligatory for all legal entities and physical persons which are performing or going to perform the activities connected with placement, design, construction, putting into operation, operation and removal from operation of the Object and also with designing, production and delivery of systems and elements for it.

4. The amount and completeness of respect for criteria, the principles and requirements of safety of the Object, shall be determined by regulations, rules and standards by nuclear and radiation safety, requirements of General provisions, and also other documents regulating activities in the field of use of nuclear energy.

5. Specific project decisions concerning respect for criteria, principles, requirements of ensuring nuclear and radiation safety, conditions of safe operation of the Object, are established in the project of the Object and are proved in the report on the analysis of safety taking into account modern scientific and technical achievements.

6. In General provisions the following reducings are used:

ACKPC - the automated control system of radiation condition;

III - sources of ionizing radiation;

EO - the operating organization;

OAB - the report on the analysis of safety;

OSSZ - the report on compliance to requirements of the sanitary legislation;

OPPB - the report from periodic revaluation of safety;

KIRO - comprehensive engineering radiation examination;

KSE - designs, systems and elements;

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency;

MRZ - the maximum settlement earthquake;

PZ - project earthquake;

POK - the quality assurance program;

The Party of Russian Taxpayers - precommissioning adjustment work;

Russian joint stock company - radioactive waste;

SAS - system of the alarm system;

With (E) - systems (elements);

TVS - heatsecretory assembly;

HOLES - nuclear material;

YaOU - nuclear-dangerous the site;

YaOZ - nuclear-dangerous zone.

7. In General provisions terms and determinations are used in the following values:

emergency - the Object condition which is characterized by violation of limits and/or conditions of safe operation which did not turn into accident;

accident - breakdown of service of the Object from which exit of YAM, radioactive materials and/or ionizing radiation, in the quantity exceeding the limits of safe operation determined by the project resulted. Accident is characterized by initial incident, ways of course and effects;

active break - tectonic break on which for the last 1 million years relative movement of the blocks adjoining crust on 0,5 of m and more took place;

safety of the Object - property not to exceed the set limits of radiation influence on personnel, the population and the surrounding environment, in case of normal operation of the Object, violations of normal operation and project accidents, and also to limit radiative effects in case of beyond design basis accidents;

the safe equipment - the equipment, design, constructional materials which geometrical features exclude possibility of self-sustaining chain reaction of separation in case of any initial events considered in the project;

safe parameter (safe parameter value of nuclear safety): the safe mass of M, safe concentration With, safe amount of V, safe diameter of D - parameter value is "n" times less than the considered system containing YAM in quantity, than value of the corresponding minimum critical parameter. Safe parameters shall provide value K of system not ef to more 0,95;

refusals for the general reasons - the refusals of KSE resulting from the same reason which includes human errors, internal and external impacts;

group of packagings - set of packagings which is allowed to be stored or transported without restriction of mutual placement of packagings or with restriction of mutual placement of packagings, provided with technical means which are part of packaging set;

security safety S(E) - technology S(E), intended for supply of security systems with energy, working environment and creation of conditions for their functioning;

beyond design basis accident - the accident caused by initial events which are not considered for project accidents, or which is followed by refusals of security systems or human errors, additional in comparison with project accidents;

protective safety S(E) - S(E), intended for prevention or restriction of damages of physical barriers, the equipment and pipelines which contain YAM or nuclear fuel, III;

removal from operation of the Object - stage of lifecycle of the Object which is implemented after cessation of production of nuclear fuel and caused by the termination of project useful life or the decision on early termination of operation;

leading S(E) - S(E), the operations of security systems, control and management intended for initiation, them in the course of accomplishment of the set functions;

coefficient of reproduction (K) - the relation of number of neutrons of the next generation as a result of separation of kernels to number of neutrons of the previous generation in all amount of the multiplying circle. The reproduction coefficient for the circle of the final sizes taking into account leakage of neutrons from it is called effective coefficient of reproduction (To); ef

container protective - packaging set which design provides value K <= to 0,95 in case of any number of such packagings ef in case of normal operation;

critical parameter values - parameter value of system which contains YAM under which the effective coefficient of reproduction equals to unit;

culture of safety - set of rules and features of organization activity and individuals determining that to problems of safety of nuclear installation as having the highest priority, the attention, certain is paid to their importance;

the safety localizing S(E) - S(E), intended for prevention or restriction of distribution of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials for the borders provided by the project;

limits of safe operation - the parameter values established in the project characterizing S(E) condition which violation is led to emergencies and can lead to accident;

the facility for production of nuclear fuel - the nuclear installation intended for production from hexafluoride and/or dioxide of uranium of nuclear fuel (fuel tablets, the heat-generating cores and the heat-generating collections) for nuclear power plants;

the equipment with the increased inventory coefficient - the equipment which features of design during the work with YAM provide the size of the minimum critical mass which exceeds by 5 times at least minimum critical mass for the same YAM, but in the system having the sphere form with complete reflector for which the increased inventory coefficients are established;


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