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About approval of the Accounting regulation "Information on segments (PBU 12/2010)

For the purpose of enhancement of normative legal regulation in the sphere of financial accounting and accounting records and according to the Regulations on the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 30, 2004 N 329 (The Russian Federation Code, 2004, N 31, Art. 3258; N 49, of Art. 4908; 2005, N 23, Art. 2270; N 52, of Art. 5755; 2006, N 32, Art. 3569; N 47, of Art. 4900; 2007, N 23, Art. 2801; N 45, of Art. 5491; 2008, N 5, Art. 411; N 46, of Art. 5337; 2009, N 3, Art. 378; N 6, of Art. 738; N 8, of Art. 973; N 11, of Art. 1312; N 26, of Art. 3212; N 31, of Art. 3954; 2010, N 5, Art. 531; N 9, of Art. 967; N 11, of Art. 1224; N 26, of Art. 3350; To N 38, of the Art. 4844), I order:

1. Approve the enclosed Accounting regulation "Information on Segments" (PBU 12/2010).

2. Determine that this order becomes effective from accounting records for 2011.



Governments of the Russian Federation

Minister of Finance

Russian Federation A. L. Kudrin

Approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of November 8, 2010 No. 143n

Accounting regulation "Information on Segments" (PBU 12/2010)

I. General provisions

1. This Provision establishes rules of forming and submission of information on segments in accounting records of the commercial organizations (except credit institutions), being legal entities by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. The organizations - issuers of publicly placed securities shall open in explanations to accounting records information on segments according to this Provision. Other organizations apply this Provision in case of adoption of the decision on disclosure of information on segments by them in accounting records. Information which is not conforming to requirements of this provision cannot hereinafter be referred to as in accounting records as information on segments.

3. This Provision is not applied when forming the reporting constituted for the state statistical observation of the reporting information provided to credit institution according to its requirements and creation of reporting information to other special purposes if use of this provision is not provided in rules of creation of such reporting and information.

4. In case of disclosure of information on segments the organization applies the general requirements to submission of information in accounting records of the organizations established by regulatory legal acts on financial accounting taking into account requirements of this provision.

Disclosure of information on segments shall provide the interested users of accounting records of the organization with information allowing to estimate industry specifics of organization activity, its economic structure, distribution of financial performance on separate activities.

II. Allocation of segments

5. Allocation of segments consists in isolation of information on part of organization activity:

a) which is capable to bring economic benefits and assuming the corresponding expenses (including implied benefits and expenses from transactions with other segments);

b) which results are systematically analyzed by persons, given in the organization authority on decision making in resource allocation in the organization and assessment of these results (further - authorized persons of the organization);

c) on which financial performance separately from indicators of other parts of organization activity can be created.

6. Depending on organizational and managerial structure of the organization, and also its system of the internal reporting can be basis of allocation of segments, in particular:

a) the made products, the purchased goods, the performed works, the rendered services;

b) main buyers (customers) of products, goods, works, services;

c) geographical regions in which activities are performed;

d) structural divisions of the organization.

7. In case of allocation of segments information used by authorized persons of the organization, the data placed in mass media, other available information, in particular, managerial documents on planning, the reports of the supreme body of management of the organization, data published on the Website of the organization, and so forth is considered.

8. Several segments can be determined as single segment if such consolidation answers the this provision purpose, and also on condition of similarity of the following characteristics of the united segments:

a) nature (appointment) of products, goods, works, services;

b) production process of products, purchase of goods, performance of works, rendering services;

c) buyers (customers) of products, goods, works, services;

d) methods of sale of products, goods, works, services;

e) legal conditions of activities (for example, need of the license (permission), tax regime);

e) other characteristics.

9. In addition to conditions of allocation of the segments provided by Items 5-8 of this provision, the organization can use also following additional terms:

a) specific nature of separate activity;

b) responsibility of particular persons for results of separate activity;

c) isolation of information provided to the board of directors (supervisory board) of the organization;

d) other conditions.

III. Reporting segments

10. Information on the segment allocated as reporting separately reveals in accounting records by means of inclusion of the list of indicators in it established by this Provision.

The segment is considered reporting if one of the following conditions is carried out at least:

a) segment revenue from sales of the organization to buyers (customers) and implied revenue from transactions with other segments constitutes at least 10 percent of total amount of revenue of all segments;

b) the financial result (profit or loss) of segment constitutes at least 10 percent from the greatest of two sizes: total profits of segments which financial result is the profit, or total loss of segments which financial result is the loss;

c) assets of segment constitute at least 10 total percent of assets of all segments.

11. The segment which indicators are lower stipulated in Item than the 10th this provision can be allocated as reporting if information on this segment is useful to the interested users or if there is need of allocation of bigger quantity of reporting segments for accomplishment of condition, stipulated in Item 14th this provision.

12. The list of reporting segments is determined by the organization proceeding from its organizational and managerial structure.


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