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of July 8, 2010 No. 2456-VI

(The last edition from 12-09-2019)

The budget code of Ukraine determines the legal basis of functioning of the budget system of Ukraine, its principles, bases of the budget process and the interbudget relations and responsibility for violation of the budget legislation.

Section I. Budget system of Ukraine and basis of the budget process

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The relations which are governed by the Budget code of Ukraine

1. The budget code of Ukraine governs the relations arising in the course of creation, consideration, approval, accomplishment of budgets, the reporting on their accomplishment and control of observance of the budget legislation and questions of responsibility for violation of the budget legislation, and also legal principles of education and repayment of the public and local debt are determined.

Article 2. Determination of the main terms

1. In this Code the stated below terms are used in such value:

1) the budget - the plan of forming and use of financial resources for providing tasks and functions which are performed respectively by public authorities, authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local government bodies during the budget period;

2) budgets of local self-government - budgets of territorial communities of villages, their associations, settlements, cities (including areas in the cities) budgets of the integrated territorial communities;

2-1) budgets of the integrated territorial communities - budgets of the integrated territorial communities created according to the law and the perspective plan of forming of the territories of communities, and also budgets of the integrated territorial communities recognized by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine solvent according to the procedure, established by the law;

3) budget classification - the single systematized sgruppirovaniye of the income, expenses, crediting, financings of the budget, debt according to the legislation of Ukraine and international standards;

4) the budget program - set of the actions directed to achievement of the single purpose, tasks and the expected result which determination and the realization are enabled by the manager of budgetary funds according to the functions assigned to it;

5) the budget system of Ukraine - the set of the government budget and local budgets constructed taking into account the economic relations, state and administrative-territorial devices and settled by rules of law;

6) the budget assignment - the powers of the manager of budgetary funds conferred according to budget setting for capture of the budget obligation and implementation of payments which have quantitative, hour and target restrictions;

7) the budget obligation - any order placement performed according to the budget assignment, the conclusion of the agreement, purchase of goods, services or implementation of other similar transactions during the budget period according to which it is necessary to make payments during the same period or in the future;

7-1) budget obligation on the state derivatives - the budget obligation according to which it is necessary to perform expenses on payments for the state derivatives in accordance with the terms of their placement during the current budget period and/or future;

8) budget setting - the power of the main manager of budgetary funds conferred by this Code, the law on the Government budget of Ukraine (the decision on the local budget) which has quantitative, hour and target restrictions and allows to provide budgetary appropriations;

9) the budget request - the document prepared by the main manager of budgetary funds who contains offers with the corresponding reasons concerning amount of the budgetary funds necessary for execution of the functions assigned to it for the medium-term period, based on the corresponding limiting indicators of expenses of the budget and loan granting from the budget;

10) the budget process - the process of creation, consideration, approval, accomplishment of budgets regulated by the budget legislation, the reporting on their accomplishment, and also control of observance of the budget legislation;

11) budgetary funds (budget funds) - the receipts of the budget ought according to the legislation and expenses of the budget;

12) budgetary institutions - public authorities, local government bodies, and also the organizations created by them in accordance with the established procedure which completely contain at the expense of respectively government budget or the local budget. Budgetary institutions are non-profitable;

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