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of July 17, 2010 No. 731

About approval of the Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Coals and Production Processes of Their Production, Conversion, Storage and Transportation"

(as amended of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 16.10.2012 No. 1317) 

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 9, 2004 "About technical regulation" the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Coals and Production Processes of Their Production, Conversion, Storage and Transportation".

2. This resolution becomes effective after six months from the date of the first official publication.


Prime Minister

Republic of Kazakhstan K. Masimov

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July 17, 2010, No. 731

Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Coals and Production Processes of Their Production, Conversion, Storage and Transportation"

1. Scope

1. This Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Coals and Production Processes of Their Production, Conversion, Storage and Transportation" (further - the Technical regulation) establishes requirements to safety of coals and products of their conversion and processes.

2. Objects of technical regulation in this Technical regulation are:

1) coal, lignite or brown coal (further - coals), the coal sorted and enriched briquettes and similar types of the agglomerated fuel (further - products of their conversion);

2) processes of production, conversion, storage, transportation and sales of products.

The list of coals and products of their conversion according to the Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Customs union (further - FEACN CU) is given in appendix 1 to this Technical regulation.

3. The major dangerous factors (risks) which should be avoided are:

1) availability of the production noise exceeding normative values, making negative impact on organs of hearing, nervous system, concentration of attention;

2) availability in production rooms (workshops) of general and local vibration above admissible levels and time of action per capita;

3) availability in coals of sources of radioactive radiation, the exceeding maximum permissible values which can make negative impact on human body;

4) dust content and gas contamination of air of the working area;

5) vzryvo-fire danger, including spontaneous ignition of coals and coal dust;

6) manifestations of mountain pressure, sudden emission of coal and gas;

7) breaks of water and pulp;

8) pollution of airspace, surface and ground waters, pollution and subsidence of the land surface, bogging of areas and regions, creation of artificially increased seismicity, deterioration in fertility of lands.

4. Identification of coals and products of their conversion shall be performed by verification of documents of the manufacturer (the contract for the subsurface use right, the license by sight of activities, the project, production schedules, the regulating document on standardization on products, the development plan for production on production and conversion of coals, permission to issues to the environment) and carrying out testing of product samples on indicators of identification, classification, codification: technology brand (group, subgroup), rank (category, subcategory), size of pieces, code number.

2. Terms and determinations

5. In this Technical regulation the terms and determinations established by legal, normative legal and other acts in the field of technical regulation, industrial safety, environmental protection and also the following terms with the corresponding determinations are used:

1) the liquidation plan of accidents - set of actions for rescuing of the people and liquidation of accident determining procedure for the notification and action of officials of the organization, hazardous production facility and rescue unit, way and time of exit of people from emergency and the threatened sites, the location of means on rescuing of people and liquidation of accident;

2) the fuel agglomerated - the fuel received in the course of okomkovaniye of fine particles with addition of the binding material providing adhesion or without it;

3) enrichment - set of different engineering procedures of processing of mineral raw materials for the purpose of allocation from it useful components (and if necessary and their mutual separation) with the concentration exceeding their content in initial raw materials;

4) the coal enriched - the coal received in the course of enrichment of coal, wet or dry;

5) coal nonenriched - the extracted coal subjected to processes of grokhocheniye or crushing;

6) coal bituminous - the coal of average rank having the indicator of reflection of vitrinit of Rr equal or more 0,5 of %, but less 2,0 of %;

7) briquetting - process of receipt of pieces (briquettes) with additive and without additive of binding substances with the subsequent pressing of mix in briquettes of the necessary size and form;

8) the gas mode - the schedule entered at the coal companies dangerous for release of methane or hydrogen;

9) rank (subcategory) - coal arrangement in genetic row showing its maturity on the basis of genetic and physical and chemical properties on the international classification system;

10) elimination - the coal emitted from ordinary coal and which did not undergo to enrichment, fineness of less 12,5 (13;25) millimeters (further - mm);

11) the sitovy analysis - determination of particle size distribution of coal by rassev of test on sets;

12) heat of combustion - amount of heat generated in case of complete combustion of unit of mass of fuel;

13) the project - complex of the technical documents necessary for implementation of construction, installation and operation of object;

4) the working area - space 2 meters high (further - m) over the level of half of the servicing platform;

15) sudden emission - the spontaneous instant destruction of part of array near excavation face which is followed to the garbage of breed, coal strengthened by gas emission;

16) code number - numerical designation of coals on the basis of values of classification parameters on the international system of codification;

17) coal - strong combustible sedimentary breed, substantially organic origin, formed mainly of the died-off plants as a result of their biochemical, physical and chemical and physical changes;


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