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of July 14, 2010 No. 1055

About approval of the technical regulation of the Republic of Belarus "Stern and feed additives. Safety" (TP 2010/025/BY)

(as amended on 01-04-2014)

According to the paragraph the sixth article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 5, 2004 "About technical regulation and standardization" the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed technical regulation of the Republic of Belarus "Stern and feed additives. Safety" (TP 2010/025/BY) (further - the technical regulation) and to enact it since January 1, 2011.

2. To the state committee on standardization together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to approve the list of the technical regulatory legal acts interconnected with the technical regulation and to provide its permanent updating.

3. To the Ministry of Agriculture and Food together with interested to develop and approve the actions plan on enforcement of the technical regulation.

Grant to this Ministry the right to explain questions of application of the technical regulation.

4. To provide to republican state bodies till January 1, 2011 reduction of the technical regulatory legal acts in compliance with this resolution.

5. This resolution becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus

S. Sidorsky

Approved by the Resolution of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of July 14, 2010, No. 1055

Technical regulation of the Republic of Belarus "Stern and feed additives. Safety" (TP 2010/025/BY)

Article 1. Scope

1. This technical regulation extends to the forages and feed additives released in the Republic of Belarus irrespective of country of source, except for forages and feed additives moved with transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Treat sterns to which this technical regulation extends:

substitutes of powdered skim milk; substitutes of whole milk;

phytogenesis stern;

stern of animal origin;

stern of mineral origin;

stern of microbiological synthesis;

polnoratsionny compound feeds;

concentrated compound feeds;

fodder concentrates;

other forages.

Treat feed additives to which this technical regulation extends:

proteinaceous and vitamin and mineral additives; amido - vitamin and mineral additives; premixes;



flavoring additives;




baking powder;









amino acids;

nonprotein nitrogenous substances; fermental fodder medicines;

concentrate for production of substitutes of whole milk;

fodder mixes;

other feed additives.

2. This technical regulation establishes technical requirements to safety of forages and feed additives, processes of their production, storage, transportation, realization and use.

Article 2. Main terms and determinations

In this technical regulation the following terms and their determinations are applied:

adsorbents - the synthetic and (or) natural substances capable to connect and remove from organism of animals ions of heavy metals, toxins, radioactive materials, harmful products of metabolism;

amido - vitamin and mineral additive - proteinaceous and vitamin and mineral additive in which part of protein is replaced with nonprotein nitrogenous substances, intended for preparation of compound feeds to ruminants;

amino acids - class of the organic compounds uniting in themselves properties of acids and amines, that is containing carboxyl and amino group;

antioxidants - substances which increase forage storage period, protecting it from the spoil caused by oxidation, such as rancidification of fats, change of color;

fragrances - the substances intended for giving or correction of smell and flavoring properties and stimulation of consumption of forage;

safety of products (forages and feed additives) - compliance of products, processes of its development, production, use, storage, transportation, realization to the technical requirements providing lack of unacceptable risk of damnification to health of animals and also release of full-fledged and safe foodstuff of animal origin in the veterinary relation;

the proteinaceous and vitamin and mineral additive (PVMA) - mix of the components containing protein, mineral fodder means and biologically active agents (minerals, vitamins and others);

dietary supplements - natural (identical natural) the substances intended for feeding to animals along with forage or introductions in structure of forages;

vitamin medicines - the substances containing one or several vitamins and intended for their introduction in structure of diets, BVMD, premixes;

vitamins - the organic compounds having high biological activity, participating in formation of the enzymes which are specific regulators of the biochemical reactions happening in organism;

flavoring additives - the substances intended for giving or correction of flavoring properties and stimulation of consumption of forage;

animals - the generalized concept including mammals, birds, reptiles, Amphibia, fishes, arthropods and mollusks;

thickeners - the substances intended for regulation of viscosity and consistence of forage;

substitutes of whole milk - the ready highly nourishing dry fodder mixes developed on the basis of the last achievements of physiology of digestion and feeding, providing the proper growth and development of young growth of farm animals made from dairy products, products of conversion bean, grain, vegetable fat and vitamin and mineral premix;

substitute of powdered skim milk - the high-protein dry mix on the basis of vegetable protein with content of dairy products used in production of compound feeds for all groups of farm animals;

contamination wreckers of grain inventories - availability in forage of live insects and (or) pincers in any stage of development;

identification of forages and feed additives - the procedure by means of which establish compliance of quality of forages of information containing in technical regulatory legal acts, accompanying documents on forages, marking;

the manufacturer - the legal entity, including foreign, or the individual entrepreneur, the enabling production and the realization of forages and feed additives and responsible for their compliance to requirements to safety;

quality of forage - set of properties of forage with the certain qualitative and quantitative indices characterizing its capability to satisfy the physiological needs of organism of animal for energy, nutritious and biologically active agents;

acid number of fat - the conditional size characterizing content in 1 gram of fat of forages of free fatty acids and others titrable alkali of substances, expressed in milligrams of the caustic potassium necessary for its neutralization;


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