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of May 5, 2010 No. 353

About approval of the Minimum requirements on health protection and labor safety on workplace

Based on article 6 of the Law on health protection and labor safety No. 186-XVI of July 10, 2008. (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2008, No. 143-144, of the Art. 587) and for the purpose of implementation of the Directive of Council of the European Communities 89/654/CEE of November 30, 1989 about minimum of requirements to safety and health protection on workplace (The official magazine of the European Communities, series L, the No. 393/1989) Government DECIDES:

1. Approve the Minimum requirements on health protection and labor safety on workplace according to appendix.

2. Operation of this Resolution does not extend on:

the vehicles used outside the territory of the company and on workplaces within vehicles;

temporary or portable building sites;

the extracting industries;

fishing boats;

fields, the woods and other parcels of land of the agricultural and wood-processing enterprises located far from company buildings.

3. The workplaces used for the first time after December 31, 2012 shall conform to the minimum requirements provided in appendix.

4. The workplaces which are already used till January 1, 2013 need to be brought into accord with the minimum requirements provided by appendix, in time no later than 4 years after the specified date.

5. If workplaces are exposed to changes, expansion or transformation after December 31, 2012, employers shall take all necessary measures to be convinced that these changes, expansions or transformations conform to the minimum requirements provided in appendix.

6. Employers shall take all measures that:

workplaces conformed to the minimum requirements provided in appendix;

ways of access towards exits, including emergency, remained free at any time;

maintenance of workplace, the working equipment and devices was performed, and any found shortcomings which can affect health and safety of workers, without delay were eliminated;

regular cleaning and cleaning of workplace, the equipment and devices for the purpose of ensuring necessary level of hygiene was carried out;

maintenance and check of the equipment and the devices of protection intended for the prevention or elimination of danger was performed.

7. Workers and/or employee representatives, with specific obligations in the field of health protection and labor safety, shall be informed on all measures which need to be accepted in the field of health protection and work place safety.

8. The workers working in the isolated conditions (who do not have visual contact and the through oral traffic to other workers in this connection they cannot give immediate help in case of labor accident), shall be informed about:

maneuvering of the working equipment, its condition (reliability and availability);

risks of accident and about operations procedure in case of their origin;

adequate behavior in case of accident or critical situation;

use of individual remedies;

first-aid treatment in case of labor accident;

use of system of supervision and communication with the outside world.

9. Workers and/or employee representatives with specific obligations in the field of health protection and labor safety shall participate and get advice of employers concerning implementation of this Resolution.


Prime Minister

Vladimir Filat


minister of work, social

protection and families



Valentina Buliga


to the Order of the Government of May 5, 2010 No. 353

The minimum requirements on health protection and labor safety on workplace

Part 1. Preliminary refining

1. The requirements concerning health protection and labor safety on workplace are applied every time when characteristics of workplace, activities, circumstances or any professional risk require it.

Part 2. Stability and durability

2. Buildings in which workplaces are placed shall correspond on the structure and durability to nature of their use.

Part 3. Electrical units

3. Electrical units shall be designed and be manufactured so that they did not constitute danger of defeat by electric current, ignition or explosion.

4. Workers shall be protected from risk of accident as a result of direct and/or indirect touch.

5. During the designing, production and the choice of materials and remedies it is necessary to consider the rated voltage, influence of external conditions and qualification of the workers having access to installation components.

Part 4. Emergency ways and exits

6. Emergency ways and exits shall remain always free and remove as far as it is possible, outside, or in safe space.

7. In case of danger the possibility of bystry evacuation shall be provided in the safest conditions of workers of all working posts.

8. The quantity, arrangement and the sizes of emergency ways and exits depend on use of the working equipment and the sizes of workplaces, and also on the maximum number of the present persons. Calculation of emergency routes and exits is carried out according to appendix No. 1.

9. Doors of emergency exit shall open outside.

10. The sliding or revolving doors are unavailable to application to emergency exits.

11. Doors of emergency exit shall not be locked or be closed on bolt any person who will need to use them in emergency could easily and quickly open them.

12. Specific emergency ways and exits shall be designated. The alarm system of specific emergency ways and exits shall be located in appropriate places and to be strong.

13. Emergency ways and exits, and also the means of communication and doors providing access to them shall be free from any obstacles that they could be used freely at any time.

14. The emergency ways and exits requiring lighting shall be provided with emergency illumination of sufficient intensity, at least 20 lx, on case of interruption of supply of electricity.

Part 5. Detection of fire and fight against it

15. Depending on the sizes and the purpose of buildings which is available in them the working equipment, and also physical and chemical properties of the substances which are in them and the greatest possible number of the present people, workplaces shall be equipped with the corresponding devices of fight against fire and, if necessary, detectors of fire and systems of the alarm system.

16. Non-automatic devices of fight against fire shall be easily available and simple in use.


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