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The agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic on cooperation in the field of agricultural industry

of October 2, 2009

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic which further are referred to as with the Parties

in view of aspiration to development and deepening of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of agro-industrial complex in the conditions of the economic reforms undertaken in the states based on the market relations,

considering historically developed commercial and scientific and technical ties between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Azerbaijan Republic,

realizing the leading role of agricultural industry in development of economy and ensuring food security,

recognizing need of experience exchange and cooperation at all levels for strengthening of cooperation between the states of the Parties,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties perform cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual advantage within national legal systems of the states, and also render development assistance of contacts between business entities of the states of the Parties.

Article 2

The cooperation between the Parties is performed in the following areas:

- crop production, including seed farming of crops;

- livestock production, including breeding case;

- veterinary science;

- quarantine and protection of plants.

Other directions of cooperation are determined by the mutual arrangement of the Parties.

Article 3

The cooperation within this agreement is implemented in the following forms:

- exchange of samples of seeds, farm animals, landing material;

- exchange of information about epizootic situation in regions and in general in the republic, diagnosis of especially dangerous diseases of animals and birds;

- development of production of the natural and combined forages in industries of livestock production and poultry farming;

- use of modern technologies in production, conversion and marketing of agricultural products;

- creation of bonds of cooperation between research and higher educational institutions of the agrarian direction, the organization of exchange of agrarian information and experience;

- experience exchange on management of problems of desertification, drought, salinity and erosion, recovery of fertility of the lands contaminated owing to industrial use;

- organization of symposiums, educational and practical seminars, conferences, exhibitions and fairs.

Other directions of cooperation are determined by the mutual arrangement of the Parties.

Article 4

Exchange of samples of seeds, farm animals and other products, and also materials of information nature is performed according to national legal systems of the states of the Parties in the field of intellectual property.

Article 5

This agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of the Parties following from other international treaties which participants they are.

Article 6

For the purpose of effective implementation of provisions of this agreement, the Parties hold regular meetings at the level of authorized representatives, and also heads and specialists of business entities of agro-industrial complex for coordination of implementation of joint projects and programs, consultations on the questions which are of mutual interest.

Article 7

The parties independently incur expenses which arise during the course of performance them this agreement, within the means provided by national legal systems of the states if in each case other procedure is not approved.

Article 8

In case of disputes over interpretation or application of provisions of this agreement of the Party resolve them by negotiations and consultations.

Article 9

By mutual consent of the Parties changes and additions which are drawn up by the separate protocols which are integral parts of this agreement, and becoming effective according to Article 10 of this agreement can be made to this agreement.

Article 10

This agreement becomes effective from the date of obtaining by the Kazakhstan Side through diplomatic channels of the written notice of the Azerbaijani Side of accomplishment of interstate procedures by it, necessary for its entry into force.

This agreement is signed for a period of five years and automatically prolonged for the subsequent five-year periods if any of the Parties, at least in six months prior to the expiration of the next five-year period, does not send to other Party the written notice of the intention to stop its action.

Cancellation of this agreement will not influence the joint projects and programs begun during action of this agreement if the Parties do not agree about other.

It is made in the city of Baku on October 2, 2009 in duplicate in the Kazakh, Azerbaijani and Russian languages, and all texts are equally authoritative.

In case of disagreements in case of interpretation of provisions of this agreement, the Parties will address to the text in Russian.


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