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of January 13, 2005 No. ZR-29

About legal profession

(as amended on 27-06-2022)

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on December 14, 2004

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation of the Law

This Law establishes the bases of implementation of lawyer activities and the organization of professional community of lawyers and procedure of these activities in the Republic of Armenia.

Article 2. Legislation on legal profession

The legislation on legal profession consists of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, Civil procedural and Criminal procedure codes of the Republic of Armenia, this Law and other legal acts.

The procedure established by this Law is single and is obligatory for all lawyers.

Article 3. Legal profession and state

The legal profession is professional community of lawyers which, being institute of civil society, is not a part of the system of state bodies and local government bodies.

The legal profession acts on the basis of the principles of independence, respecting the rule of law, self-government and equality of lawyers.

Article 4. Restriction of use of the concepts applied in this Law

1. The organizations are forbidden to use in the name the words "lawyer" in all its case forms or phrases including this word, and also use of foreign-language semantic translations of the word "lawyer", except for chambers of the lawyers, lawyer school and the organizations created by the lawyer for the purpose of implementation of lawyer activities.

Article 5. Lawyer activities

1. Lawyer activities are type of human rights activities which are performed by the lawyer directed to implementation and protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of person receiving legal aid, all means and methods which are not prohibited by the Law.

2. The lawyer can perform the following activities:

1) consultation, including: consultation provision to principals about their rights and obligations, studying of documents, creation of other documents of legal nature (further - consultation);

2) representation, including representation in court (further - judicial representation);

3) protection on criminal proceedings;

4) in the cases and procedure provided by the law, rendering legal aid to the witness.

3. Only the lawyer, except for can perform the judicial representation provided by this Article or its organization in service quality provided periodically or on the paid bases: 

1) cases of non-paid implementation of representation for close relatives, including: the parent, the child, the adoptive father adopted, native or nonnative (summary on the father or mother) the brother or the sister, the grandfather, the grandmother, the grandson (chka), and also parents of the spouse or the spouse, the son-in-law or the daughter-in-law;

2) representation cases in court of interests of the legal entity in which authorized capital more than a half of shares belong to the close relative (relatives). 

4. Only the lawyer can perform the protection on criminal proceedings provided by this Article.

5. Lawyer activities rendering legal aid by the lawyer to the employer based on the employment contract, except for the activities performed by the lawyer working for the lawyer is not considered.

6. Cases of implementation of judicial representation in civil legal proceedings by persons, not showing lawyers, are established by the Code of civil procedure of the Republic of Armenia.

Article 6. Onerousness of lawyer activities

1. The lawyer has the right to receive compensation for the services.

2. The amount of payment for lawyer activities is determined by the written agreement signed between the lawyer and the principal according to the procedure, established by the Civil code of the Republic of Armenia (further – the agreement).

3. With the consent of the lawyer legal aid can be given gratuitously.

4. The state guarantees free legal aid to persons, the stipulated in Article 41 this Law, in the cases and procedure provided by the same Article.

5. For the purpose of determination by courts, in connection with compensation of court costs (costs), the reasonable amount of payment of the lawyer, council of chamber of lawyers can found the average price list of payment of lawyer activities. The specified price list cannot be used in other purposes.

6. Payments for lawyer activities are made according to the procedure, established by the Law of the Republic of Armenia "About non-cash transactions".

Chapter 2. Organization of legal profession

Article 7. Chamber of lawyers of the Republic of Armenia

1. The chamber of lawyers of the Republic of Armenia (further - Chamber of lawyers) is the professional, independent, self-governed non-profit organization of lawyers created on the basis of this Law which features are established by this Law. The chamber of lawyers acquires the status of the legal entity from the moment of registration in the procedure established by the Law.

2. Tasks of chamber of lawyers are:

1) protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the members in relations with state bodies and local self-government and the organizations, and also in court; 

2) organization of process of licensing of lawyers;

3) organization of professional training of listeners of lawyers and retraining of lawyers;  

4) control of observance by the members of requirements of this Law, the charter of chamber of lawyers and the set of rules of behavior of lawyers, and also fulfillment of requirements of the Law of the Republic of Armenia "About fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism" and the regulatory legal acts adopted on its basis;

5) taking measures in the direction of increase in the authority of legal profession;

6) in the cases provided by this Law for everyone equally to provide the right to available and effective free legal assistance;

7) to promote increase in public sense of justice and legal culture.

3. The chamber of lawyers can cooperate with lawyer structures of other countries, the international and other organizations.

4. The chamber of lawyers can perform personally business activity only in those cases if it serves implementation of the tasks provided by this Article. The chamber of lawyers has the right to be engaged personally only in the types of business activity provided by its charter.

Article 8. Bodies of chamber of lawyers

Bodies of chamber of lawyers are:

1) general meeting of chamber of lawyers;

2) council of chamber of lawyers;

3) ceased to be valid according to the Law of the Republic of Armenia of 29.12.2011 No. ZR-339

4) qualification commission of chamber of lawyers.

Members of bodies of chamber of lawyers work in these bodies without remuneration, except for the President of Chamber of lawyers, and also the cases provided by the charter of chamber of lawyers.

Members of bodies of chamber of lawyers can combine work in these bodies with lawyer activities.

The member of chamber of lawyers can be elected in one body of chamber of lawyers.

Powers, procedure for forming, procedure for activities, task and function of bodies of chamber of lawyers are established by this Law and the charter of chamber of lawyers.

Powers of the President of Chamber of lawyers and other bodies terminate only after election of the following structure or the chairman, from the moment of acceptance of powers.

Article 9. General meeting of chamber of lawyers

1. General meeting of chamber of lawyers is the supreme body of chamber of lawyers which:

1) is approved by the charter of chamber of lawyers and the rule of conduct of lawyers;

Chooses 2) and recalls the President of Chamber of lawyers, members of council and persons, the stipulated in Article 39.5 presents of the Law;

3) resolves other issues provided by the charter of chamber of lawyers.

2. General meeting of chamber of lawyers makes decisions:


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