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of May 10, 2010 No. 109-IV

About local executive bodies

(as amended on 13-03-2021)

This Law determines powers of local executive bodies, procedure for its activities and relation with other public authorities, local government bodies, public associations, business entities.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Local executive body

Hyakimliki of the welayat, the etrap, the city are local executive bodies. Hyakimlik will be formed by the President of Turkmenistan, hyakimlik is legal entity, heads it hyaky.

Article 2. Executive power at the local level

1. According to the Constitution of Turkmenistan the executive power at the local level is performed: in welayats - hyakima of welayats, in the cities with the welayat rights (further - the welayat) - hyakima of the cities, in etraps - hyakima of etraps, in the cities with the rights of etraps (further - the city) - hyakima of the cities.

2. Hyakima provide execution of the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the laws of Turkmenistan, acts of the President of Turkmenistan, the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, resolutions of chambers Millie Gengesha of Turkmenistan.

Article 3. Legal basis of activities of the local executive authority

The legal basis of activities of local executive body is determined by the Constitution of Turkmenistan, this Law and other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan.

Chapter II. Position assignment and dismissal of hyakim, deputies of hyakim, their accountability

Article 4. Position assignment and dismissal of hyakim, deputies of hyakim

Hyaky, deputies of hyakim are appointed to position and dismissed by the President of Turkmenistan.

Article 5. Accountability of hyakim

1. Hyaky it is accountable to the President of Turkmenistan.

2. Hyakima of the cities and etraps are accountable to the corresponding hyakim of the welayat, hyakima of etraps in the city - to also corresponding hyakim of the city.

Article 6. The bases for release of hyakim, deputies of hyakim from position

The bases for release of hyakim, deputies of hyakim from position are:

1) improper execution of the obligations by it;

2) making of the discrediting offenses incompatible with official capacity;

3) lack of possibility of execution of job responsibilities by it owing to disease;

4) personal request;

5) job change;

6) termination of citizenship of Turkmenistan;

7) other bases established by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

Chapter III. Powers of hyakim and deputies of hyakim

Article 7. General powers of hyakim

Hyaky of the welayat, etrap, cities:

1) provides realization of the tasks following from national programs of social and economic and cultural development in the corresponding territory;

2) performs coordination of activities of business entities, irrespective of patterns of ownership and industry accessory, on the questions connected with satisfaction the needs of the population for goods and services, complex economic and social development of the subordinated territory, rational use of local manpower and employment of the population and labor protection;

3) promotes the conclusion of economic contracts between the companies and other business entities of all patterns of ownership for attraction of their goods (products) and services (works) on the local market, exercises control of quality of the goods made in the corresponding territory and the rendered services (works);

4) together with the ministries, other central executive bodies takes part in consideration of the questions connected with placement, construction, reconstruction and specialization of industrial, agricultural and other facilities of production and social infrastructure in the corresponding territory;

5) takes measures for rational use, protection of lands, subsoil, waters, the woods, atmospheric air, plant and animal life, other natural resources in the corresponding territory and exercises control in this sphere according to the procedure, established by the legislation of Turkmenistan;

6) manages the objects located in the subordinated territory, which are under authority according to the welayat, the etrap, the city;

7) will be organized within the competence by accomplishment of privatization programs of objects of state-owned property, reorganization of agricultural enterprises, renders assistance to development of medium and small business;

8) performs according to the procedure, established by the legislation of Turkmenistan, transfer, transformation and alienation of objects of state-owned property in the territory of the welayat, the etrap, the city;

9) provides implementation of measures for social protection of the population, improvement of housing and living conditions of life of veterans, disabled people, large, needy families, material security of preschool and educational institutions, boarding schools, retirement homes, improving and sanatorium organizations in the corresponding territory;

10) together with the ministries and other central executive bodies exercises control of organizations of education, health care, culture and sport, social security and takes measures for improvement of their material and technical resources; directs program implementation of strengthening of health and prevention of diseases, improvements of the habitat and improvement of the environment, the organization of rest of the population and tourism development; provides protection and rational use of monuments of history, culture and the nature;

Will organize 11) and controls carrying out in the corresponding territory of sanitary and epidemiologic, quarantine and hygienic actions; informs the population on ecological situation; in cases of natural disasters, epidemics, epizooty and accidents takes necessary measures for liquidation of their consequences and safety of the population; stops the activities of the companies, organizations, organizations posing environmental hazard and leading to violation of the law of Turkmenistan about environmental management;

12) is provided by observance of Turkmenistan of method of operation of housing stock established by the legislation, steady functioning of objects of municipal and road services, trade enterprises, public catering and consumer services, power, gas, water and other networks and constructions, means of communication and transport, takes measures for providing the population with natural gas, water and the electric power;

Will organize 13) and controls within the competence execution of the legislation in the military sphere, directs civil defense in the corresponding territory;

14) takes measures for ensuring interaction and the coordinated work of state bodies, companies, organizations, organizations of all patterns of ownership in protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, strengthening of public order and legality in the corresponding territory;


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