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of November 26, 2005 No. ZR-211

(as amended on 06-12-2023)

Accepted on October 24, 2005

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation of the Code

This Code governs the relations connected with steady management of the woods and the forest lands of the Republic of Armenia - protection, protection, recovery, afforestation and rational use, and also the relations connected taking into account, monitoring of the woods with forest control, supervision and forest lands.

Article 2. Forest legislation

In the Republic of Armenia the relations in the forest sphere are governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the Civil code of the Republic of Armenia, this Code, the Land code of the Republic of Armenia and other legal acts.

If international treaties of the Republic of Armenia establish other regulations, than those which are provided by this Code then are applied regulations of international treaties.

Article 3. The basic concepts used in the Code

The concepts used in this Code, the following:

the wood - set of the interconnected and interacting components of biological diversity and the environment other lands allocated for afforestation with dominance drevesno of shrubby vegetation the minimum area of which constitutes hectare 0,1 the minimum width - 10 meters and krone of trees on which covers at least 30 percent of this territory, and also the woodless territories of earlier woody forest lands;

forest result - the prepared forest resource;

forest inventories - the admissible part of forest resources which is subject to use (on amount, quantity, quality, type and territorial location);

the state accounting of the woods - registration of times in five years of the changes happening during forest management;

forest lands - the woody lands, lands allocated or provided for preserving animal and flora, conservation and also the lands which are not covered with the woods, but allocated or provided for needs of forestry;

forestry - production unit which purpose of activities is steady management of the woods;

forest management - implementation of the complex actions provided by forest management projects;

person conducting forestry - the legal entities and citizens conducting forestry; forest resource - set of wood, plants, other forest product reproduced in the woods, fauna;

the state forest inventory - system of registration, economic evaluation of quantitative and high-quality data about the woods and forest lands, and also regularly updated classification system of the woods;

forest monitoring (observation) - process of observation, research and assessment which is performed for the purpose of forecasting of condition of the woods and forest lands;

steady management of the woods - protection, protection, recovery, afforestation and productive use of the woods with observance of capability of self-reproduction of biological diversity of the woods, and also with ensuring effective use of nature protection, social, economic potential of the woods for the present and the subsequent generations;

forest conservation - implementation of the complex actions directed against the fires, unauthorized capture, illegal fellings, pasturage, pollution, littering and prohibited by the legislation of other actions doing harm to biological diversity of the woods; protection of the woods - implementation of complex actions for the prevention of destruction, drying of the woods harmful organisms (wreckers and diseases), losses of useful properties of the woods and on improvement of sanitary condition of the woods;

forest management - implementation of times in 10 years of complex actions for steady planning of the woods;

the forest management project (the plan of forest management) - the technical document developed by results of forest management and approved for forest management;

reforestation - recovery and providing natural increase of earlier woody territories;

forest utilization - use of possibility of extraction of useful natural properties of the woods, forest resources and forest lands, and also receipts of benefit from them;

the logging ticket - the document certifying the right to procurement and export from the wood of wood and secondary forest materials;

the forest ticket - the document certifying the right to collateral forest utilization; payments for forest utilization - the payments for environmental management established by the Law of the Republic of Armenia "About nonconsumptive payments and payments for environmental management" for use of bioresources;

forest roads - the transport ways necessary for ensuring steady management of the woods;

afforestation - bookmark and cultivation by means of landing and crops on woodless lands, and also on lands of other purpose of artificial forest cultures;

the forest user - the physical person and legal entity which acquired in the procedure established by the legislation right to use useful properties of the wood and forest lands;

wood procurement - export from the wood cut down at the roots, and also windfall, snegolomny trees;

secondary forest material - the prepared stub, bark, dry branches, rod, pitch;

dead wood - parts or trunks of the fallen, died trees on forest lands;

forest stand - set of trees, homogeneous on the main external signs;

biotope - biosreda of vegetable and animal organisms, subjects to special protection;

biological diversity - the heterogeneity of land, air and water live organisms including intraspecific, trans-species variety and variety of ecosystems;

settlement cutting area - the annual procurement rate of wood established by the forest management project;

age of the cabin - evidence-based indicator of ripeness of trees;


reforestation cabins - the cabin performed in the ripe and overripe woods for the purpose of improvement of the environment and reforestation;

other cabins - the cabin of trees for carrying out the works established by the law which are not connected with clearing of the forest territories with construction of forest roads, with forest management;


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