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Accepted by the resolution of Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States


of October 29, 1994

About safety when using chemicals on production

This Law determines organizational, legal and economic guarantees in realization of the rights of workers to work in the conditions meeting safety requirements and hygiene and also on increase in level of protection of citizens and the environment from harmful effects of chemicals in case of their use on production.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The terms used in this Law

Chemicals - the chemical elements and connections, their mixes, both natural, and artificial, and also finished products containing chemicals in the structure capable to make harmful effects per capita under normal or unpredictable conditions of their use.

Dangerous (harmful) chemical substance - chemical concerning which there is relevant information (the qualifier approved in accordance with the established procedure, officially acknowledged threshold limit values, maximum permissible levels, etc.) that this chemical is dangerous and in case of violation of safety of stay in zone of its action can cause the industrial injuries, occupational diseases or variations in the state of health found by modern methods both in the course of work and in the remote terms of life of the present and the subsequent generations.

Use of chemicals on production means any labor activity in case of which the worker can be affected by chemical, including its production; use, storage, transportation, removal, processing and neutralization of waste, and also emissions of chemicals as a result of productive activity; operation, repair and cleaning of the chemical equipment and container.

Marking - the complex of designations consisting of the text, separate alphabetic references, graphical, color symbols and their combinations which are applied depending on specific conditions directly on packaging, label and the label.

Article 2. State regulation in the field of safety when using chemicals

The state on behalf of the state bodies which are specially authorized on that:

establishes criteria and determines procedure for safe use of chemicals on production;

issues permission to use of new chemicals;

prohibits use of chemicals on production in cases of violation of established procedure of their safe use, emergence of threat of life and to health of workers, the populations, dangers of environmental pollution;

accepts after the obligatory conclusions with representative bodies of employers and workers (labor unions or other representative bodies authorized by workers) of the decision on exception of coverage of this Law of separate industries of economic activity, the companies or products;

establishes employee categories, it is forbidden to use to which for the purpose of ensuring their safety certain chemicals;

constitutes and periodically updates the summary list of the chemicals used on production together with the relevant information on degree of their danger (harm);

approves procedure for the organization of medical control from the employer of the state of health of workers in connection with danger of impact on them of chemicals, and also for diagnostics in these cases of work-related diseases and injuries;

develops special provisions for protection of confidential information and determines procedure for its disclosure in case of health hazard and safety of workers;

develops the measures providing in necessary cases realization of provisions of this Law only after consultations with the most representative organizations of employers and workers (labor unions or other representative bodies authorized by workers);

provides the state supervision and control over the implementation legislative and the regulations connected with safety when using chemicals on production; develops, performs and periodically reviews state policy on safety when using chemicals on production;

cooperates with relevant international organizations and bodies of other interested states for the purpose of safety when using chemicals on production, safety of the population and environmental protection.

Article 3. The legislation on safety when using chemicals on production

The legislation on safety when using chemicals on production consists of this Law, other legal acts regulating safety issues and labor protections, and also regulations published according to them (rules, regulations, standards, etc.).

Operation of this Law extends to the companies, organizations and the organizations (further - the companies) using chemicals irrespective of patterns of ownership, spheres of economic activity and departmental accessory, and also to the physical persons occupied with these activities.

Article 4. International agreements

In case of the conclusion of international treaties on mutually supply of chemicals by importers requirements of this Law shall be considered.

Such agreement shall contain the obligation of the exporting party to inform the importer on availability in this country of prohibition of use of the delivered chemicals, and also on changes in requirements for safety of their application.

Chapter II. The worker's rights on ensuring safety and

preserving health when using chemicals on production and guarantee of their providing

Article 5. The worker's rights to safety when using chemicals on production

Each worker using chemicals on workplace has the right to ensuring the safety and health, including:

provision to it the employer of the workplace protected from the impact of the used dangerous chemicals exceeding the established standard rates;

refusal without any unreasonable effects for it from performance of works in case of direct threat of his life and to health before its elimination;

change of place of employment in case of detection of hypersensibility of organism to the specific chemical used on this workplace with provision of ravnooplachivayemy work or training of other profession at the expense of the employer and compensation of loss in the salary;

information of the representatives (authorized by employees of representative bodies), the employer or state supervision bodies and control about the potential dangers arising when using chemicals on production and the requirement of acceptance of adequate measures of protection against them;

free receipt of required individual protection equipment;

proper medical attendance, including delivery in hospital, treatment and rehabilitation at the expense of the employer in case of getting injured, sharp professional poisoning or other damage of health;

total compensation for the injuries, professional poisonings and diseases got as a result of use of chemicals on production according to the procedure and the sizes established by the legislation;

instructing and training in safe acceptances and methods of work when using chemicals on workplace;

preparation and in the terms established by the representative on that body retraining by the existing methods of the prevention, control and protection against dangers of use of chemicals on production and to methods of first-aid treatment by the victim.


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