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Accepted at the ninth plenary session of Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the State Parties of the CIS by the resolution of June 8, 1997, No. 9-11


About innovative and investment infrastructure

This Law establishes the legal basis of creation, work and development of the state innovative and investment network infrastructure (further - networks) providing on places in regions of the member countries of the CIS functioning of the innovative and investment mechanism allowing to activate social and economic development of regions in the conditions of emerging market economy and tough financial restrictions.

According to this Law, the sphere of purposeful state scientific and technical policy there shall be the most effective on return of capital investments final stage scientifically - technical progress - stage of innovations at which knowledge and technologies accumulated by earlier world practice are used for the organization of complete "turnkey" productions of new or missing goods and services. The state innovative and investment infrastructure created for carrying out such policy is designed to execute role of the bridge providing promotion of world scientific and technical achievements in productions of the specific country or region.

Use regulated by this Law for creation of the state innovative and investment network of divisions of leading universities, academic institutes, industry science and production associations and financial and industrial groups allows to avoid big costs and gives the chance to provide professional marketing and effective management of innovative projects through scientists-organizers, responsible for resulting effect, - project managers for the benefit of development of production and national economy in general.

The investment of public funds provided by this Law in creation and development of the plowing-back innovative and investment infrastructure is not fixed at any level, and is put into dependence on effectiveness of network functioning. At the same time use of these means limited on amount for providing innovative and investment network with start working capital of the most effective nodes gives the chance in short terms to reduce sharpness of unsatisfied need of economy for large budget investments for maintenance or reshaping of the companies which are not finding the place in the market, and also gives the chance to accelerate creation of the centers and systems of sustainable development necessary for increase in level of economic, ecological and social welfare of the population and strengthening of safety of the State Parties of the CIS.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Initial bases

1. Results of innovations, realization of the available scientific and technical achievements in production of new or missing goods and services have the determining value for development of economy, preserving the nature and rise in living standards of the population, promote work performance improvement, creation of new industries and workplaces, improvement of service quality and growth of goods competitiveness of the country in the world market, determine reducing trade and commodity deficit, stabilization of currency and the prices.

2. The acute budget deficit characteristic of the member countries of the CIS, together with lack of the settled forms of crediting and backwardness of market mechanisms innovations in these countries constrain that weakens competitive capacity of domestic producers, leads to loss of line items by them in the foreign market and transfer of the increasing part of the domestic market to the foreign companies, in many respects determines production fall.

3. Condition of forcing of innovations as one of means of overcoming negative tendencies in economy and improvement of quality of life of the population is carrying out in the field of innovative activities of purposeful state (national) policy and creation of the mechanism of support of innovations capable to pass to self-financing and self-sufficiency under the intensive organization of the productions directed to requirements satisfaction of the population, the industry and agricultural industry in new or missing types of goods and services.

4. The branched state innovative and investment network infrastructure (network) combining innovative and investment functions in the managing links and providing moving to the right place and in due time necessary databases (information) and necessary financial resources, in particular, provision in the order of project managers of necessary working capital shall constitute basis of state mechanism of the management of innovative activities answering to criterion of self-financing.

5. It is the most reasonable to conduct creation of the state innovative and investment network infrastructure, relying on the existing staff of leading universities, academic institutes, science and production associations and financial and industrial groups which have the greatest databases on the achievements which are saved up by world science and technological practice including achievements of domestic scientists and specialists, and, besides, are capable to push from the circle scientists - organizers, project managers who, having received starting current assets, will provide "turnkey" creation of new production systems and new systems of services.

One of the most important areas of work on creation, and then and development of the state innovative and investment infrastructure is the organization with assistance of the state of target training of scientists-organizers, heads of innovative projects on the basis of theoretical and practical doobucheniye of necessary specialists in system of the higher school from among persons having the higher education and experience of management.

Article 2. Sphere of the Law

1. This Law determines procedure for creation, functioning and development, and also structure and providing the state innovative and investment network infrastructure with resources (further - networks). Activities of network are regulated also: presidential decrees of the country, orders of the Government of the country, legal acts and other regulatory legal acts of regional public authorities. Operation of the Law extends to all territory of the country.

2. The law governs the relations between any legal entities and physical persons, and also the organizations of the country. If the international treaty with participation of the country establishes other regulations (rules) than provided by this Law, then regulations (rule) of the international treaty are considered as valid.

Article 3. Special terms

Innovative activities - set of the actions for creation of production and realization of new or missing goods (services) or goods (services) with new qualities answering unsatisfied approved within the innovative project or newly to the created market requests due to use in case of production and realization of the specified goods (services) of the scientific and technical achievements fulfilled by world science.

Innovations (innovation) - innovation of productions of new or missing goods and services.

Innovatics - knowledge domain (science) covering questions of methodology and the organization of innovative activities.

Investments - the financial resources made in creation or upgrade of production of goods or services.


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