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of March 18, 2010 No. 50

About approval of the Procedure for the organization and form of education in residency

(as amended on 18-04-2017)

For the purpose of ensuring execution of Item 1.14 of the Presidential decree of the Azerbaijan Republic of September 5, 2009 "About application of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About education" the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic decides No. 156:

1. Approve "Procedure for the organization and form of education in residency" it (is applied).

2. This resolution becomes effective from the date of signing.

Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic

Artur Rasi-Zade

Approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic of March 18, 2010, No. 50

Procedure for the organization and form of education in residency

1. General provisions

1.1. These rules are prepared according to the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About education" and by establishment of general requirements on level of training in residency create conditions for increase in efficiency of training of highly skilled specialists doctors, integration of system of the higher medical education of the republic into world medical educational space and recognitions of the documents on medical education issued in the republic in the international space on condition of reduction of the quality level of education in compliance with the principles of the all-European system of medical education.

1.2. These rules extend to all highest medical educational and scientific institutions of the republic and establish requirements imposed to content of education in residency, to the appropriate educational programs for specialties, level of training of pupils.

1.3. Residency is form of training of specialists doctors based on basic higher medical education on medical specialties, education in it is conducted on the professions of specialists doctors approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic based on the medical educational programs prepared according to the state educational standards and programs.

1.4. In residency the citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and foreigners having basic medical education can get education.

1.5. Citizens of Azerbaijan get education in residency at the expense of the state or on paid bases.

During the period of obtaining by the children who lost parents and deprived of parent guardianship and also persons from their number of education on paid basis in the public, local and private institutions of the higher and secondary vocational education, the payment for education is paid for the account of means of the government budget.

1.6. Education term in residency is determined by separate professions of specialists doctors by the appropriate educational programs and constitutes from 2 to 5 years.

1.7. Persons finishing residency receive in the specialty the highest professional qualification degree "specialist doctor".

2. Requirements imposed to content and the organization of education in residency

2.1. Education in residency is performed in presentia.

2.2. Content of education in residency and the minimum requirements imposed to it cover planning of process of training of specialists doctors, forms and methods of its implementation, amount of academic load, types of training and requirements imposed to educational programs for specialties. In educational programs of residency the classroom academic load shall constitute no more than 6 hours a week.

2.3. Pupils in residency are provided with carrying out theoretical training, medical preparation, lectures in the specialty and to specialized objects, occupations, seminars, free treatment-and-prophylactic works and training in other form.

2.4. The amount of theoretical knowledge and treatment-and-prophylactic works of pupils in residency is determined according to educational programs and based on the state educational standards.

2.5. The curriculum for education in residency prepares based on educational programs and affirms the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic.

2.6. Training of specialists doctors in residency is made in the educational, scientific institutions and the leading clinics established as basic by the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic.

2.7. The plan of reception of citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic in residency based on the offer of the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic also affirms the Commission by training in case of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.

2.8. The education period in residency joins in general working life of the doctor and his working life in the specialty and the salary according to medical years of service and professional degree from means of the government budget is paid to it.

2.9. Responsibility for training of specialists doctors on each specialty is born by the highly qualified specialist (head-curator) appointed by management of organization having academic degree, academic status or not having academic degree, academic status and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic. To any of curators than two doctors are not allowed to be at the same time head more.

2.10. The pupil in residency according to the individual working plan reports to scientific council (medical council) of organization in which he gets education, and at the end of each educational year is certified by council.

2.11. The pupils in residency who did not undergo certification are excluded from residency.

2.12. Upon completion of education term the final assessment of the doctors studying in residency is held in the highest educational institution by the certifying commission approved by the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic. Successfully completed residency gain the corresponding diploma of the state sample.

3. Acceptance in residency

Acceptance in residency is made in the procedure established by the legislation by State Commission on enrollment of students of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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