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The document ceased to be valid since  January 1, 2018 according to article 445 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Armenia of  November 1, 2016 No. ZR-165


of March 25, 1998 No. ZR-203

About road payment

(as amended on 22-06-2016)

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on March 3, 1998

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation of the Law

This Law determines concept of road payment, circle of payers, types, payment rates, procedure for its calculation and collection, governs other relations connected with road payment.

Article 2. Concept of road payment

Road payment - the obligatory payment brought in the government budget according to the procedure and the sizes established by this Law for the purpose of formation of the money necessary for the organization and implementation of work on construction, repair and content of the state highways public of the Republic of Armenia (further - highways).

Article 3. Payers of road payment

Owners of vehicles, the physical persons and legal entities, the companies which do not have the status of the legal entity, using highways on the vehicles belonging to them or for the purpose of occupation the activities established by this Law are considered as payers of road payment.

Article 4. Types of road payment

Treat types of road payment:

a) payment for use of highways on the vehicles registered in other states;

b) fare on highways of the heavyweight vehicles registered in other states;

c) fare on highways of large-size vehicles;

d) payment for advertizing on highways;

e) fare on highways of the cargo vehicles registered in the Republic of Armenia.

Chapter II. Rates of road payment

Article 5. Rates of payment for use of highways on the vehicles registered in other states

The payment for use of highways on the vehicles registered in other states is levied for each entrance at the following fifteen-day rates:

¦1. Для легковых пассажирских автомобилей (до 7¦   10 000 драмов   ¦
¦посадочных мест)                              ¦                   ¦
¦    Для автобусов:                            ¦                   ¦
¦а) до 13 посадочных мест                      ¦   20 000 драмов   ¦
¦б) от 13 до 30 посадочных мест                ¦   40 000 драмов   ¦
¦в) 30 посадочных мест и более                 ¦   60 000 драмов   ¦
¦Для грузовых автомобилей и автопоездов:       ¦                   ¦
¦а) грузоподъемностью до 1,5 тонн              ¦   15 000 драмов   ¦
¦б) грузоподъемностью от 1,5 до 3 тонн         ¦   25 000 драмов   ¦
¦в) грузоподъемностью от 3 до 5 тонн           ¦   40 000 драмов   ¦
¦г) грузоподъемностью от 5 до 10 тонн          ¦   65 000 драмов   ¦
¦д) грузоподъемностью от 10 до 20 тонн         ¦   80 000 драмов   ¦
¦е) грузоподъемностью от 20 до 36 тонн         ¦   110 000 драмов  ¦
¦ж) грузоподъемностью 36 тонн и выше           ¦   150 000 драмов  ¦

3. In case of stay in the territory of the Republic of Armenia more than fifteen days for each next fifteen days or for each less long term the payment for use of highways on the vehicles registered in other states is calculated and brought in the government budget within five days after the stay expiration in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Article 6. Rates of fare on highways of the heavyweight vehicles registered in other states

1. In the context of this Law vehicles are considered as heavyweight if at least one of the following indicators of which exceeds:

total mass - 36 tons

load of the uniaxial bridge - 10 tons

load of tandem axle - 18 tons

load of the three-axis bridge - 22 tons

Two and bridges which distance between the next axes does not exceed meter 2,5 are considered three-axis.

2. The fare of heavyweight vehicles is levied in the amount of the work of the amount of the rates established in this Article for total mass and axle loading (bridge) of the vehicle on range of moving on the state highways public.

3. The fare of vehicles and more for each kilometer of moving is levied by total mass (weighing) 36 tons at the following rates:

¦общая масса транспортного средства       ¦     ставка               ¦
¦от 36 до 40 тонн                         ¦      110 драмов          ¦
¦от 40 до 45 тонн                         ¦      130 драмов          ¦
¦от 45 до 50 тонн                         ¦      155 драмов          ¦
¦от 50 до 55 тонн                         ¦      175 драмов          ¦
¦от 55 до 60 тонн                         ¦      220 драмов          ¦
¦от 60 до 65 тонн                         ¦      265 драмов          ¦
¦от 65 до 70 тонн                         ¦      310 драмов          ¦
¦от 70 до 75 тонн                         ¦      375 драмов          ¦
¦от 75 до 80 тонн                         ¦       440 драмов         ¦
¦от 80 до 85 тонн                         ¦      550 драмов          ¦
¦от 85 до 90 тонн                  


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