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of July 8, 1999 No. 66

(as amended on 01-04-2022)

Accepted by General Court of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on June 29, 1999

This Code establishes the legal basis of rational use, protection, protection and reproduction of the woods, increases in their ecological and resource potential, their rational use.

Section I. General provisions

Chapter 1. Forest legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

Article 1. The concepts, determinations applied in this Code

The wood - one of main types of vegetable earth's mantle which is consisting of set of wood, shrubby, grass and other plants, including animals and microorganisms, biologically connected in the development and influencing at each other and the external environment. The forest soil - integral part of forest set. The wood - compound and important part of the biosphere, element of geographical landscape. It possesses huge role in providing the hydrological mode of the rivers, in the prevention of erosion and deflation of soils, in fight against hot dry winds.

The ticket logging - the document certifying the forest user's right to wood procurement (the cabin of the wood), minor forest materials.

Biocenosis - set of the plants, animals and microorganisms inhabiting certain, rather homogeneous land area or reservoir and characterized by certain relations among themselves and abiotic (not biological) factors of the circle.

Age of the cabin - the age of ripe forest stands established for their cabin according to purpose of the woods.

Cutting down - the forest square on which the forest stand is cut down and young trees did not form close bed curtains yet.

Reproduction of forest resources - process of continuous renewal of production of products and services of the wood for satisfaction of requirement of the national economy.

The city woods - the woods which are growing within city line and being part of forest fund.

The paragraph of the eighth Article 1 ceased to be valid according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 13.03.2014 No. 43

Business wood - extensive group of the forest materials produced from wood for needs of the national economy and the population.

Protection of the wood - set of actions for protection of the woods against wreckers, diseases and impact of other adverse factors.

The wildlife area - the land area allocated in accordance with the established procedure within which environmental management and other types of activity of the person for the purpose of preserving, recoveries of the natural complex which is of scientific, cultural or economic value is limited.

Inventory count of the wood - complex of works by description and to mapping of plantings and certain sites of the wood.

Bush - the perennial wood plant branching at the surface of the soil and not having in adult condition of the main trunk.

Forest management - the specialized type of forestry and landscape activities providing development of the system of the actions directed to protection, protection, reproduction and rational use of the woods, increase in culture of forest management.

Herbs - the plants used for prevention and treatment of diseases of the person and animals.

Forestry - industry of production of goods as which studying and accounting of the woods, their protection, protection and reproduction, forest utilization regulation, control of use of forest resources enter.

Forestry - the isolated production economic unit which is the main component of state bodies of management of forestry and performing functions of territorial state body of management of forestry and the forestry and landscape company; is legal entity with complete economic and financial independence.

Reforestation - creation of forest cultures on the squares which are earlier covered with the wood.

The reforestation cabin - the cabin of the main use which is carried out in ripe and overmatured plantings for improvement of the forest circle, condition of forest stands, the water preserving, protective and other properties of the wood, for timely and rational use of ripe wood.

Forest nursery - the nursery intended for cultivation of forest landing material.

Forest lands - the earth of forest fund, the woods covered and not covered with the wood and intended for cultivation.

Forest area - primary territorial and production division which is part of forestry of the relevant regional, interregional governing body of forestry.

Forest dachshunds - popenny payment, root payment - the payment for use of different types of forest resources established by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic providing cost recovery on protection and reproduction of these resources.

The forest inventory - the accounting of the woods performed at the expense of the state on the state single systems for rational use of the woods, their protection, protection, reproduction, development planning of forestry and placement of forest fund.

Monitoring - system of regular complex observations, assessment and forecasts of changes of condition of ecosystems under the influence of anthropogenous impacts.

Недоруб - the trees or sites of the wood appointed to the cabin, but which are not cut down in time, provided by the logging ticket.

Communal forest management - maintaining by the local community which is directly at forest fund or near it, planning and implementation of forestry and landscape activities (protection and protection of the wood, reforestation, afforestation and forest utilization).

The paragraph of the twenty eighth Article 1 ceased to be valid according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 13.03.2014 No. 43

Forest conservation - set of actions for prevention and fight against wildfires, unauthorized cabins of the wood and other forestry violations.

Pastures forest - the earth of forest fund with grassy vegetation, used for pasture of animals (cattle) without damage to forestry.

Collateral forest uses - any uses in the woods and on the lands of forest fund which are not covered with the wood except procurement of wood and minor forest materials.

Fire-dangerous season in the wood - part of calendar year during which emergence of wildfire is possible.

The cabin of care of the wood - the care of the wood performed by way of removal from plantings of undesirable trees and creating favorable conditions for growth of the best trees of the main breeds for the purpose of forming of plantings and timely use of wood.

Sanitary condition of the wood - the characteristic of the wood containing data on clutter, availability of the drying-out and dead trees.

The sanitary cabin - the cabin which is carried out for the purpose of improvement of sanitary condition of the wood in case of which the certain patients damaged and the drying-out trees or all forest stand are cut down.

Flora - historically developed set of types of the plants growing on certain geographical space.

Fauna - historically developed set of the animals living on certain geographical space.

Article 2. Forest legislation
Article 3. Purposes and tasks of the forest legislation

The forest legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic is directed to protection, protection, reproduction of the woods, ensuring rational and unexhausted use, proceeding from nation-wide tasks of effective management of forestry, preserving biological diversity of forest ecosystems, increase in ecological and economic potential of the woods, requirements satisfaction of society in forest resources on the basis of evidence-based, multi-purpose forest management.

Article 4. The relations regulated by the forest legislation

The forest legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic governs the relations in the field of protection, protection and reproduction, the rational and unexhausted use of the woods which both are entering, and not entering into the state forest fund and also use of the lands of forest fund which are not covered with forest vegetation.

The land, water relations, the relations on subsurface use and other relations arising when using forest fund are regulated by the land, water and relevant legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 5. Supervision of execution of the forest legislation

According to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic supervision of exact and uniform execution of the forest legislation by all ministries, the state committees, administrative departments, the organizations and all monitoring bodies, local government bodies and local public administrations, officials and citizens is performed by the Attorney-General of the Kyrgyz Republic and subordinate prosecutors subordinated to it.

Chapter 2. Forest fund

Article 6. Forest fund

All woods and lands which are in the state-owned, utility and private property, provided for needs of forestry form single forest fund of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 7. State forest fund

All woods and lands provided for needs of forestry except the woods which are in utility and private property form the state forest fund.

The woods, vegetation and fauna according to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic are used as basis of life and activities of the people of Kyrgyzstan and are under special protection of the state.


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