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of June 2, 1999 No. 45

(The last edition from 30-07-2019)

Accepted by General Court of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 30, 1999

This Code governs land relations in the Kyrgyz Republic, the origin bases, procedure and the terminations of land rights and their registration, and also is directed to creation of the land and market relations in the conditions of the state-owned, municipal and private property on the earth and rational use of the earth and its protection.

Section I. Basic provisions

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The concepts applied in this Code

In this Code the following concepts are applied:

1) the secondary market of the earth - the transactions made with the right to the parcel of land granted by authorized body;

2) buildings and constructions - any structures and constructions firmly connected with the earth which movement is impossible without disproportionate damage to their appointment, including apartments, non-residential premises in the apartment house;

2-1) town-planning documentation - documents of drafts of the district layout, master plans, drafts of the detailed layout of land surveying, building of quarters, town-planning nodes and other elements of planning structure of settlements;

2-2) master plan - town-planning documentation on perspective town-planning development planning of the territories of city and rural settlements;

2-3) town-planning activities (further - town planning) - activities of state bodies, local government bodies, physical persons and legal entities in the field of town-planning development planning of the territories of city and rural settlements, determinations of types of use of the parcels of land, designings, constructions and reconstruction of real estate objects according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic;

2-4) the degraded parcels of land of agricultural purpose - the parcels of land which lost the initial useful properties to the condition excluding possibility of their effective use on purpose;

3) land share - the parcel of land of agricultural purpose provided to the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic according to the procedure, determined by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic;

3-1) town-planning regulations - set the established town-planning documentation, rules of building and land use of parameters and types of the permitted use of the parcels of land and other real estate objects in city and rural settlements, and also admissible changes of real estate objects when implementing town-planning activities;

3-2) state and social needs - the requirements connected with ensuring national security, environmental protection and objects of historical and cultural heritage, placement and servicing of objects with social, manufacturing, transportation, energy, engineering and architectural construction documentation, development of mineral deposits, implementation of international treaties of the Kyrgyz Republic;

4) the parcel of land - the area of the earth in the closed borders;

5) the parcel of land in case of the apartment house - the site including the territory adjacent to the house including green plantings, economic, children's and sports grounds, the platforms equipped for collection of municipal solid waste and other sites which borders are determined by the standard rates accepted in accordance with the established procedure;

6) land fund - all lands which are in borders of the Kyrgyz Republic;

7) the land user - physical person or legal entity, right to use by the parcel of land to which it is granted, transferred or passed in termless (without specifying of term) or urgent (temporary) use;

8) the land user state - the state companies, organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic which received the parcel of land in termless (without specifying of term) or urgent (temporary) use;

9) the land user municipal - the municipal companies, organizations, the organizations which received the parcel of land in termless (without specifying of term) or urgent (temporary) use;

9-1) zone (procedural zone) - the territory in relation to which (and, respectively, to all parcels of land there located) the town-planning regulations are established;

10) the foreign person - the foreign legal entities, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship acting as the party in land legal relations;

11) the foreign legal entity - the legal entity who has one of following signs:

a) it is created and registered according to the legislation of foreign state;

b) belongs completely to one or more foreign physical persons or legal entities;

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