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The agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on transport of natural gas through the territory of the Republic of Belarus and deliveries to his consumers of Belarus

of July 20, 1992

The government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Belarus which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

recognizing benefits of use of the developed regional gas supply system in ensuring rational use and efficient transportation of natural gas,

proceeding from joint interest in complex and effective solution of tasks of gas supply, safety of gas transmission objects, the solution of environmental problems, ensuring environmental protection, aiming to provide requirements satisfaction of both states in natural gas and other products necessary for steady work of gas-transport systems, showing readiness for the cooperation based on mutual respect and trust

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties are authorized by the State gas concern "Gazprom" and the State company "Zapadtransgaz" which are hereinafter referred to as with agents of the parties to perform the joint and coordinated actions aimed at providing regular and steady supply with natural gas of consumers of the Parties and the third countries by transit of gas across the territory of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of effective and complex use of potential production of the developed gas trunk pipeline system. The specified companies will sign the delivery contract of natural gas, according to the principles and terms of this agreement.

Article 2

Supply rates of natural gas to the Republic of Belarus and transit to the third countries are determined by the Parties when signing annual intergovernmental agreements.

Article 3

The price of the gas delivered to the Republic of Belarus, and also cost of the services connected with transit through the territory of Belarus will be established by the free intergovernmental agreement.

Article 4

Acceptance delivery of natural gas by quantity and quality is performed by agents of the parties signing of bilateral acts about quantity and quality of the transferred natural gas.

Article 5

The quality certificate of natural gas is drawn up by signing by agents of the parties of the act based on analysis results of quality of the natural gas which is carried out at gas-measuring station in Smolensk.

Article 6

Accomplishment of scopes of supply of natural gas is controlled and perform Dispatching services of agents of the parties according to the quotas which are annually established by agreements between the Parties.

Article 7

In case of drawing the losses connected with underdelivery or nedootbor of natural gas, the party at fault fills to other Party the losses caused to it.

In case of claim force majeure are not accepted by the Parties to losses or penalties.

Each of the Parties has the right to impose recourse requirements of indemnification to other Party if it was forced by the competent decision to pay losses which according to this agreement are incurred fully or partially by other Party.

Article 8

For the purpose of ensuring life activity of objects of the gas-transport systems providing requirements of the Parties and transit supply of natural gas, the Parties perform mutual deliveries of the material resources approved by the Parties annually.

Article 9

In case of emergencies on objects of transport of gas of the Parties, agents of the parties give each other mutual aid the equipment, specialists and material resources for bystreyshy accident elimination and recovery of supply of natural gas.

Article 10

On the questions which are not settled in this agreement connected with transit of gas across the territory of the Republic of Belarus the laws and rules existing in the Republic of Belarus are applied.

The gas transferred to the Republic of Belarus for transit transportation is property of the Russian Federation and is not subject to redistribution among consumers of the Republic of Belarus.

Article 11

The parties authorize the solution of the questions arising in connection with application of this agreement to perform between the State gas concern "Gazprom" and the State company "Zapadtransgaz" by consultations.

Article 12

The parties for the purpose of effective use of gas-transport systems will take measures to creation of Joint-stock companies, consortia, associations in the field of transport of natural gas, and also will carry out works on designing and construction of gas trunk pipeline systems.

Article 13

This agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of the Parties according to international agreements and agreements which participants they are.

Article 14

This agreement becomes effective from the moment of its signing and will be effective before the expiration of 6 months from the date of when one of the Parties reports other Party by the written notice of the intention to terminate this agreement.

It is made in Moscow on July 20, 1992 in duplicate, everyone in the Russian and Belarusian languages, and both texts are equally authoritative.


For the Government of the Russian Federation 

For the Government of the Republic of Belarus


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