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of October 7, 2009 No. 1307

About approval of the Sea doctrine of Ukraine for the period till 2035

(as amended of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 18, 2018 No. 1108)

For the purpose of determination of strategy and main routes of further development of Ukraine as maritime nation the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decides:

1. Approve the Sea doctrine of Ukraine for the period till 2035 which is attached.

2. To the Ministry of Transport and Communications together with the interested executive bodies to develop and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to three-months time the draft of the actions plan on implementation of the Sea doctrine of Ukraine for the period till 2035.


Prime Minister of Ukraine

Yu. Tymoshenko

Approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 7, 2009 No. 1307

The sea doctrine of Ukraine for the period till 2035

General provisions

Victory in Ukraine of democratic forces and expansion of active political and economic cooperation with the European Union, resumption of the dialogue about accession to NATO in the conditions of temporary occupation of the territory of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, aggressions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and its attempts of redistribution of spheres of control over the water area of the Azov and Black seas, need of acceleration of process of exit of the state of long-term system crisis need updating of development trends of Ukraine as maritime nation. In the conditions of radical changes of geopolitical, military-political and economic situation in the world there was need for updating of the Sea doctrine of Ukraine.

The sea doctrine determines strategy and main routes of further development of Ukraine as maritime nation.

At the present stage of formation of Ukraine the factor of approval it as sea power, proceeding from its space and geophysical features, places and roles in global and regional system of the international relations is of particular importance. Ukraine found the status of the sea power, having made powerful contribution to development of navigation and studying of the World Ocean, and also thanks to favorable geographical location, in particular, to length of the sea coast and the area of water space.

Ukraine has the biggest among the states of the Azovo-Chernomorsky pool length of the sea coast (kilometer 2759,2) and more than 72 thousand sq. kilometers of exclusive offshore economic area.

Considerable part of national gross domestic product is created by five areas of Ukraine which have outlet to the sea and occupy about 27 percent of its territory. The majority of the population in their territory lives at distance no more than 60 kilometers from the sea and is closely connected with sea activities.

Owing to temporary occupation by the Russian Federation Ukraine is deprived of opportunity to use considerable part of the naval potential, national property, including infrastructure of sea transport and power on the shelf of the Black and Azov seas, systems of sea science and education, the established commercial ties between the companies, and also to perform sea activities in waters, adjacent to temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. Estimated cost of losses, except private business, constitutes the amount equal to annual gross domestic product of Ukraine.

Considering stated, importance of all kinds of resources of the sea will grow, and sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, its economic and energy independence, sustainable development and integration into Euro-Atlantic political, economic, legal and safe space depend on efficiency of realization of the state sea policy.

Determination of terms

The terms used in this Doctrine have such value:

naval activities - the component of sea activities directed to protection of national interests, realization of priorities of activities in the field of studying, development and uses of zone of national interests at the sea for the purpose of defense and safety of the state using its naval potential;

naval potential - military component of sea capacity of Ukraine which includes Naval forces of Armed Forces and Sea protection of State frontier service, and also infrastructure and the companies of economy which provide their functioning, development and possibility of using;

the state sea policy - system of the purposes, actions, means and coordinated actions central and the local executive bodies directed to realization of national interests at the sea;

threats of homeland security in the field of sea activities - factors which directly or in the long term make impossible or complicate realization of national interests on the sea, sustainable development of Ukraine as maritime nation;

protection of merchant shipping and morekhozyaystvenny complex - the events held in zone of national interests at the sea and directed to decrease in level of threats to trade navigation and morekhozyaystvenny activities, preparation of the state and its morekhozyaystvenny complex to functioning during the special period and uses for the benefit of defense of the state and protection of national interests at the sea;

zone of national interests at the sea - internal seawaters, territorial sea, exclusive (sea) economic zone of Ukraine, and also other regions of the World Ocean which have economic and strategic importance for the Ukrainian people and the state;

cruise navigation - tourism with use of specialized freighters with accommodation, power supply, special servicing of tourists onboard the vessel, and also excursion servicing ashore;

morekhozyaystvenny activities - sea resources use for requirements satisfaction of the person, and also society in general and expanded reproduction of natural and resource potential;

morekhozyaystvenny complex - territorial combination of objects of the sea industry;

sea activities - activities in the field of ensuring sustainable economic and social development of society, studying, development and use of the sea, protection of national security, sea trade (the commercial transactions connected with use of ocean ships, purchase and sale of the goods transported by sea lane, chartering of courts, sea agency service, marine insurance, etc.). Components of sea activities are: merchant shipping, sea transport, shipbuilding, naval activities, use of water bioresources and other resources of the sea, tourist and recreational activities, and also activities in spheres of science, education, ecology and protection of the sea;

the sea industry - the sector of economy which includes subjects of managing in spheres of merchant shipping, sea transport, shipbuilding, ship repair, sea resources use which do not belong to water bioresources, fishery;

sea cluster - informal functional merging of similar, adjacent or additional subjects of morekhozyaystvenny complex with active channels for business transactions, communications and dialogue which divide specialized infrastructure the working markets and services and have general opportunities or threats;

sea potential - set of natural resources of the sea, achievements of the person and assets of the state and opportunities of their use in the course of implementation of sea activities;

national interests at the sea - set of material and intellectual needs of the Ukrainian people and the state in the field of sea activities realized on the basis of sea potential;

merchant shipping - the activities connected with use of courts for carriage of goods, passengers, baggage and mail, fish and other sea crafts, exploration and production of minerals, accomplishment of towing, icebreaking and salvage operations, cable laying and also for other economic, scientific and cultural purposes;

Current state of the sphere of sea activities

Ukraine has favorable conditions for development of sea activities, however the negative impact of the processes characteristic of all national economy causes aggravation of complex of economic, social and other problems, causes sharp decrease in production volumes in the field of sea activities.


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