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The agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus on joint ensuring regional security in the military sphere

of December 19, 1997

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

being guided by provisions of the Agreement on the Union of Belarus and Russia of April 2, 1997 and the Charter of the Union of Belarus and Russia of May 23, 1997,

considering the Agreement on collective security of the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States of May 15, 1992,

recognizing need of coordinated actions of the Parties for the benefit of ensuring regional security,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

In this agreement the terms provided below mean:

"region" - the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the territory of regions of the Russian Federation adjacent to Frontier of the Republic of Belarus, with aerospace space within which expansion of groups of troops (forces) of Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and their collateral actions on safety of Belarus and Russia is provided;

"regional military security" - condition of military-political situation in the region in case of which protection of national and common interests of the Union of Belarus and Russia against potential and real military hazards is guaranteed;

"regional grouping (forces)", the "regional group" which further is referred to as - the governing bodies located in peace time or developed during the threatened period in the region for repelling possible aggression and army (force) of Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and also other military forming of the Parties planned to application on single intention and the plan.

Article 2

For ensuring regional military security of the Party jointly determine structure of regional group, procedure for management of it in wartime and interactions of the troops (forces) which are its part in peace time.

Article 3

For the purpose of implementation of this agreement of the Party appoint authorized bodies:

from the Russian Federation - the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;

from the Republic of Belarus - the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus.

Article 4

Authorized bodies approve the list of the associations, connections and parts which are part of regional group, procedure for development of documents concerning planning of combined use of troops (forces) of the Parties and terms of their input in action. Authorized bodies complete planning by problem definition to troops (forces) of regional group.

In peace time authorized bodies hold working meetings on advance planning of application of regional group.

During the threatened period authorized bodies are specified by fighting structure and tasks of regional group, perform direct planning of its application, organize interaction, management and comprehensive providing.

Article 5

Authorized bodies annually plan joint actions for operational, mobilization and combat training of governing bodies and troops (forces) of regional group.

Responsibility for plan development, their approval on subject, structure of the attracted governing bodies and troops (forces) of regional group, areas, terms of holding actions, and also for their realization is assigned to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and General staff of Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

Financing of joint actions for operational, mobilization and combat training is performed by the Parties on equity basis.

Exchange of methodical documents on operational issues, forms and methods of training of troops (forces) and all types of ensuring fighting of regional group between authorized bodies is performed on a grant basis.

Article 6

Authorized bodies approve order of interaction when using airspace, air traffic control and air navigation, communication and single system of search and rescuing in case of combined use of aircraft in the region, and also develop conditions and procedure for use of airfields for the benefit of aircraft of the Parties.

Article 7

The parties independently perform comprehensive providing the troops (forces) allocated in structure of regional group.

Ensuring daily and fighting activities of troops (forces) of regional group in other procedure can be performed by agreement of the Parties in each case.

Article 8

The parties plan and hold events for the operational equipment of the territories in the region.

Authorized bodies determine procedure for use and development of military facilities and stock accumulation of appliances for regional group, and also support them in readiness for use for the benefit of safety of the Parties.

Article 9

During implementation of this agreement authorized bodies determine degree of privacy of the data transferred to one of the Parties and take measures for ensuring their protection.

The parties not disclose the received classified information in case of cancellation of this agreement.

Article 10

Amendments and additions to this agreement can be made at the initiative of one of the Parties and be accepted on the basis of mutual consent.

Article 11

This agreement is subject to ratification and becomes effective in day of exchange of instruments of ratification.

This agreement is signed for a period of five years and will be prolonged automatically the next five years if any of the Parties not later than six months before the expiration of the next period does not send the written notice to other Party about the intention to stop its action.

This agreement is open for accession to it of other states expressing readiness to assume obligations following from this Agreement, in full. Accession is performed with the consent of the Parties on conditions and according to the procedure, determined by the free standing agreement with the joining state.

It is made in the city of Minsk on December 19, 1997 in duplicate, everyone in the Russian and Belarusian languages, and both texts are equally authoritative.


For the Russian Federation

For the Republic of Belarus

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