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Approved by the Order of the Chairman of Committee on the state energy supervision of March 1, 2007 No. 1-P

Methodical instructions for regulation of expense of the fuel and energy resources (FER) object of energy saving

1. Appointment and scope

1. The main objective of regulation of expense of fuel and energy resources is establishment of necessary values of their consumption in the conditions of implementation of regimes of economy of TER, rational distribution and their most effective use by object of energy saving.

2. These methodical instructions are developed in pursuance of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on energy saving for the purpose of providing single requirements to determination technically and economically reasonable consumption rates of fuel, heat and electrical energy by object of energy saving.

3. These methodical instructions for regulation of expense of fuel and energy resources object of energy saving are recommended for use when conducting examination of energy saving in all territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Normative references

4. In this technique documents are used:

"Rules of examination of energy saving acting and objects under construction", approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of February 04, 2000 No. 167.

GOST 30167-95 Interstate standard. Resource-saving. Procedure for establishment of indicators of resource-saving in documentation on products.

GOST 8.417-81 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Units of physical quantities.

GOST 27322-87 Energy Balance of Industrial Enterprise. Basic provisions.

RD-50-374-82 Methodical instructions for content brought in standards and specifications of standard rates of fuel consumption and energy per unit of products.

The form No. 1-TEB (the state statistical reporting), is approved by the Order of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the statistics of July 17, 2002 No. 24.

3. Determinations

5. In these methodical instructions the following terms with the corresponding determinations are applied:

energy saving - the activities (organizational, scientific, practical, information) directed to rational and economical use of TER;

object of energy saving - the processes connected with production, conversion, transportation, to productions, storage and use of all types of fuel and energy resources, heat and electrical energy;

fuel and energy resource - the energy carrier which in case of this level of development of the equipment and technologies is used or it can be useful it is used;

the standard rate of expense of fuel and energy resources (the technical standard rate) - scientifically and technically the reasonable size of consumption rate of energy (fuel) established in regulating and technology documentation on specific item (the equipment, processes), characterizing maximum permissible value of energy consumption (fuel) per unit of products or in the regulated conditions of use of energy resources;

the consumption rate of fuel, heat and electrical energy is planned target of expense of these resources in production of unit of production (work) and in case of operation of products in the set operating conditions;

the actual expense of TER - amount of fuel, the heat and electrical energy which is actually spent for production of unit of production (work, service);

losses by transfer and transformation of energy are losses of i-go of type of energy resource in technology installations (in case of combustion of fuel, heat transfer in heat exchangers, transmissions of electricity on conductors and transformers, electromechanical losses in engines);

the fuel and energy equivalent (FEE) - the indicator characterizing the economic level of direct total costs of primary energy or work per unit of the consumed fuel and energy resource;

thermal equivalent - the attitude of the lowest heat of combustion of fuel towards heat of combustion of 1 kg of conditional fuel, i.e. 7000 kcal/kg;

fuel equivalent - amount of the conditional fuel necessary for useful leave for the consumer of energy unit from power supply source;

the main production needs - expense of TER on accomplishment of engineering procedures of production of products (works, services), on maintenance of technology aggregates in hot reserve and start-up after running repairs and cold idle times, and also technically inevitable losses of energy during the operation of processing equipment;

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