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Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan of January 20, 2005 No. 07

It is approved


Committee on State

to energy supervision


January 17, 2005




1.1. VHR using reagent Helamin is intended for correctional processing of steam-and-water path of thermal power plant for the purpose of increase in reliability and profitability of operation of the equipment of thermal power plants in the way:

- ensuring decrease in intensity of nakipeobrazovaniye and corrosion processes due to formation of protective film on the internal surfaces of the heat-exchanging equipment;

- simplifications of maintaining and control of the water and chemical mode;

- simplification of preservation of the equipment during the periods of its conclusion in reserve or repair;

- improvements of working conditions of service personnel.

1.2. Application of this or that brand of Helamin is approved with producer and the specialized adjustment organization accredited in accordance with the established procedure on this type of activity depending on parameters of work of thermal power plant, the schematic diagram of condition of the equipment and type of consumers of vapor.

To correctional processing of the heat carrier of drum coppers pressure of 2,4-9,8 of MPa applies Helamin of the following brands: (HELAMIN BRW 150H), (HELAMIN 906H), (HELAMIN 90H Turb), (HELAMIN 9O12H), and for coppers pressure 13, MPa - (HELAMIN 9012H). Patentee, the owner of trademark and the single producer of Helamin is the Swiss firm (FABORGA S.A.). The exclusive supplier of Helamin on the market of the CIS is the Russian company (Helamin Proyekt), and in the Republic of Kazakhstan - limited liability partnership (Photon plus).

1.3. Commodity Helamin's delivery shall be followed by the quality certificate in which shall be specified percentage of polyamines, and also other active components. Set of reactants for determination of polyamines as incoming inspection of quality of reagent can be organized only by determination of general concentration of polyamines now shall enter delivery.

1.4. In case of implementation of the helaminny mode it is necessary to receive recommendations of the supplier of firm (Photon plus), and also the specialized organizations of limited liability partnership (Kazenergonaladk's Firm), the joint-stock company (The Almaty Institute of Power and Communication) and limited liability partnership (Moldip Su Group).

Based on job analysis of the specific equipment and condition of VHR, taking into account recommendations of this MU, technical solution and the program of implementation of the mode, and also the instruction for maintaining VHR based on requirements of the industry specifications and technical documentation shall be constituted.


2.1. Helamin represents liquid product of yellowish color, beyond all bounds soluble in water, being mix aliphatic mono - and polyamines of different degree of volatility general formula R(NH(CH2)3) X of NH2, where R = C12... With 20, x = 1:7. Temperature of freezing of Helamin 0 hail. With - 1 hail. With, burning temperature) the 200th hail. S. Helamin has specific amine smell. Density constitutes it 0,99 + g/cm3 0,02. Water emulsion of Helamin alkaline with rn = 11,5 + 1.

2.2. Some brands of Helamin contain also polikarboksplata, cyclohexylamine, ethanolamine. In case of interaction with the heat carrier Helamin does not increase its salinity and, according to manufacturing company, does not make negative impact on ion-exchange pitches.

2.3. Polyamines, having powerful effect surfactant, form the protective hydrophobic film interfering contact of metal of steel and cupriferous alloys with hostile environment on metal surfaces of the equipment. In addition to anticorrosive action the poliaminny film prevents increase of crystals of nakipeobrazovatel on the surface of metal, in particular in areas of intense heat exchange. Also adjournment of the products of corrosion which arrived in copper is prevented, and earlier formed deposits gradually collapse, pass into fine slime and are removed with purge. In the conditions of high temperatures on the surfaces of heating of coppers Helamin promotes education on the surface of metal of protective layer of magnetite (Fe3O 4) instead of loose corrosion and permeable coating (Fe2O 3). Besides, film-forming amines cause loosening and removal of earlier postponed corrosion products in the form of finely dispersed slime which shall be removed effectively with copper purge.

The polycarboxylat as sodium salt, owing to hydrolysis leads to alkalifying of the water, steam and condensate circle, independent of temperature. As polyelectrolyte it as the subacidic ion exchanger, has big affinity to dvukh to trivalent cations. Stabler salts of calcium and iron deleted with copper purge are as a result formed. Rigidity salts in stoichiometric limits remain in dissolved type, and in case of exceeding of these limits are emitted in not sticking small slime.

Cyclohexylamine and ethanolamine belong to flying inhibitors of corrosion of ferrous metals in acidic and neutral environments. Cyclohexylamine inhibitor of parokondensatny circles of anode action practically does not cause corrosion of copper and copper alloys.

High stability of Helamin to impact of pressure and temperature (to 550 - 590 hail. C) to pass capability into vaporous condition without decomposition allow to provide protection against corrosion of the surfaces contacting to vapor (the boiler superheater of coppers, flowing part of the turbine, steam space of heat exchangers).

The protective hydrophobic film which is formed on the surfaces of heat exchange turbulizes thermal pristenochny flow, leading to growth of thermolysis, and decrease in superficial tension of liquid improves hydrodynamics of flow that increases reliability and profitability of operation of the equipment.


3.1. At power plants with cross communications transition to Helamin shall be performed at the same time on all working coppers.

3.2. At block power plants transfer into the helaminny mode of separate power units is possible. At the same time it is necessary to pay attention to possibility of hit to this block of flows with other reagents on pipelines of own needs (water, condensate, vapor).

3.3. In case of input of copper (power unit) in operation processing by Helamin shall begin after carrying out all prestarting transactions determined by the industry specifications and technical documentation (prestarting chemical cleaning, steam purge, water washing).

3.4. For exception of heavy consumption of Helamin and reducing term of washing of internal surfaces of copper from deposits it is recommended to execute operational chemical cleaning in case of the number of deposits on screen pipes more than 200 g/m2 (for coppers of high pressure) and 300 g/m2 for other coppers.


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