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of March 28, 2002

Products non-food. Information for consumers


General requirements


This standard establishes requirements to information for the consumer of nonfoods.

This standard extends to the nonfoods (further - goods) national and import production realized in the territory of the Republic of Moldova and establishes general requirements to information on them for consumers.

This standard does not extend to information for consumers of products of the following industries:

- aircraft equipment;

- military equipment and arms, except for individual weapon of self-defense;

- construction industry;

- printed material, works of art, single products of art and national trade;

- medicine and medicines.


SM 45-1:1998 National marks of conformity

SM 45-2:1998 National system of certification of the Republic of Moldova. Certification of products

SM 101:1999 Assessment of conformity and accreditation. Terminology

SM 200:1999 Period of use of products. Terminology

GOST 2.601-95 Uniform system of design documentation. Operational documents


Determinations according to SM 101 and SM 200 with the following amendments are applied to the correct understanding of this standard.

Nonfood goods: production process product, held for sale to his citizens or business entities, but not for the purpose of its use in food the person and/or representatives of fauna.

Trademark: any sign or any combination of signs promoting difference of products of one physical persons or legal entity from homogeneous products of other physical persons or legal entities.


4.1 The manufacturer and/or the seller shall provide timely to the consumer and/or the buyer (further - to the consumer) all necessary and reliable information about the nonfoods offered for realization providing possibility of their competent choice.

4.2 Information for the consumer depending on type and technical complexity of goods shall be presented in document type on operation (the passport, the operation manual, etc.) enclosed to the goods offered for realization and/or in the form of marking.

For domestic goods the document on operation shall be constituted according to GOST 2.601.

4.3 Information for the consumer is provided in Romanian. In case of need information can be fully or partially duplicated in foreign languages.

4.4 Information on improving and medical purpose of goods, lack of harmful effects on life and human health and representatives of fauna, and also other its specific characteristics shall be provided with reference to permission of the relevant competent authorities.

4.5 For domestic goods information for the consumer provided according to Chapter 5, shall be added with information according to requirements of other national standards or other regulating documents for specific goods.

4.6 Date of production, the expiration date or service life, in case of coding, as well as other coded information, shall be deciphered and provided accurately to information.


5.1 Description of goods

The name of domestic goods shall correspond to the name provided in the regulating document according to which it was made.

In case of transfer of names of import goods into Romanian the names accepted in the country of goods' origin shall be kept and are written by letters of the Latin alphabet if they are written by letters of other alphabet.

Use in description of goods of such characteristics, as "Radiation and safe", "Made without application of hazardous substances!" and others, having advertizing nature, it is allowed, only if also the document which establishes method of identification and verification of the announced characteristics is specified, or reference to the document confirming these characteristics, issued by the relevant competent authorities is made.

5.2 Name of the country manufacturer

The name of the country manufacturer of goods shall correspond on the country name accepted in the United Nations.

If the goods made in one country undergo in other country the subsequent technology processing which changes its properties and/or turns into end finished product, then in information this other country is considered as the country manufacturer of these specific goods.

For the products made in the Republic of Moldova it is specified: "Fabricat in Moldova".

5.3 Name of the manufacturer, packer, exporter and importer, address, phone

In information for the consumer it is necessary to use the official name of the manufacturer, packer, exporter and importer.

If the manufacturer of goods is not at the same time packer, the exporter, then along with the name of the manufacturer and his address addresses and the name of the packer, exporter shall be specified.

5.4 Basic or functional purpose or scope of goods

The basic or functional purpose or scope (operation or use) shall be stated in documents on operation.

5.5 Rules and conditions of safe storage, transportation, safe and effective operation (use), repair, recovery, utilization, burial, destruction (if necessary)

Rules and conditions of safe storage, transportation, safe and technically effective operation (use), repair, recovery, ecologically safe and technically effective utilization, burial, destruction of goods (if necessary) shall be stated in documents on operation.

5.6 Main consumer properties or characteristics of goods

The main consumer properties or the main characteristics of goods are represented depending on technical complexity of goods on the label, either in the passport, or in the form, or in the application guide of goods, etc. Information can be presented also in the form of the advertizing booklet.

5.7 Information on certification

Information on certification of nonfoods is presented in the form of mark of conformity according to SM 45-1 and/or in the form of the certificate of conformity issued according to SM 45-2.

5.8 Net weight, or I will eat around, either the sizes, or quantity (quantity of objects)

Net weight, amount, the sizes and quantity shall be specified on goods or on packaging in units according to the International System of Units.

5.9 Structure of goods and/or completeness

The structure of goods and/or completeness of delivery depending on technical complexity of goods, is stated in documents on operation and/or on packaging.

5.10 Trademark

The trademark is put down directly on goods, packaging, and also on inserts or labels if it is registered.

5.11 Date of production

Date of production is presented in the form of numbers by two figures (to figure 9 inclusive, ahead put zero) for day and month of production and four figures for year of production or tags which are put on the edge of the label opposite to the corresponding figure, or in a different way according to regulating documents on marking for these products.

5.12 Expiration date or service life and warranty period


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