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Approved by the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan from "__" _________ 2009 No.

Rules of industrial safety during the exploration works

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. These rules of industrial safety during the exploration works (further - Rules) extend to searches and investigation of mineral deposits, research, engineering and prospecting, project and design works for these purposes.

2. All exploration works are performed on the approved projects.

3. Are developed for exploration works:

1) liquidation plan of accidents;

2) regulations on production supervision;

3) production schedules.

4. Exploration works and geological researches of all types in the territory of activities of other organizations are conducted in coordination with management of these organizations.

5. Start-up in work of new objects, objects after capital repairs or reconstruction is made after acceptance by their commission appointed by the head of the organization.

6. Check of the technology self-propelled and portable (floating) prospecting installations of condition (boring, geophysical, tunnelling, hydrogeological and others) mounted on vehicles, trail cars, the sled bases (bases) if in case of their movements from one point of works of another rewiring of the equipment is not required (changes of delivery lines, replacements of load-lifting devices, changes of working passes and so forth), is made with record in the passport.

7. All objects of exploration works (sites of drilling, gornorazvedochny and geophysical operations, geological and film-making and searching parties, groups are provided with the round-the-clock communication system with base of batch or expedition.

8. Workers and specialists are provided with special clothes, special footwear and other means of individual and collective protection according to conditions of works.

Issue, storage and use of individual protection equipment (further - SIZ) and means of collective protection (further - SKZ) is made according to requirements of providing workers of SIZ, SKZ, sanitary and household rooms, devices and treatment-and-prophylactic means.

9. In case of accomplishment of engineering procedures are provided:

1) microclimate of production rooms;

2) admissible noise level on workplaces;

3) admissible level of vibration of workplaces.

Person of control takes measures to danger elimination; in case of impossibility of elimination of danger - stops works, removes working to the safe place and informs the senior on position.

11. Employees of the prospecting organizations using the aircraft transport are instructed regarding observance of security measures on runway platforms, when landing and in case of exit from insides of airplanes and helicopters.

12. Delivery of personnel and loads and on runway platforms of the geological organizations is carried out to the airports under the leadership of person of control.

13. In case of operation of watercrafts and movements on them safety of navigation and navigation is ensured.

14. Persons in condition of alcoholic, drug or toxic intoxication, in disease state are not allowed to work.

15. In the geological organizations the procedure for delivery of victims and diseased from sites of field works in the nearest medical institution is established.

16. Adverse effects of impact on the environment in case of production of exploration works are liquidated by the organizations performing these works.

On the chemical reagents applied during the work on objects of works production schedules on their application with indication of measures of protection of people and the environment are developed.

17. The personnel of the prospecting organizations conform to requirements of the General rules of industrial safety approved by the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 29, 2008 No. 219.

Employees of field divisions study the acceptances connected with specifics of field works in this area (swimming, rowing, use of climbing equipment, riding, ability to saddle and vyyuchit transport animals, the handling of firearms and so forth), methods of first-aid treatment in case of accidents and diseases, to precautionary measures from poisonous flora and fauna, to methods of explaining the ground and giving of signals of safety.

18. In these rules the following terms and determinations are used:

vandnut - mountain run - auxiliary element fix in the form of bar in the mine along development;

winze - the shakhtoobrazny prospecting underground development which does not have direct exit to the land surface;

zhelonka - the cylindrical vessel serving for extraction of liquid or boring dirt from well. Zhelonka from below is supplied with the valve, and above comes to an end with handle for its fastening with rope;

the sump - profound part of trunk of the mine is 4-6 m lower than development level for collection of miner waters;

cage - the lifting device in the mine;

regulus - ingot of precious metal in the form of small ball, and also small ball, drop of the stiffened metal;

koush - the metal overlay for cable (rope, rope), protects from attrition;

krep - set of devices for protection of excavations from collapse, vspuchivaniye;

cupellation - department of precious metals from lead by oxidizing melting;

adit - the horizontal or inclined excavation having direct exit to surface;

hole - superficial vertical or inclined excavation for investigation of minerals, for explosive works.

Chapter 2. Work in the conditions of the increased danger

19. Works are performed according to requirements of the General rules of industrial safety approved by the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 29, 2008 No. 219.

20. Liquidation or prevention of possible accident and the fire is not allowed to be or work in dangerous places, except as specified, when rescuing people. These works are performed by rescue services and forming, and in other cases - experienced workers after instructing in safe performance of works according to PLA.

21. Objects of works are out of zones of possible landslides, floodings, collapses, rockfalls, avalanches, mud streams and others.

Work in conservation zones of objects of the increased danger (electricity transmission air-lines, cable lines, oil and gas pipelines, the railroads and so on) is approved with the organizations operating the corresponding objects and made according to the work permit.

22. Movement of machines and mechanisms, transportation of the equipment, designs and other load under air-lines (further - VL) electricity transmissions of any tension is allowed if their dimensions have height from mark of the road or the route no more 4,5 of m.

In case of exceeding of the specified dimensions irrespective of distance from the lower wire of power line to the transported equipment the organizations of the owner of this power line get the written permission, it is transported with observance of the security measures specified in permission.

23. In case of breakdown of profiles and carrying out on the area of points of laying of prospecting developments (wells, mines, holes and so forth) the sites of works and production facilities posing threat for the life and health working (VL, cable lines, steeps, boggy sites and another), are applied on working plans (topoosnova).

On the area these objects are designated clearly by visible precautionary signs (landmarks, posters, plates and another).

Chapter 3. Operation of the equipment, equipment and tool

24. The equipment, the tool and the equipment are operated according to regulating technical documentation of the manufacturer.

25. The control of drilling rigs, lifting mechanisms, tunnelling equipment, geophysical and laboratory equipment, servicing of engines, compressors, electroinstallations, welding and other equipment is made by persons having the certificate granting the right to production of these works.

26. The organizations operating the equipment, mechanisms, the equipment and instrumentations (further - KIP), have passports in which data on their operation and repair are entered.

27. The instrumentations established on the equipment have seal or brand of state checking.

Devices are calibrated in the terms provided by the passport and every time when there is doubt in correctness of indications.

Manometers, indicators of weight and other instrumentations are established so that their indications clearly were visible to service personnel.

On scale of the manometer the tag corresponding to the maximum working pressure is put.

28. Behind condition of the equipment the constant control, frequency of control and person exercising control is established, are established by regulations on production supervision.

Results are registered survey (appendix of 1 these rules).

29. Terms of periodic surveys and procedure for rejection of the defective tool affirm the technical lead of the organization.

The rejected tool is withdrawn from the use.

30. Before launch of mechanisms, turning on of the equipment, devices to be convinced of their operability and of absence of people in the danger area, to give warning signal. All workers know value of the established signals.

31. In case of survey and running repair of mechanisms their drives are switched off, taken the measures interfering their wrong or spontaneous inclusion, and at starting arrangements the precautionary posters "Not Include — People Work" are exposed or hung out.

32. It is not allowed:

1) to operate the equipment, mechanisms, the equipment and the tool in case of the loadings (pressure, current, tension and other) exceeding admissible regulations according to the passport;

To apply 2) not to destination, to use defective the equipment, mechanisms, the equipment, the tool, devices and remedies;

To leave 3) unguarded the working equipment, the equipment requiring in case of operation of permanent presence of service personnel;

4) to perform works in case of absence or defect of protective barriers;

5) to service the equipment and the equipment in not buttoned overalls or without it, with scarfs and scarfs with the hanging-down ends.

33. In operating time of mechanisms it is not allowed:

1) to rise by the working mechanisms or to carry out, being on the working mechanisms, any works;

2) to repair them, to fix any parts, to clean, grease moving parts manually or by means of the devices which are not intended for this purpose;

3) to stop moving parts of mechanisms, to put on, dump, pull or to weaken belt, klinoremenny and chain drives, to direct rope or cable on the winch drum by means of lom (levers and other), and directly hands;

To leave 4) on barriers any objects;

5) to remove barriers or their elements to complete stop of moving parts;

6) to move on barriers or under them;

7) to enter for barriers, to pass through the moving not protected ropes or to concern them.

34. Tools with the cutting edges or edges to transfer and transport in protective covers or bags.

35. Modification of design of the prospecting equipment and equipment is allowed in coordination with the organization developer, manufacturing plant.

Entering into the operated prospecting technology of the changes which are not influencing the main design of the equipment and not reducing its safety is allowed based on the expert opinion of the certified organization.

Commissioning of the upgraded equipment, the equipment developed by the geological organizations is made after its testing and the admission to application under the act.

36. The prospecting equipment intended for work in the conditions of low and high temperatures, the raised radiation, moisture, dust in explosive or other dangerous environment, is designed and manufactured with observance of requirements of industrial safety and sanitary standards.

The possibility of operation of the prospecting equipment in the corresponding conditions or environment (with indication of parameters and categories) is reflected in the passport.

37. On the self-propelled and portable equipment (drilling rigs, geophysical stations, shurfoprokhodchesky aggregates and so forth) the manufacturing plant provides places for placement of cartridges with the first-aid kit, thermos with drinking water and fire extinguishing means. Cartridges and the fire extinguisher are located in the easily accessible place and have quick-detachable fixture.

38. The design of the prospecting equipment provides the correct stacking of talevy and lifting ropes (cables and so forth) on the winch drum.

39. The organizations operating the prospecting equipment in case of detection in the course of engineering certification, installation or operation of discrepancy of the equipment to requirements of these rules, requirements of industrial safety, shortcomings of design or production stop operation and send to manufacturing plant the act claim.

Chapter 4. Work in field conditions

Paragraph 1. General provisions

40. The exploration works (geological film-making, search, geophysical, hydrogeological, engineering-geological, topographical, thematic, boring and others) which are carried out in field conditions including seasonal, are planned and carried out taking into account climatic conditions and specifics of the area of works.

41. Field divisions are provided:

1) field equipment, means of communication and alarm systems, collective and individual remedies, rescue means and medicines according to the list approved by the technical lead of the organization taking into account structure and working conditions;

2) topographic maps and means of explaining the ground.

42. It is not allowed to carry out routes and to perform other exploration works alone, to leave in the camp of field division of one worker in sparsely populated (mountain and desert) areas.

43. In case of work in areas where wild animals, dangerous to the person, are found, in the field camp (base) firearms, ammunition and hunting knife are issued to each group (crew) of field division, workers-persons on duty.

44. In case of work in areas where there are blood-sicking insects (pincers, mosquitoes, midges and so on), employees of field divisions are provided with appropriate means of protection (overalls, repellents, bed curtains and other means).

45. Prior to field works for all field season:

1) issues of construction of bases, providing field divisions with vehicles, materials, equipment and food are resolved;

2) the schedule is developed and the scheme of working off of the areas, sites, routes taking into account climatic conditions of the area of works with indication of all roads, tracks, dangerous places is constituted (crossings through the rivers, almost impassable sites and so forth);

3) the actions plan on industrial safety, production schedules is developed;

4) duration of term of field works, procedure and terms of return of workers from field works are determined.

46. Prolongation of terms of field works is allowed in exceptional cases with the permission of management of the organization and on condition of holding additional actions for ensuring their safety.

47. The organizations which are carrying out works in the remote and sparsely populated areas provide field divisions:

1) operational weather reports and weather forecasts;

2) information on availability around works of predatory and poisonous animals.

48. Departure of field division for field works is allowed after check of its readiness for these works.

Ready state is drawn up by the act (appendix of 2 these rules).

All revealed defects are eliminated before departure for field works.

49. Entry of field division into base upon termination of field works is performed orderly, with the appointment of person of control ensuring safety of movement.

50. The sanitary instructor is part of each field division.

Procedure for appointment and training of sanitary instructors, their rights and actions are established by the prospecting organization.

Paragraph 2. Arrangement of field camps and organization of camps

51. The organization conducting works in field conditions till their beginning makes arrangement of field camps, temporary bases, or camps for accommodation of employees of field divisions.


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