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of August 13, 2004 No. 115

About sustainable development of ekologo-economic system Issyk Kul

(as amended on 17-06-2017)

Accepted by General Court of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on June 28, 2004

This Law is directed to regulation of the relations connected with preserving, use and sustainable development of ekologo-economic system Issyk Kul (EES "Issyk Kul").

Section 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

Anthropogenous loading - load or impact of the environment as a result of human activities.

Recovery of natural resources - artificial measures (organizational and technical, economic) on completion of natural resources or strengthening of useful properties of the natural objects lost as a result of anthropogenous impact or forces majeure of the nature.

The part three of Article 1 voided according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 19.10.2013 No. 196

Town-planning or urbo-ecological framework - planning model of rational territorial structure of resettlement of people in the ecological relation.

Reservoir of ekologo-economic system - the maximum size of human population in case of which this ecosystem is capable to self-recovery, without collapsing throughout long time.

Zones recreational - the part of space of the environment used for rest, improvement and tourism including national, natural parks, wildlife areas, resort, medical and improving areas and objects.

Historical and cultural heritage - set of historical and cultural monuments.

Historical and cultural monument - the performing activities of the person connected with historical events in the life of people, development of society and state, material and spiritual creativity, representing historical, scientific, art or esthetic value.

 The part nine of Article 1 voided according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 19.10.2013 No. 196

Protection of monument - package of measures, ensuring safety of monument.

Recreation objects - objects of rest, improvement and tourism.

Capacity of ecological system or natural potential capability of ecological (natural) system without prejudice to itself to give part of the natural resources or to perform useful work.

Natural heritage - complex of nature sanctuaries.

Natural monument - the nature object representing historical, scientific, art or other value.

Natural resources - natural sources of consumption by the person of the nature (land, water, forest resources, minerals, inventories of mineral raw materials, radioactive materials, animal and flora, their components and other natural benefits).

Parkvey - the highway of continuous movement, mainly excursion or tourist appointment laid on the territory of the park, forest park.

Self-recovery potential of ecosystem - ecosystem capability to recovery of the resource lost as a result of anthropogenous impact or forces majeure of the nature.

Sustainable development - development of society which satisfies needs of recent generation of people and does not threaten capability of future generations to satisfy the needs for the environment.

Steady environmental management - the set of all forms of operation of natural resource which is not exceeding the self-recovery capacity of ecological system.

Ekologichesky Bridge - the site of the highway raised on support over its axis throughout 1-2 km for the purpose of protection of representatives of fauna and strengthening of esthetic attractiveness of the route.

EES "Issyk Kul" - the balanced system in which anthropogenous loading does not exceed the self-recovery capacity of the environment. EES "Issyk Kul" is property of the people of Kyrgyzstan and consists of set of the following subsystems:

- natural potential;

- environment;

- natural and territorial monuments;

- historical and cultural and anthropogenous monuments;

- natural and economic complex.

Wetlands - areas of swamps, hair dryers, peat grounds or reservoirs - natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, standing or flowing, fresh, saltish or salty.

The water protection zone - the territory adjacent to the water area of water object in which the special mode for prevention of its pollution, contamination, depletion and instruction is set.

Natatorial and okolovodny birds - the fauna objects inhabiting water marsh grounds and coastal water objects.

The park beach area - the territory with a public width up to 100 meters from urez of water of the Lake Issyk Kul.

Article 2. Special status of the Lake Issyk Kul

The special status of the Lake Issyk Kul is determined by its value as the national property of the Kyrgyz Republic representing natural natural object of world value, the biospheric territory with complex of the historical and cultural monuments, especially protected natural territories, resort recreational facilities and which are under protection of the state.

Article 3. Basic principles of activities for preserving and use of EES "Issyk Kul"

Preserving and development of EES "Issyk Kul" is performed according to the principles:

- preserving local and global biodiversity and rational environmental management through saving and recovery of resources;

- diversity of use of EES "Issyk Kul" as:

a) unique natural monument and natural heritage of the people of the Kyrgyz Republic;

b) historical and cultural heritage;

c) object of economic activity;

d) subject to recreational appointment and tourism;

- ensuring sustainable development of ekologo-economic system by harmonious evidence-based combination of ecological, economic and social interests of society, complexity of the solution of questions of resource-saving and environmental protection.

Article 4. Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on sustainable development of EES "Issyk Kul"

The relations in the field of sustainable development of EES "Issyk Kul" are governed by the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, other laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic accepted according to them.

The part two of Article 4 voided according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 19.10.2013 No. 196

Article 5. Coverage of this Law

Operation of this Law extends on all physical persons and legal entity, irrespective of patterns of ownership whose activities are connected with use, preserving and development of EES "Issyk Kul".

Section 2. Legal regime of preserving natural potential of EES "Issyk Kul"

Article 6. Content of natural potential of EES "Issyk Kul"

Natural potential of EES "Issyk Kul" is constituted by the following resources:

- water resources in all conditions and locations (superficial, underground, in glaciers, in snow inventories, salty, fresh, thermal and other);


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