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The resolution of November 25, 2008 No. 31-8 is accepted at the thirty first plenary session of Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the State Parties of the CIS


About prevention and complex control of environmental pollution

Chapter 1. General provisions, standard rates, principles and requirements

Article 1. Purpose and main objectives of this Law

The purpose of this Law is the regulation of the economic activity making negative impact on the environment, life and health of citizens harmonized with the international standards.

The main objectives of this Law are:

- prevention, reducing and complex control of pollution, including formation of emissions, dumpings, waste, other negative impacts caused by functioning of objects of economic activity, and also as far as it is possible, elimination of sources of these pollution;

- reduction of negative impact of economic activity by the environment;

- increase in general level of environment protection against technogenic impacts;

- safety of economic activity for life and health of citizens;

- rational use of primary and secondary resources according to the principles "prevent pollution" and "the pollutant pays".

This Law covers legal, organizational, resource, technological and control and supervising fields of activity on prevention, reducing and complex control of environmental pollution.

Article 2. Field of distribution of this Law

This Law extends to subjects of the economic and other activity listed in Appendix I (obligatory), and (or) the subjects planning implementation of such economic activity in the territory of the state including capable to make cross-border pollution, including pollution of the adjacent territories.

Article 3. Terms and determinations

For the purpose of this Law the following terms, determinations and concepts are used:

pollution - introduction on environment or origin in it the physical, chemical, biological factors, new, usually uncharacteristic for it, leading to excess in the considered time of natural mean annual level of concentration of the listed agents in the circle and, as a result, to negative impacts on people and the environment;

prevention and complex control of environmental pollution - measures and procedures for prevention and minimization of negative impact on the environment which allow to avoid fully or partially environmental pollution for the purpose of achievement of high level of environment protection in general in case of operation of objects of economic activity;

minimization of negative impacts on surrounding sredusokrashcheniye or complete cessation of negative impacts in source or engineering procedure, including due to implementation of low-waste and (or) wasteless technologies and use of the best available technologies;

the best available technology (BAT) - the engineering procedure, technical method and acceptance, method of designing, construction, management, servicing, operation and conclusion of operation of industrial plants based on modern achievements of science and technology, which received the positive decision of the state environmental assessment and entered in the state register NDT.


1. In case of realization of NDT having fixed term of practical application taking into account economic and social factors the smallest level of negative impact on the environment counting on unit of the made products is reached (works, services).

2. The term "best" means technology, the most effective for production with achievement of the established level of environment protection.

3. The term "available" means technology which is developed so that it can be applied in the corresponding industry on condition of confirmation of economic and technical feasibility of implementation.

4. In some cases the term "available" can be replaced with the term "existing" if it is determined by the legislation of the state;

the state register of NDT - the systematized databank about the best available technologies containing data on organizatsiirazrabotchik of NDT, date and extent of industrial implementation, the technological description and hardware equipment, technical standard rates, dumpings, emissions, formation of waste;

- the document containing the description of complex production processes (technologies, methods) since production of raw materials and finishing the industry national referral reference document about NDT sending finished goods which are considered as the best available technologies for the considered category of industrial facilities, including the corresponding nature protection parameters and actions.


Information containing in the industry national referral reference document about NDT is intended:

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