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of June 9, 2009 No. 828-IIIG

About voluntary activities

(In edition of the Law ARE of 22.02.2013 No. 574-IVQD)

Article 1. Law purpose

This Law governs the relations arising in the sphere of unpaid socially useful activities of physical persons and legal entities.

Article 2. Basic concepts

2.1. Voluntary activities - the socially useful and gainless activities connected with performance of works or rendering the services which are not forbidden by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic;

2.2. The volunteer - the citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic, the foreigner or the stateless person which is personally performing unpaid socially useful activities voluntarily and based on the free choice.

2.3. The organizer of voluntary activities - the state bodies financed from the government budget of the organization, the local government bodies and non-governmental organizations providing the organization and implementation of voluntary activities.

2.4. Unpaid activities - the activities performed without compensation.

Article 3. Directions of voluntary activities

3.0. Voluntary activities are performed in the following directions:

3.0.1. assistance to disabled people, lonely, to old men, needy families, refugees and displaced persons;

3.0.2. promotion of philanthrophy and tolerance;

3.0.3. consumer protection;

3.0.4. legal and cultural education;

3.0.5. education, education, physical and spiritual development of children and youth;

3.0.6. development of sport;

3.0.7. informing on diseases and epidemics;

3.0.8. promotion of healthy lifestyle;

3.0.9. environmental protection;

3.0.10. protection of historical and cultural monuments, cultural and spiritual heritage;

3.0.11. assistance in elimination of consequences of armed conflicts, natural disasters, industrial accidents, the fires, epidemics, epizooty and other emergency situations, including to persons injured with emergency situations;

3.0.12. assistance to persons and persons (families) with difficult living conditions exempted from the organizations on serving sentence, subject to drug addiction which underwent to domestic violence;

3.0.13. other fields of activity which are not contradicting requirements of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 4. Participants of voluntary activities

4.1. Participants of voluntary activities are organizers of voluntary activities and volunteers.

4.2. Person cannot be engaged in voluntary activities on the workplace.

4.3. It is not allowed to use volunteers for the purpose of prevention of shortage of workers.

4.4. Implementation of voluntary activities in commercial legal entities is not allowed.

4.5. The relations between participants of voluntary activities are governed according to the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and the agreement signed by organizers of voluntary activities with the involved volunteers.

4.6. Minors can be engaged in voluntary activities based on the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

4.7. When implementing voluntary activities by minors the requirements provided by the labor law of the Azerbaijan Republic concerning use of work of workers shall be observed 18 years are younger.

Article 5. Rights of organizers of voluntary activities

5.0. Organizers of voluntary activities have the following rights:

5.0.1. in the procedure provided by this Law to involve persons in implementation of voluntary activities;

5.0.2. terminate the agreement signed with volunteers according to the procedure and on the bases established by this Law;

5.0.3. demand from volunteers of timely and high-quality accomplishment of the obligations following from the agreement;

5.0.4. receive from volunteers of the data or reports on the done work;

5.0.5. according to the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic to take measures for compensation of the material damage caused by the volunteer when implementing voluntary activities.

Article 6. Obligations of organizers of voluntary activities

6.0. Obligations of organizers of voluntary activities are:

6.0.1. sign the contract with persons involved in implementation of voluntary activities;

6.0.2. explain to volunteers of their right and obligation, to instruct them;

6.0.3. open information on implementation of voluntary activities, provide the information on results of voluntary activities;

6.0.4. upon the demand of the volunteer to issue the corresponding certificates of voluntary activities;

6.0.5. inform volunteers on the danger which is subject to performance of work for life and health;

6.0.6. insure life and health of the volunteer;

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