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of January 9, 2009 No. 17-IV

About approval of the Regulations on ensuring activities of deputies of Majlis of Turkmenistan

The Majlis of Turkmenistan decides:

1. Approve Regulations on ensuring activities of deputies of Majlis of Turkmenistan and enact it from the moment of approval.

2. Declare invalid the resolution accepted by Majlis of Turkmenistan on March 16, 1995 "About approval of the Regulations on ensuring activities of deputies of Majlis of Turkmenistan" (Sheets of Majlis of Turkmenistan, 1995, No. 1, the Art. 4).


Chairman of Majlis

Turkmenistan A. Nurberdyeva

Approved by the resolution of Majlis of Turkmenistan of January 9, 2009 No. 17-IV

Regulations on ensuring activities of deputies of Majlis of Turkmenistan

This Provision determines organizational, economic, social and legal conditions of ensuring activities of deputies of Majlis of Turkmenistan.

1. Work of deputies in Majlis and its structures, and also the expenses connected with deputy activities are paid at the expense of the Government budget of Turkmenistan.

The size and payment procedure of the salary, form of material stimulation of deputies are determined by Majlis.

2. Operating time of the deputy in Majlis and in its structures is set off in general and uninterrupted length of service of work, length of service in the specialty, in length of service on military service and on service in law-enforcement bodies, and also in time, granting the right to assignment of the next military and special ranks, class ranks, ranks and other ranks and differences.

After term of office former work (service), and in case of lack of such opportunity - other equivalent work (service) is provided to the deputy of Majlis working in structures of Majlis.

3. To the deputy of Majlis during its participation in the sessions of Majlis, meetings of its committees, and also during departure for accomplishment of orders of the specified structures or departure to the constituency by the Majlis refunds expenses according to the legislation of Turkmenistan.

For accommodation at one - and double rooms of the hotels determined by Majlis, payment is made within the expenses which are actually incurred by the deputy.

4. The deputy of Majlis has the right to free servicing in rooms (halls) of official delegations of the airports, railway stations, river and seaports of Turkmenistan.

In rooms (halls) of official delegations upon presentation of the certificate the ticket is issued to the deputy in extraordinary procedure on cash and clearing settlement and the place in sleeping or first-class carriage of the train, in cabin 1 and 2 classes in courts of river fleet and in the cabins paid for the I-IV groups of the tariff charge on vessels of navy, the ticket in salon of 1 class of the plane, and also in the helicopter is provided. Tickets for planes and helicopters when following the deputy on the session of Majlis are provided not later than two hours to departure, in other cases - not later than days.

To the deputy of Majlis for journey on intercity buses, and also suburban messages tickets with indication of passenger seat in cash desks of bus stations, bus stations, the forwarding agencies are implemented out of turn.

In the cities and etraps where there are no rooms (halls) of official delegations, the issue of journey of the deputy on all modes of transport is resolved with participation of local authorities of the government.

5. The deputy of Majlis during trip to foreign countries uses the diplomatic passport, is exempted from customs examination in case of departure out of limits of Turkmenistan and entrance on its territory, and diplomatic representations of Turkmenistan abroad shall give it necessary support.

6. Expense recovery to the deputy of Majlis leaving in business trips of Turkmenistan is made at the expense of means of the organizations, the companies and organizations which direct it, or at the expense of the host party.

7. To the deputy of Majlis going to foreign trips, currency exchange is made according to the procedure, established by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

8. The free office premises for cohabitation with family members are provided to the deputy of Majlis who does not have premises in the city of Ashgabat for its powers in the city of Ashgabat.

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