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of February 18, 1994 No. 789

About official statistics

(The last edition from 15-12-2017)

This Law governs legal relations in the field of official statistics in the Azerbaijan Republic, establishes powers and functions of bodies of the state statistics. The law extends to executive bodies of the Azerbaijan Republic, legal entities (their representations and branches) irrespective of pattern of ownership and legal form, the legal entities of the Azerbaijan Republic located outside the Azerbaijan Republic, and representation, the branches of foreign legal entities performing activities in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic and also citizens and physical persons of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The official statistics provides with authentic and high-quality (representative) data on condition of economic, demographic, social and ecological area over the country state bodies, social and economic actors, scientific community, the general public, the international organizations and other consumers.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

The basic concepts used for the purposes of this Law express the following values:

* official statistics - activities in the sphere of creation of official statistical information, including administrative data;

* administrative data - the data collected by relevant organs of the executive authority and other state bodies in connection with execution of the administrative obligations by them and used in official statistics;

* bodies of the state statistics - local authorities of statistics according to the central principle and the principle of subordination;

* statistical units - legal entities (their representation and branches) and physical persons representing primary data for official statistics on the basis of this Law or legal entities (their representation and branches) and physical persons determined by statisticians for conducting observations, collection and the analysis and distribution of information;

* production of materials of official statistics - all activities necessary for collection, developments, placements in base and distribution of statistical data;

* secret statistical data - the data collected for production of materials of official statistics and allowing recognition directly or indirectly of statistical units and to identification of preliminary data;

* distribution of statistical data - irrespective of the form and means enclosed for obtaining, transfer to users of the data of official statistics which are not considered confidential;

* official statistical information - according to this Law and other legal acts of the Azerbaijan Republic, information obtained as a result of processing and generalization of the executive authority by relevant organs performing creation of official statistical information and other state bodies of administrative and initial statistical data about the quantitative party of social, economic, demographic, ecological and other public processes on the basis of methodology of official statistics.

Article 2. Purposes of official statistics in the Azerbaijan Republic

The purposes of official statistics are designed to serve increase in role of statistical information and interests of legal entities and physical persons in case of simultaneous respect for their rights, preserving secrecy of primary data.

Main objective of official statistics is the satisfaction with ensuring privacy of preliminary data of requirements of governing bodies, economic actors, scientists, the statistical data characterizing condition of social and economic, scientific and technical development in the country, economic interrelations at the level of the country, regions, industries, structural shifts and production efficiency.

The purposes of official statistics are aimed at providing objectivity of statistical data and their comparability according to international standards, creation of the single information statistical system providing publicity of summary statistical materials, permanent enhancement, rationalization of the principles and methods used in case of collection, processing, placement in base, transfer and distribution of data and use of world advanced statistical traditions and scientific achievements in the field of official statistics.

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