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The document ceased to be valid since  September 29, 2017 according to item 4 of the Order of the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine of  July 10, 2017 No. 348

Registered by the

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

July 15, 2009

No. 639/16655


of June 22, 2009 No. 426

About approval of Rules of packaging and marking of seeds of crops in Ukraine

According to articles 7 and 27 of the Law of Ukraine "About seeds and landing material" and for the purpose of ensuring control of realization of seeds and landing material of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve Rules of packaging and marking of seeds of crops in Ukraine which are attached.

2. Determine that this order is effective to the introduction in action of the National standard of Ukraine "Seeds of crops. Requirements to packaging, marking and transportation".

3. The Ukrainian state seed inspection (Chmyr S. M.), to the Ministry of agrarian policy of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, head departments of agro-industrial development of the Regional State Administrations to establish constant control behind realization of seeds with observance of the rules approved by this order.

4. The Ukrainian state seed inspection to organize label printing which are used in case of lot identification of seeds of crops and to provide their accounting.

5. To department of the markets of crop production (Demidov O. A.) bring provisions of this order to permission of the Ministry of agrarian policy of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, head departments of agro-industrial development of the Regional State Administrations.

6. To provide to department of the markets of crop production submission of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

7. To impose control over the implementation of the order on the deputy minister Melnik S. I.

8. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

Acting Minister


Approved by the Order of the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine of June 22, 2009 No. 426

Rules of packaging and marking of seeds of crops in Ukraine

I. General provisions

1.1. In these Rules terms are used in such value:

Packaging - unit of the packaged or packaged seeds (packet torbochka, sack, container and so forth).

Packing - process of unfolding (packing) of the corresponding mass of seeds in container (packaging).

One of types of packing is packing of seeds on the weight, amount or quantity for retail sale.

Marking - the label which contains information on seed batch, and also symbol (the word, the text, trademark, symbol or the drawing) applied directly on packaging with seeds.

Marking - drawing the text, symbols and drawings on packaging (container).

1.2. These Rules determine the main requirements of packaging and marking of seeds of the crops intended for realization and sowing within the territory of Ukraine.

1.3. Requirements of these Rules are mandatory all subjects of seed farming which are engaged in production (completion) and realization (wholesale trade) of sowing material, and also in system of the state and intraeconomic seed control.

II. Requirements to seeds

2.1. All batches of original (dobazovy) and elite (basic) seeds irrespective of appointment, and also the reproductive (certified) seeds intended for realization are subject to obligatory packing and marking.

2.2. To batch of the reproductive (certified) seeds which is not implemented and it is intended for own needs of the producer, it is allowed to use and store in unpacked type (granaries, embankment, burt), but with obligatory marking on which information on batch of seeds contains.

III. Packing

3.1. For packing of seeds use such types of packagings which provide reliable integrity of their content in storage time and transportations and make impossible falsification after closing of packaging (container).

3.2. The container shall be whole, strong, net, dry and disinfected from wreckers and causative agents of diseases. For packing of the seeds intended for realization use only new container. Packagings from under the pickled seeds are subject to obligatory utilization in accordance with the established procedure.

3.3. Main types of packagings which apply in seed farming are sacks, torbochka, packets and containers of different capacity which meets the requirements of regulating documents. For production of packagings use materials from natural or artificial fiber, the dense paper, cardboard, plastic, metal foil and other materials suitable for packing of seeds and allowed by sanitary standards.

3.4. The seeds intended for retail trade pack up in small, consumer pack with possible further packing in the sacks, boxes, boxes, packs and other containers meeting the requirements of items 4. 1, 4.2 data of Rules.

3.5. For packing and packing of seeds use specially intended scales and batchers which underwent the state metrological checking. Lot of packaging shall not exceed the regulations established by DSTU 2240-93 "Seeds of crops. High-quality and sowing qualities", with variation of quantity of seeds in packaging within requirements P 50-056-96 "Products which are packed up in packaging. General requirements to quantity".

3.6. Seeds of oil-bearing, efiromaslichny, forage and melliferous crops pack into double sack tare or multi-wall paper bags and packets. It is allowed to use as external packaging sacks from fabric and as internal - the plastic bags or tabs made of polyethylene film or polypropylene.

3.7. Sacks, torbochka and packets with seeds sew up with machine method, using threads according to the existing regulating documents which provide the mechanical durability of mending.

3.8. Manual setting, mending, zakleyka or thermal welding of the packagings made of the corresponding materials that provides reliability of their closing is allowed.

3.9. The packaging closed by setting, and also sacks and containers with the valve shall be sealed up.

IV. Marking

4.1. Marking shall contain all necessary information on seed batch intended for realization and sowing. Features of marking depend on purpose of seeds, type of packagings and methods of their transportation.

4.2. Packagings with seeds mark labels of the corresponding form, color and content with observance of requirements to execution of the labels intended for marking of seeds (appendix 1) which fix outside and put in packaging.

4.3. Label form rectangular, the minimum size (dlinashirina) - 110 x 67 mm which edge is edged by black strip 3 cm wide. The text is printed in black color.


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