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of January 6, 2001 No. ZR-200

About holidays and memorable days of the Republic of Armenia

(as amended on 18-05-2021)

Accepted on July 24, 2001

Article 1. New year and Christmas holidays - are celebrated from December 31 to January 2 inclusive (New year), 3, 4, on January 5 (prechristmas holidays) and on January 6 (Sacred Christmas and the Epiphany), non-working days.

Article 1.1. Day of remembrance Merelots following Sacred Christmas and the Epiphany - is celebrated on January 7, non-working day.

Article 2. Day of Army - is celebrated on January 28, non-working day.

Article 2-1. Day of the Native language - is celebrated on February 21.

Article 2.2. Day of remembrance of the victims of the riots organized in the Azerbaijani SSR and protection of the rights of the deported Armenian population - is celebrated on February 28.

Article 3. Holiday of motherhood and beauty

Article 4. The holiday of motherhood, beauty and love - is celebrated on April 7.

Article 4.1. Day of the citizen of the Republic of Armenia – is celebrated last Saturday of April. If on May 1 it falls on Saturday, the Day of the citizen of the Republic of Armenia is celebrated last Sunday of April.

Article 4.2. Day of the Armenian cinema – is celebrated on April 16.

Article 4.3. Day of the taxpayer - is celebrated on April 19.

Article 5. Day of remembrance of the victims of Genocide of Armenians - is celebrated on April 24, non-working day.

Article 6. The Labor Day - is celebrated on May 1, non-working day.

Article 7. The day erkrapa-is celebrated on May 8.

Article 8. The holiday of the Victory and the World - is celebrated on May 9, non-working day.

Article 8.1. Day of family - is celebrated on May 15.

Article 8.2. Day of students and youth - is celebrated on May 16.

Article 9. The Republic holiday - is celebrated on May 28, non-working day.

Article 10. The day of protection of the rights of children - is celebrated on June 1.

Article 10.1. Day of remembrance of victims of political repression - is celebrated on June 14.

Article 11. The constitution day - is celebrated on July 5, non-working day. The same day is celebrated as day of the state symbols.

Article 12. Knowledge Day and literature - is celebrated on September 1.

Article 13. The Independence holiday - is celebrated on September 21, non-working day.

Article 13.1. The Teachers' Day - is celebrated on October 5.

Article 13.2. Day of ethnic minorities of the Republic of Armenia - is celebrated on the first Sunday of October.

Article 14. The holiday of translators - is celebrated on the second Saturday of October.

Article 14.1. Day of local self-government - is celebrated on November 10.

Article 15. Day of remembrance and oppositions to disasters of the victims of earthquake - is celebrated on December 7.

Article 15.1. Day of condemnation and prevention of genocides - is celebrated on December 9.

Article 16. The holiday Vardanants (Saint voivodes of Vardan) - day of good deeds and national debt - is celebrated on Thursday in 8 weeks prior to Easter.

Article 17. The holiday of the Saint of Echmiadzin - is celebrated on Sunday in 64 days after Easter.

Article 18. In the Republic of Armenia also traditional and church holidays, the international days, and according to the decision of the Government professional and other holidays and memorable days can be celebrated.

Article 19. Due to the holidays, and also in connection with events of exclusive value and memorable days of the Republic of Armenia the Government can transfer the working days.

Article 20. The citizens of the Republic of Armenia belonging to ethnic minorities can celebrate the national holidays and memorable days if they do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Article 21. From the moment of the introduction of this Law in force to declare invalid the Law of the Republic of Armenia of March 16, 1996 "About holidays and memorable days of the Republic of Armenia" with subsequent changes and amendments.

Article 22. This Law becomes effective from the moment of its official publication.

President of the Republic of Armenia

R. Kocharyan


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