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of February 8, 1994 No. 781

About the status of internal troops

(as of December 21, 2010)

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Internal troops of the Azerbaijan Republic

Internal troops of the Azerbaijan Republic (further - internal troops), in pursuance of the obligations assigned to them, protect interests of the personality, society and state, constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens from criminal and other illegal encroachments.

Article 2. Legislation on activities of internal troops

The legislation on activities of internal troops consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law, other legal acts of the Azerbaijan Republic, regulations of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, and also the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic and other relevant state bodies.

Article 3. Basic principles of activities of internal troops

The basic principles of activities of internal troops are legality, respect of human rights and freedoms, humanity, one-man management, centralization of management, general conscription and completing of troops in voluntary procedure under the contract, exterritorial service by the military personnel.

Internal troops protect from criminal encroachments each personality irrespective of her nationality, the residence, social origin, property and official capacity, racial and national identity, sex, age, education, language, the relation to religion, beliefs, belonging to public associations.

Any restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens is admissible only on the basis and according to the procedure, provided by the law.

Article 4. Obligations of internal troops

Internal troops:

a) protect important state objects, communication constructions, particular loads;

b) participate in mitigation of consequences of catastrophic crashes, the fires, natural disasters and other similar cases on the protected objects and constructions;

c) participate in search and detention of persons which got on the protected territory;

d) help with suppression of mass riots in correctional institutions;

e) participate in search and detention of the convicts and persons taken into custody, running from under protection;

e) protect warehouses and military bases of managements of material and military supply of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic;

g) participate together with other law-enforcement bodies in protection of public order by means of execution of security guard and patrol service in the cities and other settlements, and also in ensuring public safety when holding mass actions;

h) render assistance to bodies of internal troops in acceptance of urgent measures for salvation of people, protection of the property which was left without supervision, protection of public order in case of accidents, catastrophic crashes, the fires, natural disasters and other force majeure, and also when ensuring legal regime of emergency state;

i) participate in suppression of mass riots in settlements;

j) in case of need participate in territorial defense of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Other obligations can be assigned to internal troops only by the law.

It is forbidden to attract internal troops to suppression of unauthorized meetings, meetings, street processions and demonstrations of nonviolent nature.

Article 5. Rights of the military personnel of internal troops

Military personnel of internal troops in case of execution of the obligations assigned yes them has the right:

a) demand from citizens and officials of respect for public order, to stop the crimes, administrative offenses and actions interfering execution of their obligations;

b) check the documents proving their identity at citizens and officials if there are good causes to suspect them of crime execution or administrative offense;

c) detain and bring to police agencies of the persons who made offense or attempting upon its making, or for the purpose of identification according to the procedure, established by the law;

d) detain for a period of up to three hours and contain in service premises before transfer to police agencies of persons encroaching on the protected objects, make their personal inspection, examination of their things and documents;

e) make examination of vehicles and swimming means (vessels) which violated the rules established on the objects protected by internal troops;

e) to enter in case of need according to the procedure, established by the legislation in the territory, premises of the companies, organizations, organizations irrespective of patterns of ownership (except for having diplomatic immunity) and to inspect them for the purpose of control of offenses, search and detention of persons which got on the protected territory, search of the persons serving sentence or being in places of pre-trial detention and running from places of detention or from under protection;

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