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Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and Government of the Republic Georgia on sci-tech cooperation

of February 3, 1994

Government of the Russian Federation and Government of the Republic Georgia,

convinced that the sci-tech cooperation is important component of all complex of the bilateral relations, and recognizing need of interaction in the conditions of bystry expansion of knowledge and internationalization of research and development,

considering historically developed scientific and technical relations between Russia and Georgia,

in view of that such cooperation will promote strengthening of good-neighbourhood between both countries and the people, and also will create prerequisites for development of mutually advantageous trade and economic relations,

being guided by the multilateral intergovernmental agreement about sci-tech cooperation within the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States signed in Moscow on March 13, 1992

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties will help sci-tech cooperation on the basis of the principles of equality, reciprocity and mutual advantage taking into account market system of managing.

Article 2

Proceeding from long-term interests of development of scientific and technical potential in both countries, the Parties determine as priority the following directions of joint scientific research:

high energy physics;

high-temperature superconductivity;

environmentally friendly power;

perspective information technologies;

human genome;

safety of the population and economic objects taking into account risk of emergence of natural and technogenic catastrophes;

the newest methods of bioengineering;

complex use of natural resources;

global changes of the environment and climate;

seismology and aseismic construction;

materials science.

The list of the directions of cooperation can be supplemented and specified in coordination between the Parties.

Article 3

The cooperation provided in Article 2 of this agreement will be performed by the ministries, departments, research establishments, higher educational institutions, firms, the scientific organizations and societies of both countries within their competence according to the national legal system. Content of cooperation, its economic and organizational conditions, including:

financing of cooperation;

use of results of joint research operations;

responsibility for accuracy of the information and quality of the materials and the equipment transferred each other in the course of cooperation;

method of operation of scientific and technical objects of joint use;

insurance of scientists and other scientific and technical personnel on case of disease and from accidents, will be approved by directly cooperating parties on the basis of free standing agreements.

Article 4

The cooperation within this agreement can be implemented in the following forms:

implementation of joint research programs, projects on creation and development of high technologies;

forming of joint temporary research teams, laboratories the, and also innovative firms and organizations providing development of the new equipment and technologies;

scientific work in research establishments, higher educational institutions, science and technology parks, archives, libraries and the museums of other Party, including joint field surveys and expeditions;

holding joint seminars, scientific conferences and working meetings;

exchange of scientists and specialists;

advanced training of scientists and specialists, organization of training.

The cooperation can be performed also in other mutually agreed forms providing implementation of this agreement.

Article 5

Will attract the scientific, research, design and technological organizations of the state and private sectors, and also certain scientists and specialists to implementation of joint programs and projects of cooperation of the Party. Development of direct connections between directly cooperating organizations will be encouraged.

Article 6

For the purpose of implementation of this agreement and control of the course of its accomplishment of the Party will create the mixed working group consisting of representatives of the interested ministries and departments. The working group gathers at least once a year or as required at the request of one of the Parties for assessment of work progress and coordination of plans of cooperation.

Article 7

When implementing cooperation on the basis of this agreement of the Party provide protection of the rights to objects of industrial and intellectual property.

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