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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and Government of the Republic of Armenia on non-commercial payments

of March 2, 1994

The government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Government of the Republic of Armenia which are hereinafter referred to as by the Parties for the purpose of providing non-commercial payments between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Armenia agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties will provide free money transfer to physical persons, constantly or temporarily staying in the territory of one of the Parties, and also to the legal entities officially registered in the territory of one of the Parties by the following types of uncommercial transactions:

fee of transport and communication;

organized and unorganized tourism;

content of interstate coordination structures of the Commonwealth of Independent States;

content of diplomatic, consular, trade, transport and other representations by agreement of the Parties, and also expenses on sending of delegations;

carrying out the international congresses, symposiums, conferences, sporting and cultural events, and also other international meetings;

the calculations connected with holding exhibitions and fairs, except for payments in freely convertible currency, costs for capital investments and other material costs on which procedure of payments is established as agreed by the parties;

payments on expense recovery of judicial, arbitral, notarial and other legal and administrative authorities, except for the charges following from decisions on settlement of charges on trade organizations;

transfer of the balances in cash formed from payment of checks, cash letters of credit and the translations, and also remaining balance in the imported cash of national currency of adoptive state;

fees in public organizations;

acquisition and construction of buildings for needs of public institutions;

payment of expenses on tours of actors and hire of movies, and also transfer of the gained income from these actions;

fees and payments for insurance, fees for social insurance;

the amounts paid based on sentences, decisions and determinations of judicial and other authorized bodies, payment for legal assistance;

translations of pensions, alimony, public welfare payments, surcharges and compensations;

the translation of the heritable amounts and the amounts received from realization of heritable property;

payment of royalties and payments for copyright;

the salary, grants, daily and other money payments which are paid to the citizens of the Parties who arrived for work or training to the companies in anticipations, educational institutions under interstate agreements;

tuition fee of citizens of one state in educational institutions of other state;

treatment of citizens of one state in medical institutions of other state, payments for provision of necessary medical care;

the payments connected with the death of persons (transportation expenses and expenses on funeral),

The parties authorize the Ministries of Finance of the Parties to make changes and amendments to the list of uncommercial transactions specified in this Article.

Article 2

Payments on uncommercial transactions are made through correspondent accounts of National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Central bank of the Republic of Armenia and the Central bank of the Republic of Armenia in National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan, and also through the correspondent accounts of commercial banks of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Armenia opened by them each other in coordination with the Central banks of the Parties.

Article 3

The ministries and departments will sign bilateral agreements about carrying out settlement on uncommercial transactions in coordination with the Ministries of Finance and Central Banks of the Parties.

Article 4

All matters of argument connected with accomplishment and interpretation of this agreement will be permitted by negotiations.

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