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of August 20, 1992 No. 281

About religious liberty

(as amended on 20-12-2022)

This Law creates guarantees for implementation of religious liberty in the Azerbaijan Republic according to the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic and international treaties which participant is the Azerbaijan Republic, establishes the status, the rights and obligations of religious formations, governs the relations arising in connection with activities of religious formations.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Religious liberty

Everyone has the right to profess individually or together with others any religion, to express and extend the beliefs in connection with the relation to religion.

It is impossible to make any difficulties to expression by person of the religion, its participation in church service, religious practices and ceremonies or studying of religion. Nobody can be forced to expression (demonstration) of the religion, execution of religious ceremonies or participation in them. Promotion of religion and religious conduct of life by use of force or threat of use of force, and also for the purpose of incitement of racial, national, religious, social hostility and hostility is not allowed. Distribution and promotion of religions (religious trends) degrading human dignity or contradicting the principles of humanity are forbidden.

Religious liberty can be limited only in the cases provided by the law and necessary in democratic society for the benefit of public safety, for ensuring public order, health protection or morality, or protection of the rights and freedoms of other persons.

Except as specified, provided by part four of article 21 of this Law, carrying out religious promotion by foreigners and stateless persons is forbidden in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic. Foreigners and stateless persons are forbidden to be engaged in religious promotion.

Parents or other legal representatives can raise by mutual consent children according to the religious beliefs and views. Compulsion of children to religion is forbidden. Religious education of children shall not have an adverse effect on their physical and mental health.

Except as specified, provided by part four of article 21 of this Law, illumination of bases of religious training during the mass religious church services, ceremonies and ceremonies it can be performed only by religious figures appointed according to this Law.

The activities directed to promotion of religious extremism, and also use interreligious and in religious distinctions in political goals are forbidden.

Article 2. Legislation on religious liberty

The legislation on religious liberty consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, international treaties which participant is the Azerbaijan Republic, this law and other legal acts of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 3.

It is excluded

Article 4. Equality of persons irrespective of religious affiliation

All are equal before the law and court irrespective of religious affiliation. Instruction in official documents of religious affiliation of person is allowed only at his desire.

Nobody can refuse or evade from execution of the obligations established by the law on religious beliefs. Replacement on religious beliefs of execution of one obligation is allowed by execution of other obligation only in cases, stipulated by the legislation the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 4-1. Professional religious activity and religious figure

4-1.1. Professional religious activity - the activities directed to spiritual education and spiritual education, satisfaction of spiritual needs of believers, execution of religious practices, reading sermons (hutb), managerial and organizational management of religious structure.

4-1.2. The religious figure - person with the higher spiritual and secondary vocational education who is engaged in religious activities.

4-1.3. During the electing of religious figures or appointment them in state bodies their professional religious activity stops for the period of their continuance in office.

4-1.4. Religious titles (ranks) are appropriated to religious figures only by the religious centers (organizations).

Article 5. State and religious formations

In the Azerbaijan Republic the religion and religious formations are separated the state.

The state does not charge execution of any case relating to it to religious formations and does not interfere with their activities.

All religions and religious formations are equal before the law. Concerning any religion (religious trend) and religious education these or those benefits or restrictions in comparison with others cannot be established.

Religious formations have rights to participate in public life, and also to use, along with public associations, mass media.

Religious formations do not participate in activities of political parties and do not provide them financial aid.

Part six is excluded.

Religious formations observe requirements of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and bear responsibility for their violation.

Religious structures shall take the measures established for them by the relevant legislation for the purpose of the prevention of legalization of money or other property received in the criminal way and terrorism financing.

Article 6. Religious education

6.1. According to part III of article 18 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic the state education system in the Azerbaijan Republic is secular.

6.2. Citizens can study religion and get religious education individually and (or) together with others.

6.3. Religious educational institutions are created by the religious center (organization) in coordination with body (organization) determined by relevant organ of the executive authority. The religious center (organization) can create only one highest religious educational institution.

6.4. Rates (groups) on studying of sacred books are created by the religious organizations according to charters of these religious organizations with the consent of the religious centers (organizations) to which they submit, and is reported about it to body (organization) determined by relevant organ of the executive authority.

6.5. Organizations of the higher religious education and secondary vocational religious education act on the basis of the licenses granted according to the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About licenses and permissions".

6.6. Students in religious educational institutions have the rights and privileges established for students in the state educational institutions.


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