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of June 29, 2009 No. 198

About preschool education

(as amended on 23-03-2021)

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 30, 2009

This Law determines the basic principles of state policy in the field of preschool education and development of children, legal, organizational and financial basis of functioning of system of preschool education in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Chapter 1 General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

State standard of the Kyrgyz Republic "Preschool education and care of children" (further - Gosstandart of preschool education) - the regulating document which is establishing the single requirements imposed to preschool education and care of children, and also including questions of implementation of inclusive education.

Students with limited opportunities of health are the children having special needs physical, mental, social, cognitive development and needing the public assistance, rehabilitation, and also in special attention of family, specialists and society.

Preschool age - the period of physical, mental and social formation of the identity of the child from the moment of the birth up to 7 years.

The preschool educational organization - the organization intended for children from 6 months to 7 years which is created for the purpose of satisfaction of the order of the state, requests and requirements of family and society in child care, its training, education, development and preparation for school.

The preschool educational program (main) - the regulating document establishing obligatory minimum of content of preschool education and training according to age and specific features of development.

The paragraph of the sixth ceased to be valid according to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of 23.03.2021 No. 38

Inclusive education - ensuring equal access to preschool education for all students taking into account variety of educational requirements and individual opportunities.

The integrated occupations - training at basis of thematic and cognitive interrelation of the main and additional programs of preschool education.

Pedagogical load of employees of the preschool educational organization - time intended for implementation of teaching and educational process.

Pedagogical employees of the preschool educational organizations are heads (directors), methodologists, tutors, teachers of all specialties, psychologists, logopedists, musical directors.

System of preschool education - set of the interacting Gosstandart of preschool education, the main and additional state programs, and also the preschool educational organizations and persons realizing these Gosstandart and programs, governing bodies of education and the subordinated organizations.

Sustainable development - the concept covering complex problem of economic and social aspects of requirements satisfaction of people and improvement of quality of their life, which is based on effective use all available in the society of limited resources (natural, human and economic).

Article 2. Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on preschool education
Article 3. The principles of state policy in the field of preschool education

The basic principles of state policy in the field of preschool education and development of children of preschool age are:

- availability and high quality of the services provided by system of preschool education for sustainable development;

- unity of education, training, improvement, development and care of children;

- succession and continuity of the preschool and primary general education;

- equality of conditions for realization of inclinations, bents, capabilities, talents, versatile development of each child;

- variety of types of the preschool educational organizations and programs;

- increase in role of parents (legal representatives) in the children of preschool age bearing responsibility for the child since the birth before receipt in school;

- secular nature of training and education;

- obligatory training of children for school.

Article 4. Tasks of preschool education

The main objectives of preschool education and development of children of preschool age are:

- providing right of each child to receipt of preschool education;

- preserving and strengthening of physical, mental and spiritual health of the child;

- education of civic consciousness, patriotism, respect for the state symbols, state, official and native language, respect for different cultures and environment;

- development of creative capabilities of the child according to its age, intellectual and physical capacities;

- ensuring harmonious development of children of preschool age, including physical, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, moral, intellectual and esthetic development, and also labor education;

- ensuring social adaptation of the child and forming of readiness at it to continue education;

- implementation of social and pedagogical patronage of family;

- early detection of individual needs of the child for development and provision to it corresponding vocational or inclusive education and related services;

- training of children for school;

- safety of the child during its stay in the preschool educational organization;

- provision to parents (legal representatives) of the advisory help and information by training and care of children.

Article 5. Receipt of preschool education

1. The children of preschool age who are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic irrespective of race, political, religious and other convictions of their parents, floor, ethnic and social origin, property status, the residence, language or other signs have the equal rights to receipt of preschool education in the preschool educational organizations.

2. The preschool educational organizations provide fulfillment of requirements of Gosstandart of preschool education.

3. Children of foreign citizens or stateless persons get preschool education according to the procedure, established for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic if other is not established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

4. The child can get preschool education in the preschool educational organization or in family - at the request of parents (legal representatives).

5. Acceptance of children in the preschool educational organizations is performed according to the procedure, established by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 6. Types and tasks of preschool educational programs

1. Preschool educational programs are subdivided:

- on the main, according to Gosstandart of preschool education which include preschool education and training;

- on the additional, including one or several directions of development of the child which provide development of the child over mandatory requirements of Gosstandart of preschool education.

2. Preschool educational programs provide:

- cognitive and intellectual development of the child;

- emotional wellbeing of the child;

- interaction with family for ensuring full development of the child;

- familiarizing of children with universal values, folk customs and traditions;


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