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of December 6, 1993 No. 762

About the status and social protection of the citizens who were taking part in liquidation of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash and victims of this catastrophic crash

(as amended on 05-03-2024)

I. General provisions

Article 1. Purpose and tasks of the Law

This Law is directed to protection of the rights and interests of the citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic who were taking part in mitigation of consequences of catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP (within 30-kilometer zone) and appeared in zone of influence of the harmful factors which arose owing to this catastrophic crash.

Article 2. The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on social protection of the citizens who were affected by the Chernobyl catastrophic crash

The relations connected with social protection of the citizens who were affected by the Chernobyl catastrophic crash are regulated by this Law, the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic "About work pensions", "About the rights of persons with disability" and other legal acts of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 3. Right of citizens to compensation of damage, compensations and privilege

Citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic have the right to full recovery of the damage caused to their health owing to the Chernobyl catastrophic crash, use of preferential medical attendance to compensations and privileges for work in the territory contaminated by radioactive materials.

Article 4. Establishment of compensations and privileges

This Law establishes types, the sizes of monetary compensations and privilege for the citizens who were taking part in liquidation of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash and victims at the same time.

The amount of monetary and other compensations and privileges which are not provided by this Law are determined by the government of the republic if other is not provided.

II. The status of the citizens who were affected by the Chernobyl catastrophic crash

Article 5. Categories of citizens

This Law extends:

1. On the faces which received or transferred radiation sickness and also at which disability owing to catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP is established including;

a) persons (including temporarily directed or sent) who were taking part in mitigation of consequences of catastrophic crash within exclusion zone, i.e. in the territory in 30-kilometer radius from catastrophic crash epicenter, or occupied on operation of the Chernobyl NPP or at other works at the station;

b) persons from among the commanding and ordinary structure of law-enforcement bodies serving in exclusion zone;

c) the military personnel called on the special charges connected with mitigation of consequences of the specified catastrophic crash and involved to works in exclusion zone (hereinafter belong to this category:



warrant officers;

military personnel of extra urgent service;

female military personnel;

the sergeants, ordinary structure and persons liable for call-up who were in active duty in armed forces of the former USSR, troops of Committee for State Security of the former USSR, internal and railway troops and other military forming);

d) the children of injured citizens who were born after catastrophic crash and being citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic.

2. On the faces (including temporarily directed or sent) taking in 1986-1990 part in recovery from the accident on the Chernobyl NPP within exclusion zone or occupied during this period on operation or other works on the Chernobyl NPP and also the military personnel and persons liable for call-up called on the special charges and involved during this period to performance of works connected with mitigation of consequences of the specified catastrophic crash irrespective of type of the performed works and the place of dislocation and also commanding and the ordinary structures of law-enforcement bodies serving in exclusion zone.

3. On the faces which were taking part in city building the Slavutich during the period from April 21, 1987 to December 31, 1990.

Article 6. Compensations and privileges to the persons who received or had radiation sickness, to persons with disability

Persons specified in Item 1 of article 5 of this Law have the following rights:

1. In the procedure and the size established by relevant organs of the executive authority receipt of benefit for acquisition of drugs according to recipes of the doctor and annual treatment (including transportation expenses).

2. In the procedure established by relevant organ of the executive authority production of dentures (except for the prostheses made of precious metals).

3. Receipt of temporary disability benefit in the amount of the average salary for the last year of work, irrespective of continuous working life.

4. To the working persons with disability temporarily incapacitated, the benefit is paid 4 months in a row or up to 5 months in calendar year.

5. Extraordinary providing with living space within one year from the date of filing of application on condition of recognition of person needing improvement of housing conditions.

7. Surcharge to the size of former earnings in case of transfer on medical indications into below-paid work. This surcharge is performed on place of employment before working capacity recovery.

8. Establishment of the 6-hour working day in case of five-day week with payment term for full time. Provision in leave time, convenient for them.

10. Extraordinary installation of phone.

11. Keep employment relationships in case of the reducing number or staff of workers according to the procedure established by conditions of the collective agreement or employment contract (contract).

12. The first-priority accession to housing cooperatives, to cooperatives for construction, operation and maintenance of collective garages and parking for vehicles, in gardening partnerships (cooperatives), first-priority acquisition of ready garden lodges or materials for their construction, manufactured goods of the increased demand, including cars, motorcycles and motor boats, first-priority use of services of public service enterprises, maintenance and repair of vehicles, public catering, organizations of housing and communal services, the organizations of communication.

13. First-priority servicing in treatment and prevention facilities and drugstores.

14. Use in case of retirement or change of place of employment services of polyclinics to which they were attached earlier.

15. Obligatory provision of the hostel and providing with grant in case of education.

16. Obligatory extraordinary providing children with places in preschool institutions, and also music schools, irrespective of departmental subordination.

17. Extraordinary receipt of the parcel of land for individual housing construction and the garden site.

18. Preferential providing with places in houses nursing homes and special educational based on health certificates.


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