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The document ceased to be valid since  August 13, 2020 according to Item 6 of the Section II of the Law of Ukraine of  July 14, 2020 No. 768-IX


of May 15, 2009 No. 1334-VI

About prohibition of gaming in Ukraine

(as amended on 16-01-2020)

This Law introduces restrictions concerning implementation of gaming in Ukraine, proceeding from the constitutional principles of priority of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, protection of morality and health of the population, prohibition of use of property to the detriment of the person and society.

Article 1. Determination of terms

In this Law the following terms are used in such value:

1) gaming - the activities connected with the organization, carrying out and provision of possibility of access to gamblings to casino on slot machines, computer simulators, in bookmaker offices, in interactive institutions, in electronic (virtual) casino irrespective of the location of the server;

2) gambling - any game, the compulsory provision of participation in which is payment by the player of money, including through electronic payment system which gives the chance to the participant how to receive prize (prize) in any kind, not to receive it depending on accident.

Do not treat gamblings:

organization and carrying out lotteries;

the organization and carrying out creative tenders, sports competitions and so forth, despite the fact that is provided or the cash or property prize is not provided by their conditions;

playing billiards, game in size (bowling) and other games which are held without receipt of prize (prize) by the player;

game on gaming "crane machine" machines (two-coordinate automatic machines) where as prize (prize) the player receives exclusively physical items (toys, candies and so forth);

draws on bezoplatny basis with advertizing (promoting) of separate goods, service, trademark, signs for goods and services, the name or activities of subjects of housekeeping, the commercial program with issue of prizes in cash or property form;

draws in the form of tenders (games, quizes) which conditions provide free acquisition by person of the status of his participant and obtaining by the participant who showed the best personal knowledge and abilities, prizes in cash or property form for personal victory;

draws on bezoplatny basis for the entertaining, charitable or identification purposes;

3) organizers of gamblings - the physical and legal litsasubjekta of business activity performing activities for the organization and carrying out gamblings for the purpose of profit earning;

4) the organization and carrying out gamblings - activities of organizers of gamblings which are performed for the purpose of creation of conditions for implementation of gamblings and issue of prizes (prizes) to participants of gamblings;

5) participants of gamblings - the physical persons with full civil legal capacity participating in gamblings.

Article 2. Prohibition of gaming in Ukraine

In Ukraine the gaming and participation in gamblings is forbidden.

Article 3. Responsibility for violation of this Law

To subjects of housekeeping which organize and hold gamblings in the territory of Ukraine, financial sanctions in the form of penalty in the amount of eight thousand minimum wages with confiscation of the gaming equipment are applied, and the profit (income) from carrying out such gambling is subject to transfer in the Government budget of Ukraine.

Application of the financial sanctions specified in part one of this Article is performed by a court decision, accepted in the claim of bodies of National police and/or the tax authorities determined by the Tax code of Ukraine.

Article 4. Final provisions

1. This Law becomes effective from the date of publication and is effective before adoption of the special legislation providing the right of implementation of gaming in specially created game zones.

2. From the date of entry into force of this Law issue of licenses for activities on the organization and carrying out gamblings in Ukraine stops, and the licenses granted to subjects of business activity about day of entry into force of this Law are cancelled.

3. Make changes to the following legal acts of Ukraine:

1) in article 181 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses (The sheet of the Supreme Council of USSR, 1984, appendix to N 51, the Art. 1122):

in part one to exclude the words "and also acceptance of rates by individuals at sports and other competitions";

third to exclude part;

2) Item 2) parts 3 of Article 4 actually ceased to be valid according to the Law of Ukraine of 05.07.2012 No. 5083-VI

4. To the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine within three months from the date of entry into force of this Law:

develop and submit for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the bill of activities for the organization and carrying out gamblings in game zones specially allotted for this purpose;

submit to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine proposals concerning introduction of amendments to the laws of Ukraine following from this Law;

bring the regulatory legal acts into accord with this Law;

adopt the regulatory legal acts necessary for implementation of this Law;

provide review and cancellation by the ministries and other central executive bodies of their regulatory legal acts contradicting this Law.


President of Ukraine

V. Yushchenko


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