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of April 17, 2009 No. 79

On regulation of provision of services by means of rooms of free access for the calling Freephone in networks of electronic communications public

(as amended on 30-03-2017)

Based on Art. 8 (3), (4) and (5), Art. 9 (1) and), g), h), j), n) and Art. 40 - 42 Laws on electronic communications, No. 241-XVI of 15.11.2007 and Art. 15 b) of the Provision of the National agency on regulation in the field of electronic communications and information technologies (further - the Agency) approved by the Order of the Government No. 905 of 28.07.2008; based on public consultations and listenings with participation of suppliers of networks and services of the electronic communications public organized by the Agency for provision of services by means of numbers of free access for the calling Freephone (further - numbers Freephone) for outgoing calls in networks of electronic communications public; for the purpose of ensuring access of ultimate users to the services provided by rooms of Freephone in the mutually connected networks of electronic communications public, Administrative board DECIDES:

1. Telephony service providers public to whose network vzaimopodklyuchena in the conditions of the Regulations on interconnection approved by the Resolution of agencies No. 12 Administrative board of January 31, 2009 shall provide, in the conditions of this provision, access to the users, from the network, to numbers of Freephone provided by the agency based on the license to use of resources of numbering from the National plan of numbering of the Republic of Moldova (NPN).

1-1. For ensuring access from own network to users of the suppliers who are mutually connected according to Item of 1 this provision to numbers of Freephone, the required supplier will notify the mutually connected suppliers with whom conditions for providing challenges to numbers of Freephone, about receipt of the license to use of the block of numbers of Freephone are provided in agreements on interconnection, and the providing suppliers will open access for own users to implementation of challenges to numbers of Freephone from this block. Terms on ensuring access are regulated by Item 88 of the Regulations on interconnection approved by the Resolution of agencies No. 12 Administrative board of January 31, 2009.

1-2. The called user has the right to select according to the contract between him and the required supplier national networks from which it is necessary to provide implementation of challenges to number Freephone which is used by the called user, and the required supplier will provide transfer or will block challenges to this number Freephone depending on preferences of the called user.

1-3. The international service Freephone (International Freephone Service) should be organized according to the Recommendation of MSE-T E.152 "International Service Freephone", the Recommendation of MSE-T D.115 "The principles of pricing and accounting for the International service Freephone" and other applicable recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union.

2. For the purpose of this provision the following concepts are determined:

a) Challenge on number Freephone - the challenge initiated calling from termination point of network of the providing supplier set of number Freephone assigned to the required supplier;

b) The calling user - the ultimate user who of termination point dials number Freephone for the purpose of receipt of access to services, the provided these numbers;

c) The called user – the physical person or legal entity registered in the Republic of Moldova which signed the contract with the required supplier and which accepts in ending point, by means of number Freephone, the challenge performed by the calling user for the purpose of provision of different information;

d) The required supplier - the supplier of networks of electronic communications public who uses numbers Freephone for the purpose of provision of free access to the calling users to these numbers;

e) The providing supplier - the supplier of networks of electronic communications public who provides to the calling users origination of challenges from termination point of own network on numbers Freephone used by the requesting supplier;

f) number of free access Freephone for calling user/number Freephone – not geographical number from the block numbers 080000000 – 080099999, challenge of which does not provide payment of rate by the calling user, the rate is paid by the called user.

3. Concepts which are not certain this resolution are used in the value provided by the Law on electronic communications, the Procedure of resource management of telephone numbering and Regulations on interconnection.

4. The providing supplier shall provide transportation and transfer of challenges into network of the required supplier of numbers Freephone and initiated in termination points of the network serviced by him the providing supplier according to network architecture.

5. Challenges shall be transferred to numbers Freephone by the providing supplier to the required supplier according to schemes of routing of traffic, stipulated in agreements on interconnection.

6. In case of indirect interconnection challenges on numbers Freephone of the required supplier shall be transmitted through network of the transit supplier.

7. The providing supplier shall report call number of Freephone and information on identification of the calling line to network of the required supplier.

8. In case of call pickup on numbers Freephone the required supplier shall provide connection establishment with the calling user and immediately return to network of the providing supplier the message "Address Complete" through SS7 signaling system. The message SS7 "Answer" will be transferred only in case of reply to call of number Freephone by the called user or to own relevant system. Substitution or change of codes in signaling system is forbidden.

9. The providing supplier initiates valuation of challenges on numbers Freephone by the required supplier in case of acceptance of the message SS7 "Answer". Valuation will be complete in case of acceptance of the first message SS7 "Release".

10. In case owing to challenges on numbers Freephone take place to be the following beeps which shall transfer to calling: beep of challenge, employment beep, nonexistent numbers or employment of the equipment, then the message SS7 "Answer" will not be transferred, and the providing supplier will not request payment for challenges on numbers Freephone from the requesting supplier.


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