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The document ceased to be valid since  July 27, 2018 according to Item 1 of Appendix No. 2 of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of July 18, 2018 No. 720


of April 10, 2009 No. 275

About single sample of the registration certificate of non-profit organizations

(as amended on on April 12, 2011)

In pursuance of provisions of articles 19 and 32 of the Law on public associations N 837-XIII of May 17, 1996 (repeated publication: The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2007, N 153-156 BIS), with subsequent changes and amendments, DECIDES: the Government

1. Approve:

single sample of the registration certificate of non-profit organizations according to appendix;

2. To the Ministry of Justice since June 1, 2009:

grant to non-profit organizations registration certificates of single sample;

perform free of charge exchange of earlier granted registration certificates.

3. For exchange of the registration certificate to earlier registered non-profit organizations to represent to the body performing registration, the original certificate about registration of old sample and the original certificate about assignment of fiscal code which shall be applied to accounting case.

4. Upon the demand of licensees, in connection with exchange of registration certificates, to licensing authorities to make corresponding changes to contents of licenses without application of the procedure established for their renewal.

5. To perform ensuring exchange of registration certificates of non-profit organizations for the account and within the funds allocated to the Ministry of Justice from the government budget and also at the expense of the special means provided by the law.

6. Declare invalid the Order of the Government N 559 of June 17, 1997 "About some measures for implementation of the Law on public associations" (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 1997, N 46-47, Art. 497).


Prime Minister

Zinaida Grechany


Minister of Justice


Vitaliye Pyrlog


to the Order of the Government No. 275 of April 10, 2009

Single sample of the registration certificate of non-profit organizations

                          REPUBLICA MOLDOVA
a organizatiei necomerciale

Numarul de identificare de stat - codul fiscal __________________
     Data inregistrarii ___________________
Data eliberarii ______________________
(functia, numele li prenumele persoanei (semnatura)
care a eliberat certificatul)
     MD 000000000 L.l.

Dimensiunea certificatului corespunde standardului A-4.

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