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The document ceased to be valid since September 17, 2018 according to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of July 11, 2018 No. 705


of May 8, 2009 No. 355

About approval of the Technical concept of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements"

(as amended on 11-09-2015)

In pursuance of provisions of the Law No. 96-XVI of April 13, 2007 on public procurements (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2007, Art. No. 107-111, 470) and for the purpose of implementation of the effective and transparent mechanism of realization, accounting and control of public procurements DECIDES: the Government

1. Approve:

The technical concept of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements" (is applied).

2. Assign Agency on public procurements by the owner and the holder of the Automated information system "State register of public procurements".

3. To provide to public procurements agency together with the Ministry of information development and organizations subordinated to it development and deployment of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements".

4. To provide to the state company "Center of Special Communications" as the technological operator of the Government portal integration of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements" in the Government portal with ensuring access to the state information resources according to the regulated access provision regulations.

5. Determine that:

since May 1, 2009 public procurements Agency, together with the Ministry of information development, will bring into experimental operation the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements" in two or more state bodies, agreement parties, with expansion of its implementation during 2009; bodies, agreement parties, will assign persons responsible for use of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements"; since January 1, 2010 the public procurements Agency and bodies, agreement parties, will provide realization of public procurements by means of wide use of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements".

Prime Minister

Zinaida Grechany


first Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Trade


Igor Dodon

minister of information development

Pavel Buchatsky

Minister of Finance

Mariana Durleshtyanu

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of May 8, 2009 , No. 355

Technical concept of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements"


Implementation of electronic systems to the area of public procurements provides, according to the international practice, gain of transparency and increase in efficiency of procurement process of goods, works and services according to needs of public bodies. Bystry development of the state systems of electronic procurement allows to automate processes of purchases, to reduce inventories, to reduce sale-purchase cycle, to advance close cooperation and to improve more productive relations between the Government and chain of suppliers.

Systems of the public electronic procurement are component of electronic board what it is told both in conceptual documents of the European Community, and in the Concept of electronic board approved by the Order of the Government No. 733 of June 28, 2006 about. (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2006, No. 106-111, of the Art. 799) according to which there are three categories of participants - citizens, business community (business) and the Government (bodies of public management) that causes three types of interaction of components of electronic board (e-board):

interaction between the Government and citizens (the Government - the Citizen);

interaction between the Government and business (the Government - Business);

interaction of different organizations of public management (the Government - the Government).

Services of category "The Government — Business" provide electronic interaction of public administration and business community. For the purpose of realization of this interaction the European Community and the Republic of Moldova offered the list from 8 main electronic services for provision to business community. The first place in this list is allocated to electronic service of public procurements.

The public procurements agency (further - the Agency) is organization, authorized to perform the state regulation, supervision, control and interdepartmental coordinating in the field of public procurements.

The number of the public auction held during the period from 2003 to 2007 increased with 564 in 2003 till 2592 in 2007. The number of the agreements on public procurements signed and considered by the Agency in 2003-2007 also grew according to 10176 in 2003 to 38245 in 2007. The amount of the agreements on public procurements signed in 2003-2007 also grew according to 2047 million lei in 2003 to 6 422 million lei in 2007. Thus, the tendency to growth is observed.

Proceeding from the above, to the Agency for accomplishment of the functions assigned to it, that is for effective realization and ensuring transparency of purchases, including conditions of advertizing, objectivity and the loyal competition, it is necessary to have the tools based on the latest technologies that would allow to exercise effective supervision of the sphere of public procurements. Experience of many European countries shows that one of such tools is creation of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements" which will make to users available services (tools) for implementation of electronic public procurements online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This Concept represents general view on creation and functioning of the Automated information system "The state register of public procurements" and includes the points of view on the purpose and key tasks, the principles, the main characteristics, functionality and conceptual architecture of System. The concept contains the short description of the public services available by means of System, conditions, general premises and recommendations for implementation of its model.

Section I. General information

1. Determination of System

The automated information system "The state register of public procurements" (further - AIS GRGZ) is complex information communications system which is characterized by availability of single access point to the information resources, appendices and services relating to area of public procurements. The system serves as the tool for support of services in public procurements, using possibility of information exchange by means of the communication circle.

AIS GRGZ provides information support of processes of regulation and control of public procurements, automates activities of concerned parties in implementation of the procedure of public procurements, provides implementation of the procedure of electronic public procurement.

2. System designation

AIS GRGZ gives the chance to place orders, to create, store and provide access to the tender documentation, to create plans of public procurements, to perform maintaining the register of the buying bodies and economic operators, and also to carry out the procedure of electronic public procurements.

3. Basic concepts

In this Concept the following concepts and determinations are used:

e-board - the concept of provision of the state services in the principle of "single window" by means of the single web portal. Higher levels allow to perform the financial relations with the state, to use information and bank systems;

"single window" - single access point of users to information and the services provided by public bodies within process of e-board, distributed in space of information and public resources;

The government - the Citizen (G2C) - electronic interaction of bodies of public management and the citizen in provision of public services to citizens by means of electronic means;

The government - Business (G2B) - electronic interaction of public administration and business community;

The government - the Government (G2G) - electronic interaction of public bodies, information exchange between structures of public administration by means of electronic means. G2G means integration of all administrative levels, process improvement of the organization of information and information access;

the browser - (from ang. Web browser) represents software product by means of which it is possible "travel" around websites, that is for request of web pages from the Internet, for their processing and viewing, and also for transition from one page to another;

HTML HyperText Markup Language - the markup language used for creation of web pages in the browser. Purpose of HTML more provision of information, display of paragraphs, fonts, tables, etc., but not the description of semantics of the web document;

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol - method provides information access from the Internet, located on the WWW server. The HTTP protocol - the text WWW protocol;

Internet - the Internet is the worldwide public network of the interconnected computers which provide access to the information resources located in this network. The Internet can be considered as the network consisting of the local computer networks connected by means of routers. As interconnected terms are used:

Intranet - internal corporate network which uses standards and the principles of the Internet, but with limited access;

Extranet - internal corporate network which belongs to the company and to which some persons or groups of persons from organizations, the organizations, firms have access (partial), for example, the staff of firms - suppliers or firms clients:

LAN (Local Area Network) - LAN - local computer network of the small or average sizes;

WAN - (Wide Area Network) - telecommunication network of the big sizes which covers municipal/regional area and provides platform of communications between different topology of LAN;

the web page, the website, the website - set of the electronic publications called by web pages, published on the Web server with use of the HTML language or its followers. Each website and the web page have the different URL through which they are available;

web portal - software complex which includes technologies of the integration and information representation received from the different external sources located in network. The web portal supports dialog with the user in the course of provision of services online. The portal is equipped with search engines, personalisation, setup according to user requirements, the mechanisms for flexible change consisting of portlets of modular structure and dynamic content;

portlet, servlet, gadget - the firm ware on the web portal, in appendix of the portal or in application interface; is remote web service or the remote module;

web server - host server for websites - the HTTP server, complex of the software determined on one or several host computers that corresponds to domain name of URL from World Wide Web of the Internet;

URL - Uniform Resource Locator or the unified pointer (information) resource, URL - the address used by the web browser for search of resource on the Internet according to the solution of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium);

WWW - World Wide Web (WWW, or Web) the global hypertext system using Internet as the vehicle;

XML - extensibile Markup Language - extensible markup language (hypertext), the XML language offered W3C meta language of formatting of the documents World-Wide Web represents model of storage of nonstructural and partially structural information in the XML databases;

XML Schema - marking meta language from XML language subset;


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