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The document ceased to be valid since  April 20, 2018 according to the Letter of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 20, 2018 No. 21-0-34/21/FL-A-1601

Approved by the resolution of Management of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 27, 1995 No. 12

The instruction for selection of nuggets of precious metals, their transfers to Gokhran of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to settlement between National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the companies suppliers


1.1. Nuggets of precious metals are the unique natural educations which resulted from intensive local concentration of precious metals during ore formation process.

This instruction Items 2.1-2.5. establishes technical requirements to nuggets of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and platinum metals (further - nuggets), subject to transfer to Gokhran of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (further Gokhran) for sorting, storage and realization.

1.2. The instruction regulates procedure for selection of nuggets by the companies and prospecting artels conducting exploration and production of precious metals in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (further the companies suppliers), their transfers to Gokhran and settlement between National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the companies suppliers.

1.3. The mass of nugget which is equated when accounting and calculating to the mass of precious metal in purity includes the lump of minerals of precious metals and inclusions of non-noble minerals which number is regulated by Item 2.4. this instruction.

1.4. The procedure for "raising" of nuggets, their accounting, storage and transportation when carrying out exploration and mining works are determined by departmental normative and technical documents in case of observance of the requirements stated in subitem 3.3.-3.8. of this instruction.


2.1. Nuggets gold include:

- accumulations of native gold of irregular shapes weighing 10 g and more;

- crystals of native gold and their joints weighing 5 g and more.

2.2. Nuggets silver, consisting of native silver or natural gold-silver alloys (elektruma, kyustelita etc.), include:

- massive accumulations of native silver and its natural alloys of 30 g and more;

- crystals and joints of crystals, threads of native silver and its natural alloys weighing 20 g and more.

2.3. Natural formations of natural alloys of platinum with iron (ferruterous platinum, izoferroplatina, tetroferroplatina, native platinum), platinum with palladium and iron (palladisty platinum), iridium with platinum (platinirida, iridoplatinida), iridium with osmium (osmirid, iridosmin), ruthenium with osmium and iridium (ruteniridosmin), sulfides and arsenides of platinum and palladium (kuperit, sperrilit etc.), provided belong to nuggets of platinum and platinum metals:

- accumulation of the minerals of platinum elements (MPE) of irregular shapes weighing 2 g and more;

- crystals and joints of crystals of MPE weighing 1 g and more.

2.4. The number of inclusions of non-noble minerals which cannot be removed without mechanical damage of surface of precious metals by visual assessment shall not be exceeded from the total amount of nuggets weight:

- to 10 g - 25%;

- 10-25 g - 50%,

- 25 g and more - 75%.

2.5. The surfaces of precious metals in nuggets shall not have damages of technical origin visible with the naked eye (scratches, chips, traces of the cabin, forging, filing, drilling, amalgation, etching, etc.).

For nuggets weighing 100 availability of insignificant mechanical damages (scratches, chips) which are not reducing their collection and commercial value is also more allowed.

2.6. The control analysis of the chemical composition of precious metals in nuggets should be made by the technique excluding violation of their front surface and trade dress.

2.7. The nuggets which are not conforming to technical requirements of this instruction are transferred to mining companies to refining, or stored at the companies within year. For this period of the company find ways of their realization at the prices above nominal value of the precious metal concluded in them. Realization of nuggets is made through Gokhran with the permission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic. 50% of proceeds from sales of nuggets are transfered to account the companies of the supplier. Nuggets, unrealized within year, are transferred to mining companies to refining.


3.1. Selection and delivery to Gokhran of the nuggets complying technical requirements of this instruction is performed by the companies suppliers.

3.2. Amounts of the nuggets shipped to Gokhran join on their lump in volume of accomplishment of contractual commitments by the companies suppliers for supply of precious metals.

3.3. By preparation of nuggets for transfer it is necessary to keep their natural undisturbed type.

Removal of foreign particulates, the raids which are unsteadily connected with nuggets of crusts and primazok needs to be made with the maximum care by rinsing of nuggets water without use of the mechanical efforts leading to violation of their surface. When processing nuggets use of hammers and metal brushes, filing, zachekanka and vysverlovka is not allowed.

Removal of mineral inclusions is not allowed, they shall remain completely. It is necessary to keep crusts and primazk on the nuggets firmly connected with their surface.

The processed and washed out nuggets are dried up at temperature not higher than 100 Pages.

3.4. Weighing of each processed and dried-up nugget is made on the scales providing weighing accuracy to 0,01 of.

In accounting documents the mass of nuggets is specified to complete tenth shares of gram, i.e. without indications of the weight measuring device of less 0,1 of.

3.5. Each weighed nugget is packed into separate packet from paper or polyethylene. Packaging shall ensure safety of natural type of nugget. The label invests in packet (appendix N 1) with indication of number of nugget and its weight.

3.6. Packets unite with the nuggets which are selected from one batch of industrial mineral concentrate of precious metals or ore body of the field to the certain place and keep within sack from dense paper or fabric. Each place is supplied with label with indication of number of the place, quantity of nuggets and mass of investments in grams, and also the specification is constituted (appendix N 2) in which are specified:

- name of the company supplier (field),

- the name of precious metal in nuggets,

- number of the place,

- sequence number of each nugget and its weight in grams,

- quantity of nuggets in the place,

- the total mass of investment in grams;

- field type;

- composition of ores (layer);

- conditions of finding of nuggets;

- date of packaging.

The specification invests in sending with nuggets.


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