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of February 25, 2009 No. MM-7-6/85 @

About approval of the document forms used by tax authorities in case of realization of the powers according to the administrative regulations of FNS of Russia approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of 02.07.2012 No. 99n

(as amended on 26-12-2016)

For the purpose of realization of provisions of Administrative regulations of the Federal Tax Service on provision of the state service in free informing (including in writing) taxpayers, payers of charges and tax agents about the operating taxes and fees, the legislation on taxes and fees and regulatory legal acts adopted according to it, procedure for calculation and tax payment and charges, the rights and obligations of taxpayers, payers of charges and tax agents, powers of tax authorities and their officials, and also on acceptance of tax declarations (calculations), the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation approved by the order of 02.07.2012 No. 99n (29.08.2012, registration number 25312 is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation; "The Russian newspaper", 2012, to No. 274), I order:

1. Approve:

1.1. The "Receipt on Acceptance of the Tax Declaration (Calculation) in Electronic Form" form according to the appendix N 1 to this Order;

1.2. ceased to be valid;

2. To Offices of the Federal Tax Service in subjects of the Russian Federation to bring this Order to subordinate tax authorities and to provide its application.

3. To impose control of execution of this Order on the deputy manager of the Federal Tax Service N. E. Melnikov.

Head of the Federal Tax Service

M. P. Mokretsov

Appendix No. 1

It is approved
Order of FNS of Russia
from "__" _________ 2009 of N _______

place of stamp
tax authority

                                           (details of the taxpayer
                                           - full name
                                           organizations, TIN/TRRC;
                                           - First name, middle initial, last name individual
                                           entrepreneur (physical
                                           persons), INN (in the presence))

                 about acceptance of the tax declaration (calculation)
                           in electronic form

The ____________________ tax authority supports by this document that
               (name and code
                tax authority)
     (full name of the organization, TIN/TRRC; Full name individual
         entrepreneur (physical person), INN (in the presence))
provided to tax declaration (calculation)
   (name of the tax declaration, document type, accounting period,
                              accounting year)
in the ___________________________________________________________________ file
                             (name of the file)
in ________________________________________________________ tax authority,
                          (name and code of tax authority)
which arrived and is accepted by tax authority,
registration number ________________________

 (name of tax authority)
_____________________________________ _______________ ________________
          (class rank)                (signature)       (First name, middle initial, last name)

Appendix No. 2

Voided according to the Order of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation of 26.12.2016 No. MMB-7-6/712 @


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