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Agreement between Committee on archives and clerical work of the Republic of Belarus and Archives department of the Republic Georgia on cooperation

of December 11, 1995

Proceeding from mutual aspiration to establishment of more close business and professional ties between archival organizations of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic Georgia, the Committee on archives and clerical work of the Republic of Belarus and Archives department of the Republic Georgia (hereinafter referred to as "Parties") agreed about the following:

Article 1

The parties will develop cooperation on the basis of equality, reciprocity, being guided by republican legislations, and also according to international agreements which participants they are.

Article 2

The parties will perform experience exchange of work between archival organizations on the activities interesting them.

For this purpose the Parties communicate on the problems of archiving arising at them and perform exchange of specialists archivists on mutual basis.

Specific purposes and conditions of these exchanges are determined by agreement between the relevant archival organizations of the Parties.

Article 3

The parties will exchange the legal and other regulations regulating questions of work of archival organizations and also arkhivovedchesky and scientific and methodical literature on archiving (rules of work, scientific works, Articles, materials of scientific conferences and seminars, etc.) and publications of archive documents which are published by archival organizations of the Parties.

For implementation of arrangements of this Article each of the Parties transfers to other Party lists of the materials published and published within year.

Each of the Parties can apply to other Party for information interesting her.

Article 4

The parties render assistance each other in satisfaction of social and legal requests of citizens and organizations of other Party on the basis of archive documents.

Both Parties agree that they quickly and will solve free of charge queries about working life, the salary, education, qualification, the state awards, the facts of repressions, deportations of citizens, confiscations of property, wounds and treatment in hospitals in the years of World War II, etc.

Article 5

For the purpose of replenishment of archival funds of the Parties documents which contain information on history of the people of Belarus and Georgia the Parties will provide each other copies of archive documents.

Detection of the mentioned documents, copying and exchange of copies by agreement between the relevant archival organizations of the Parties can be carried out free of charge on equivalent conditions. In other cases calculations for provision of copies for replenishment of funds of the Public Records Offices of the Parties will be made on favorable terms without payment for preparation and provision of documents for copying with compensation of actual expenses on materials and works on copying according to the existing price lists, and also the contract prices acceptable for the Parties.

Article 6

In case of identification in archival funds of contracting parties of non-core documents of the Party by negotiations and according to the legislation of each country resolve issue of transfer of these documents on accessory. Arrangements on transfer of archival funds in each separate case are drawn up by intergovernmental agreements.

In case of impossibility of physical allocation of the corresponding complex of documents each of the Parties has right of access to them and receipts of necessary copies.

Article 7

The parties prepare joint publications and exhibitions of archive documents on the approved subject.

Article 8

Each of the Parties renders assistance to researchers of other Party in work in its Public Records Offices.

For this purpose researchers will have access to all archive documents published and to the unpublished reference materials concerning that their researches.

Article 9

The cooperation within this agreement does not interfere with other forms of specialized contacts of the Parties in the field of archiving performed in mutual coordination and which are not affecting them obligations concerning the third parties.

Article 10

The parties inform each other on development of cooperation in the field of archiving with other states, and also on participation in activities of the international archival organizations. In necessary cases of the Party line items on the questions considered in the international archival organizations hold consultations for review.

Article 11

This agreement becomes effective from the date of its signing and is effective within 10 years.

Provisions of this agreement can be added or changed by agreement the Parties.

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