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of November 19, 2001 No. ZR-247

About the public managerial institutions

(The last edition from 26-04-2016)

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on October 23, 2001

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation of the Law

This Law establishes legal status of the public managerial institutions (further - organizations) and communal managerial organizations, procedure for their creation, reorganization and activities.

Article 2. Legislation on approval

The legislation on organization consists of the Civil code of the Republic of Armenia, this Law, other laws and legal acts, and also international treaties of the Republic of Armenia. Regarding communal managerial organizations, provision of this Law are effective so as far as do not contradict the laws of the Republic of Armenia "About local self-government", "About local self-government in the city of Yerevan" and "About communal service" and to others.

Article 3. Basic provisions about organization

1. The organization is the organization without the status of the legal entity which is created for the purpose of full and effective implementation of the powers allocated for the President of the Republic, bodies of legislative, executive, judicial authority, prosecutor's office, local government bodies, and also other state bodies created based on the law performing the state managerial functions (further - state body), and ensuring their participation in civil legal relationship.

2. The organization within the competence can acquire and perform the property and personal non-property rights on behalf of the Republic of Armenia, perform duties, appear in court as the claimant or the defendant.

3. The organization has the name which contains the name of the relevant state body, and in the case provided by the charter of organization and the word "device".

The name of communal managerial organization includes the name of area, community, and also the word "device" of "city hall" (for city communities) or "rural municipality" (for agricultural communities).

4. The location of organization is the location of its permanent body.

5. The organization has round stamp with the image of the State Emblem of the Republic of Armenia and the name of organization in Armenian. The organization can have forms with its name, emblem and other means of identification.

6. The organization has separate balance.

7. Features of legal status of organizations of republican executive bodies of defense, homeland security and police of the Republic of Armenia are established by the presidential decree of the Republic of Armenia.

Article 4. Property of organization

1. The property of organization is created of the property transferred to its ownership (assigned to it), the order and use of the founder. The property is transferred to organization according to the administrative act, and it is considered in its balance.

The founder has the right to return back the property transferred to them to organization at any time.

According to the decision of the founder also the right to hold the state shares or shares can be allocated for organization.

2. The organization has the right in the cases and procedure provided by this Law, other legal acts and its charter to use, own and dispose of the property transferred to it according to the purposes of its activities and purpose of property.

3. The property given to organization by the founder is subject to accounting in the procedure established by the Government.

Article 5. Activities of organization

1. The organization has the right to perform only such activities which are directed to full and effective implementation of the powers allocated for the relevant state body or local government body and also to ensuring its participation in civil legal relationship.

2. The organization cannot perform business activity. For the transactions made by organization and the rendered services only the state or local fee, or local payment in the size and procedure except for provided by the Law of cases established by the law can be collected.

3. Maintenance costs of organization, except for diplomatic and consular establishments, are completely financed from means of the government or communal budget. The organization performs the financial transactions through treasurer system.

Article 6. Responsibility of organization

Responsibility according to obligations of organization is born by the Republic of Armenia (in case of communal managerial organization - community).

Chapter 2. Creation of organization

Article 7. Creation of organization

1. Founder of organization is the Republic of Armenia (in case of communal managerial organization - community).

On behalf of the Republic of Armenia respectively act as founders of organization (further - the founder):

for Organizations of the office of the President of the Republic and the office of National Security council - the President of the Republic;

for organization of the Office of National Assembly - the Chairman of National Assembly;

for organization of the Constitutional Court - the Chairman of the Constitutional Court;

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